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Brand Loyalty is a Religion

2016-02-13 (4)

BriHard discusses brand loyalty in his newest video.

It’s an interesting discussion on fanboyism, and corporatism and how it’s like believing in a religion. It’s very well put together and I’m happy to feature it on Source Gaming.

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  1. I’ve been called a Nintendo fanboy before (and it’s pretty much true), so this was a pretty eye-opening video. One thing I’ve been trying to keep in mind as of late is that, as much as people tend to forget this, video game companies are still companies, and their primary objective is to make a profit, not to cater to the wants of their fans. Listening to their consumers is just one of many ways that a company can increase customer loyalty, which in turn will bring a profit if you have people who will unconditionally buy your products. This is a point I always have to keep in mind when discussing things like EA, who some would argue have thrown out the entire concept of customer loyalty and focused on turning a profit. Whether or not this is a bad thing is subjective I guess, since I’e never seen EA to be quite as bad as people claim they are.

    Spiral on February 16 |
  2. Very interesting. I see myself as a consumer for both Nintendo and Sony products with the majority on Nintendo stuff nowadays. Having stuck with Nintendo for so long, it’s knowing that most games I buy will offer a great value without having issues that was ongoing in games in the previous console generation. I could also say that I preferred game characters with cartoon-ish appeal than the mature look that most games have these days and showed some bias towards certain characters that I picked during the Smash ballots. Upbringing in the 90’s would have to play an important role to brand loyalty as I fell in love with platformers or animal-based mascots. Even some of Sony’s games like Crash Bandicoot and later Jak and Daxter series made me love my PS1 and PS2 but felt left out once they announced the PS3 and Naughty Dog changed the tone of their games, although being outstanding. As of now, time and money is generally the case for me sticking with Nintendo products but I wish I had those things to enjoy games like Rare Replay and the Uncharted series.

    Chris.W on February 16 |