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We Love Smash!

We love Smash

Happy Valentine’s Day! In order to show our love for Smash, we conjured up a project to highlight the community. Unfortunately we didn’t get a lot of submissions, so instead of multi-day posting all of the submissions will be combined into one. This is probably due to lack of publicity on our part. I discussed it with RelaxAlax, and we still think it’s a great idea. So we might revisit this, and relaunch it sometime in the future.

Click on the video/picture to go to that person’s YouTube/Deviant! Thanks for everyone who submitted!


This submission is from: Drevis2 (Twitter):

This submission is from Matthew the Autism Guy(Twitter):



This is by Theosmeo (Twitter). Nice job on this remix!


Way of the Sword by Genowhirl7 (Twitter):

The lighting on this is really nice. Great job!

This one is titled, “Congratulations Final Fantasy Fans!” by ArtyTank:


I really like the style of this. Almost a missed opportunity that this style wasn’t done for the Challenger Approaching artwork!


“That Ain’t Michael” by Dr. FeelGood (Twitter):


That’s Falco 🙂

The next one is a work in progress, Palutena by ionustron (Twitter):

Looks great! Looking forward to the final version!

Next one is by Loota (SmashBoards):

Rocking out 🙂


This is by AGVENOM (Twitter).

Hey! I’m AGNVENOM and I play Smash Bros.
I haven’t been apart of the scene for long and I want to tell others my experiences as a new member to our community. As a Kid I didn’t own a N64 or Gamecube but the first time I was introduced to Smash was through Melee. Although I didn’t own a Gamecube the memories I’ve made playing Melee are still vivid and how excited I was to go to my friends house to play it (They were twins so by playing smash there wasn’t a third person ever left out) Those friends are still my best friends and sadly they moved away 3 years ago, I still see them on occasion and talk to them online but I’ve still held onto those memories. I was in middle school back then and they were my only friends, I secluded myself my health, mind and social life took a turn for the worse. I turned to video games and music, it was there where I found something that felt like an old friend. I made new friends through band, I got lucky my 8th grade year and had the same home room as this kid I never had talked to before. The first day I got assigned a seat next to him and he noticed I brought my 3DS with me to school, we exchanged info and something amazing grew from there. That entire year we would discuss the latest games coming out and the hype we shared, he was a Nintendo fan so he knew about all the releases. My knowledge was limited aside from Smash, Pokemon Star Fox and videos on YouTube. He convinced me to buy a Wii U and from there I spent an entire summer playing Mario Kart 8. At this point we had become good friends and we were headed into High School. I was encouraged by my parents to join a club, they all seemed lame and I was really only into music at that time so I decided not to join one until… My friend brought me a phler for the Super Smash Club, we decided to go try it out and meet new people and to have an excuse to hang out after school. So, went and tried it out but I was amazed as to what I saw.The guy who ran the club, (now one of my closest friends) was moving in Melee like id never seen before, so fast and technical! It was truly an experience. We took turns playing against him, my friend who grew up playing Melee thought he could take him and proceeded to get JV 5 stocked, I played him next and he asked me if I had ever played melee and I told him “it’s been a while” I was garbage and I didn’t even know how to roll. Me and my friend went back every Monday and Friday after school and tried to get better, i didn’t own a gamecube or wii so it felt all but impossible for me. Then it all changed, I preorder my copy of Smash Bros for 3DS and I fell in love. Ever since then I’ve still tried to get better but I now beat my small group of friends at Smash Wii U, even the owner of the club. I’ve poured countless hours into Smash Wii U and its had a positive impact on my life, making new friends, strengthen my bond with old ones and because of that made me a better person. Im taking over the Smash Club next school year and I’m hoping I can bring that same experience to other kids, ones who struggle to find a passion or a group of people who accept them for who they are. I haven’t been to a tournament yet but I plan on changing that very soon and i’m even considering creating a scene in my local town. Smash brought me out of a dark place and I know 100% without the people I’ve met I wouldn’t be a person I would feel comfortable being (if that makes any sense)
I love Smash not just for the game but the community as a whole and what the game means to me on a personal level.

I’ve spent most of my life going to school or work. I’ve always enjoyed playing Smash Bros. with my friends, but I never thought I would get the chance to compete on a national level. Once Super Smash Bros. 4 came out, everything changed.

I’ve always been a hugely passionate fan of the series, but 2014 was the beginning of my year for tournaments. I’ve spent all of 2015 going to various parts of the southeast going to TFC, CEO, Tipped Off, and various conventions just so I could compete and have a good time. Tournament life has changed me and made 2015 one of the best years of my life. I’ve gotten to meet all kinds of people, improve my skills, and actually feel that I was competing for something, all while playing my favorite game.

Smashboards: _Rango_
Twitter: OgnarPliskin
Smash Handle: Rango


Why I love smash has to do with my first time playing it. I first encountered smash as Brawl in 2008. A friend had brought it over at my house saying how awesome it was. Sceptical, confused and curious, it all seemed very strange to me judging from the cover, as at this time all I recognized was Mario, Pikachu and pokemon trainer. Then I played it, with a wiichuck mind you, for the first time and I was amazed at how much fun it was, even though my friend was bodying me.

Since then I’ve met more people who like smash who all bodied me too. That’s why I ‘swore’ to get better and keep playing mostly for fun, but also some payback. I’ve substituted Brawl for smash 4 these days, but the thought remains the same: I’ll never run out of fun to have and something to cheer me up as long as smash is around.

Smashboards: DigitalAtom6
Twitter: DigitalAtom6
Smash handle: DigiAt (handle about to debut)


I like Smash for two reasons; I rediscovered the series nearly a decade ago when I got myself a Wii and picked up Brawl. Brawl didn’t simply rekindle my love for the game, through Masterpiece games it helped me discover the wider catalog of Nintendo games I would otherwise think nothing of. My interest in the Legend of Zelda, Kirby, F-Zero and to a lesser extent Sonic is owed entirely to Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Secondly, unlike most fighter games available Smash is properly fun, utter joy to play even when you lose. Smash is so unique compared to other fighters like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. I’ve only entered one Smash competition so far, and it was there that I understood the mountain I’d need to climb to be a decent fighter. But it just didn’t bother me at all, I lost every game I played in record time and I still had an excellent time playing with other guys interested in the same thing. I guess that there really is the point of Smash, a group of people getting together to belt each other on the TV and having a great time doing it.

Chris Sifniotis
aka the Unusual Gamer

Why do I love Super Smash Bros? Because as a young man, it was like a dream come true. I was always a competition fan, craving the satisfaction only victorious conquerors can feel. I knew about Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong… So when I found out that I could pit my favorite video game characters in a battle royal, I was hooked. While that initial experience has passed, it has only served to mature into a respect for the series’s high paced competitive Rock-Paper-Scissors. And thanks to Smash Bros., I’ve grown to appreciate the fantastic Fighting Game genre and community. I can only hope that such a creative and fantastic series will continue for years, and I’ll be there to see it.

SmashBoards Name: MaskO’

I love Smash because when I was young I didn’t really knew much about Nintendo games in general. It all changed when my younger brother introduced me to Smash Bros Brawl. Seeing tons of Nintendo icons such as Link, Samus, Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and many more in the same game filled me with excitement. Smash is the reason why I love Nintendo, and has made me a huge fans in games such as Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Kid Icarus, and Pokemon.

I’ve also made a bunch of friends when I was introduced to the smash community. I’ve seen So many friendly faces that it allowed me to be more social and out going and share my passion about the game with everyone. With a community that is so involved and extremely passionate, I consider it my family and my home.

Smash Handle: Miss Selena


This is the series where Jigglypuff can kick the posterior of Ganondorf by sleeping. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

SmashBoards Name: Substitution

Smash Bros. 64 was the very first video game I ever saw. The crazy action instantly had me hooked, even if I had no idea the characters fighting were industry icons. I bought a Nintendo Gamecube purely to play melee. And boy did I play a lot of it even, though I thought Samus was a robot and Sheik was a man. I still call Mewtwo’s up smash “Destructo Disc” like from Dragonball Z from all those years ago. Then Sakurai had lightning strike a 3rd with brawl. A bigger roster I had even more fun with than the last.

And now here I am, all these years later. I was actually a part of Smash 4 speculation, learning more about Nintendo than I ever thought I would know. I am no longer a spectator who just plays the game, but a member of the community who acts with anticipation of Nintendo’s next big thing all thanks to Smash. After having been a Sony fanboy AND a Microsoft fanboy, Smash brought me to Nintendo. I’ve spent a lot of time with smash thanks to places like Smashboards. If I get my way, i’ll be still be spending time with this community for a lor longer too.

SmashBoards Name: Zebei

Thanks again for everyone that submitted everything! We will still accept submissions and Tweets (Using the #WeLoveSmash tag) for the time being. Stay tuned for updates, and follow us on Twitter!

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  1. Man I love Smash like no other. The music, gameplay, and just everything is great. But more importantly,

    Smash is actually what introduced me to Nintendo. The only character I knew before was Kirby. Oh melee, I need you and gamecube again..

    aguchamp33 on February 14 |
  2. Wow, the arts are so beautiful…! I can feel the love towards Smash so much!

    I love Smash too as how I love Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, etc.! Full of awesome from every world of Nintendo and other video games, and even cool and thrilling music remixes…even the trophies helped me learn more about Nintendo and their history too! I’ve never knew anything about Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, and even Xenoblade in the beginning, but thanks to Smash, I’ve learned more about them, even I still haven’t played their games yet. Smash really taught me everything about video games and their history, and I still believe their important to every gamers, including Sakurai and our past president and friend Iwata.

    Oh, I wish I could submit an artwork for this, but sadly I don’t have an account for Twitter (because of personal reasons) and even quit being in Smashboards too…

    zoniken on February 14 |