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SG Choice #16 – Favorite Nintendo Couple

Favorite Nintendo Couples

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We have a special SG Choice to mark the occasion. The team got together and picked their favorite couples (Xenoblade, and Majora’s Mask spoiler warning).


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Dixie/Diddy – Donkey Kong Country

Ahh monkey love. I have to say that as usual the Kongs were my go to franchise when thinking about the Source Gaming choice. You can’t help what you like!

Dixie and Diddy Kong are such a fantastic couple. Dixie was literally made for Diddy, but is not defined by him. Not once has she ever been a damsel in distress that Diddy (or anyone else) has had to rescue. In fact, Dixie has had to rescue Diddy on two separate occasions. Seldom are you able to play as both members of a love-struck couple in protagonistic roles in video games, especially Nintendo ones. In games in which they both appear, they are pretty much equals. Dixie and Diddy are refreshingly unique in that way.


Hey! I’m trying to play a game here.

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Xenoblade Chronicles spoilers
Shulk / Fiora – Xenoblade Chronicles

First off, Xenoblade spoilers ahoy. [when this is posted please place my comments as spoilers. And delete this part of the paragraph. It would probably look awkward]

When I first started playing Xenoblade, I wouldn’t have thought this romance would end up on here. After all, it starts out fairly typical for games: the lady is murdered, prompting our hero to swear bloody revenge on the villains, in this case the Mechon. It’s a boring cliché…which might have been the point for Monolith Soft’s western-inspired JRPG, since it plays with decades worth of common RPG tropes and design.

What makes Shulk and Fiora’s relationship work so well for me is that the latter’s death isn’t the end of the relationship, but really the start. Much later Fiora comes back as a cyborg, now an agent of the Mechon’s surprisingly benevolent god, and suddenly both of them are forced to reevaluate their perspectives on the war they’ve been fighting. Their individual parties keep running into each other until, after seemingly being cast out of their worlds for good, the two finally meet back up for good. And as they continue their journey together, they reconnect and you see how much they’ve changed over the course of the game, and how that impacts and ultimately deepens their relationship.

The two partners feel like just that: partners, whose evolving romance is fundamental to the story and themes of the game. It’s wonderful seeing them go from bright-eyed, infatuated kids to mature, heroic adults while never losing that love for each other. It also helps that the voice acting is fantastic; the game couldn’t work without that genuine chemistry.

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Birdo/Yoshi – Mario Series

I’m fully aware that Nintendo never stated or confirmed that Birdo and Yoshi are a couple in any media or games. They were only shown on some games as Teammates (sometimes even flirting to each other).. But regardless, I still chosed them as my favorite couple. Why?

I first asked the Team about famous Nintendo-Couples and PushDustIn joked with Birdo and Yoshi. At first, it was a funny thought. But the more I thought about them, the more appealing was that thought. You see, both’ gender are a bit confusing with Yoshi being male, but still be able to produce eggs…which…is not manly. And it becomes more confusing with Birdo’s gender as we know. Heck, I’m not even sure, if she’s now male or female. But according to Captain Rainbow, she’s female, but that doesn’t matter and you know why? Because they don’t care either! They love each other and despite our confusion about their gender-identity, they still love each other like any other couple.

Just the thought about them simply not caring about what other people (or Fans) say about their relationship, makes me comfy in my heart. Still accepting each other who they are and love each other regardless what their are. Isn’t that true love?  It may be a forbidden love for some people, but love comes in so many forms. So this is why Birdo and Yoshi are my favorite Lovebirds in the Nintendo-Universe.

(Since it’s been long since Nintendo showed Yoshi and Birdo in the same Team, we just pretend that Nintendo respects their wish of not showing their relationship in publicity, okay? Okay!)


They said yes!

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Majora's Mask spoilers

Anju/Kafei – Majora’s Mask

There was no other choice, really. Anju and Kafei’s sidequest is one of the most memorable experiences in Majora’s Mask. The three day sidequest has Link reuniting the love before the moon crashes into Termina. Kafei, just before his wedding is turned into a child by the Skull kid possessed by the powers of Majora. Shortly after his was cursed, Sakon, a thief steals Kafei’s wedding ceremony mask. There is also a cool mini-dungeon in which the player uses both Link and Kafei to try to get through Sakon’s liar.

After retrieving the mask Kafei states, “There’s still time! I must get back to town!” Kafei rushes back to Anju’s inn in order to combine the sun mask with her moon mask in order to create the Couple’s Mask. After the ceremony, they say to Link, “Please take refuge. We are fine here. We shall greet the morning…together.” Anju and Kafei are have accepted their inevitable deaths because they have been able to find happiness in their relationship. It’s incredibly moving experience especially with the amount of work it takes. It shows players that love is filled with hardships and difficulties, but with perseverance people can make it work.  

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(I am going to anger a lot of people, aren’t I?)

Robin/LucinaFire Emblem Awakening

Yeah, you’ve heard this one a thousand times by now at minimum, but it really is the most recognized pairing from said game. And as for myself, well, it was the first one I had heard of. To compound this, it makes a degree of sense for the two, what with them being time-travelling heroes and all. And while it may sound odd, the sheer amount of parody this pairing gets is personally quite hilarious, obviously due to it’s popularity and how both are in the last Smash title.

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Dog/Duck (Duck Hunt Duo) – Duck Hunt

Perhaps not the most romantic of duos, the Dog and Duck of Duck Hunt fame recently joined forces in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, an unlikely union between canine and avian. What makes this ‘couple’ particularly special is that these two previously mortal enemies were able to set aside their differences and work together for the greater good (which in this case, means beating up their fellow Nintendo all-stars). Much has changed since the 80s, where the Dog would happily grasp his winged companion by the neck with a huge grin on his face, seemingly remorseless to the quite grim fate that would befell him. Yet in their most recent appearance, the pair have seemingly put aside any lingering of adversity, working together with grace and technique. On a day that celebrates love and companionship, we can all learn a lesson from these two buddies – with effort, enemies can become friends, and they can pull off some pretty nifty combination attacks together too. Although it has to be said, how the Wild Gunmen came into the picture in this relationship is beyond me…



Let us know your favorites in the comments below! For more Source Gaming choice, check out our previous entries!

  1. The Duck Hunt Duo is the interesting couple in my list, as how it effected my furry senses. (lol) I do see some people loving the duo’s connection to be a love relationship in fandom, although it’s still unknown what their relationship is more than friends and partners officially. But there’s this Japanese proverb…”Yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend.” Which means, even they’re both enemies since yesterday, they can become friends by changing certain ways of each other. Although there are opposite proverbs for this case too, but even though, enemies becoming friends are good things as this duo represents that position.

    There are also many favorite Nintendo couple I have in my list. Mario/Peach, Luigi/Daisy, Ice Climbers, Link/Zelda, Ness/Paula, Robin/Lucina…but there’s one thing I have in my mind that made it my favorite.

    Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire’s Brendan/May…Although I’m much of a fan of male protagonist/female gym leaders (like Ash/Misty for example), I thought fandom wouldn’t count on this article, so I’ve chosen this couple as my favorite choice. They’re both known to be pseudo-rivals in the actual game, but I actually don’t see them as being rivals but friends to compete for fun, rather than proving who’s number one like those jerks from the first and second generation. Of course there’s no evidence of them having a love relationship in the actual games, but to players who look at things deeply like me, do see there’s some kind of a stronger emotion than just friends. Some fans predict that they became couples afterwards, as that part where they both went to Mossdeep Space Center which looked like they were “dating”. Of course there’s no evidence of that they were actually too, but you can’t stop people imagining for something romantic for those characters. 😀

    Some can be said the similar thing to other Pokemon characters too, like Pokemon X/Y’s Calem/Serena. But since the rival has a strong emotion of competing the protagonist than having relationship, it’s really hard to think what better relationship they both can have than being just rivals. I do support this shipping, but its really hard to determine since Ash/Serena is lot more stronger today (although Ash is just too stupid enough not realizing her feelings). But, Calem/Shauna can be my another favorite couple in my list. Yeah, this one doesn’t have a perfect evidence that they have romantic relationship either, but like Brendan/May’s case above, the moment of watching fireworks with Shauna at Parfum Palace was WAAAAAAAYYYY look like they’re “dating”. I know she just wanted to become great friends with the player, but every quotes she said back then were so meaningful than being just friends…but that’s just only my imagination.

    There’s also another shipping I like from the Pokemon series, but actually from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series; and they are the protagonist/partner. This may look odd, but I just can’t stop thinking how close their relationship can be since they go along each other in every adventure and tasks they take for a longer period. Their strong bond makes their relationship stronger and closer as being friends in the original games, but in my case, there some things that can be more than that. Although the actual game doesn’t express it, there can be moments of the partner having a special feeling towards the protagonist. I might be thinking way too far beyond on this topic, but I just can’t stop thinking how special these characters can be with special emotions towards each other, as it really interests me.

    zoniken on February 15 |
  2. I think Jeff/Tony is my favorite “couple” even if it might be unrequited love/friendship. The confusion between love and friendship as a young gay guy is beyond relatable, but I am glad Jeff understands it comes from a place of caring and doesn’t push him away.

    For the era and medium it is night to see some relatable characters lovingly portrayed as genuine people who would obviously care/worry about their friends.

    DonkaFjord on February 27 |