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Pokkén Tournament Roster Predictions

With Smash speculation dying down for now, another Nintendo fighting game is nearing its full release.  Pokkén Tournament will be available on Wii U as soon as March 18th, giving many Pokémon fans worldwide their first chance to do battle with their favorite characters in real time.  Each new ‘mon revealed is a grand occasion not unlike the reveal of a Smash newcomer.

Yet despite that, Pokkén has been flying under the radar, seeing only a fraction of the discussion Smash has had.  For a game poised to be such a big deal, it hasn’t seen nearly the attention one would expect.  For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, analysis and fan rosters have been scarcer as well.

But by no means does it mean it can’t be done!  With this video, Delzethin offers a look into how Pokkén’s roster has shaped up so far and which characters could be next to join!

  1. Galvantula is my number one favourite Pokémon of all. I would very much like to see Galvy in Pokkén!

    benjymlewis on February 13 |
  2. I found your choices and reasons behind them to be pretty spot-on. When I was thinking about potential characters, I had completely forgotten about how notable a character was or even the possibility of clones, and thought more along the lines of “who would be completely unique?”. Granted, this is still speculation, but it only makes me more excited for what the actual final roster will entail.

    Spiral on February 13 |
  3. This is an interesting prediction you made! Although we may guess there may be more characters included for the Wii U version, the other half may possibly end up being secret characters, like Tekken works by unlocking them by finishing the games using certain characters, or accomplishing some way to unlock those characters in Smash Bros. style. Or maybe there will be DLC characters, if they’re planning for one in other words.

    I do agree with Lopunny’s inclusion as she’s one of my favorite Pokemon and predicted fighter, and I could see Tyranitar would be in there as he’s a fan favorite, while Zoroark is a maybe since she represents a movie Pokemon alongside with Mewtwo and Lucario. Diancie and Serperior may be an interesting choice as they’re movement can be unique than others. I think Hawlucha’s rejection may involve with Masked Pikachu’s inclusion because they thought she’s more of being a speedy wrestler than Hawlucha as it can be seen something more different from viewers which I don’t know…

    zoniken on February 13 |

    Ian on February 14 |