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Dream Smashers – Hades (Featured)

Hello everyone, Nantendo here. Nintendo has so many IP and so many potential characters that could work in Super Smash Bros that it is hard to cover them all. When I do Dream Smashers or Dream Arena I do not just make the moveset I would like to see, instead I focus on how Sakurai might make this character (based on everything we know about his design philosophy and how the guidelines he uses when tackling Smash). However, I am not the only one out there who can do this and sometimes when I am browsing the internet I come across a moveset for a character that I see has had a lot of thought and hard-work put into it. When I see these movesets I feel like there is no way I can do anything better or more accurate to how they would be represented in the Super Smash Bros series. Today’s Dream Smasher is one of these and while I do not agree with it 100% (the changes I would make I will cover at the end) it is very well done. This moveset was made by Smashboards user Jamesster445 and he has some more on the thread that are worth checking out.

So without further ado, I present to you the lord of the Underworld, Hades!

1 hades

2 hades

3 hades

4 hades

5 hades

6 hades

7 hades

8 Hades


So I hope enjoyed that but what changes do I think it needs? Well I don’t think his Up-Ariel would be the projectiles. Rather, I would move his standard Ariel to this position as it is an uppercut and then I would replace his neutral Ariel with a kind of miniature blast of dark magic that covers all sides. For his final smash I would change it so he does not go behind the stage but either grows big and goes to the side or goes to the top of the screen instead. Going to the back could have major graphical issue with certain stages (like Wii Fit Studio where Hades would be in the mirror!). But that is really all the changes I would make to the moveset. One thing this moveset did not cover however was the animations and taunts so I will cover them below.

Entrance Hades would burst out from beneath the ground similar to what is seen in his final boss fight (provided by Jamesster445).
Walking Hades walks very calm and smug looking. Has one hand to his waist.
Running Hades takes off into a dash. It resembles his animation when he is chasing Pit at the beginning of their final boss encounter.
Jumping Hades jumps with his arms out, knees bent and looking slightly down. When he double jumps he straightens out a bit more.
Hit When Hades gets hit and knocked back he has a look of surprise on his face as he falls.
Falling Hades falls like he meant to do it himself. Arms crossed and legs out flat like he does not care that he is vulnerable.
Taunt 1 His up taunt has Hades do an  evil laugh much like Ganondorf or Bowser. (provided by Jamesster445).
Taunt 2 Hades central taunt has him pointing in a cocky manner with one finger while taunting his opponents. As a little extra, if Hades is fighting Pit he has a chance of saying ‘Think you can defeat me, Pitty Pat?’. (provided by Jamesster445).
Taunt 3 Hades strikes a confident pose and winks at the screen.
Victory 1 Hades first animation has him face away from the screen before turning around when the camera moves close as he says ‘Well, that was easy.’
Victory 2 His second victory animation mimics his intro into Chapter 25 of Uprising. After he lands he will say ‘Was that all? But i was just getting started.’
Victory 3 His final victory animation has Hades holding his arms above and out to the side of himself while he shakes his head in disappointment. If he has beaten either Pit or Palutena then he has the chance to say a special line of dialogue..

As for Hades victory theme he would use a remix of the standard Kid Icarus fanfare:

With that I hope you enjoyed the first guest Dream Smashers. If I ever find more that I think are accurate or you want to submit one to me to check then feel free to. Once again I have to thank Jamesster445 for this very well though out roster and urge people to go check out his other work over on Smashboards. As for Hades please let me know what you thought of this moveset in the comments below as well as what you thought of my revisions/additions.  I look forward to reading everyone’s reply!


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  1. Having already enjoyed Uprising, Hades would be a good fit as his moveset and personality make him stand out. One concern I have would be his neutral air. Neutral air for most of the cast would either be at their body size or feet length. I can’t really estimate how much short range the N-air would be but maybe something along the line of Greninla’s N-air. Anyways, good post!

    Chris.W on February 17 |
  2. I can’t help but feel that this moveset is a bit overpowered, since it seems to combine range with decent power. Also, I’m not a fan of the Final Smash, since it doesn’t sound like it’s even possible to escape it (even if avoiding the damage from Final Smashes like Olimar’s or Bowser Jr.’s is hard, it is possible to avoid the KO). Then again, most heavyweights sounds unbeatable on paper. Hades is a really interesting character, but for some reason I can’t quite picture him in a Smash format. I can’t explain it, I’m not sure if it’s just that he’d feel out of place, or I’m just too used to seeing his giant form to even consider him shrinking down to fight on everyone else’s level, though I’m certain that he canonically could.

    Spiral on February 18 |
  3. Thanks again Nantendo for the shout out. Anyway I hope you’ll continue to follow my work and maybe something else I’ll work on will make it on Source Gaming such future movesets.

    Jamesster445 on February 18 |
  4. marvelous moveset

    i don’t recall someone at /v/ 4chan posting a giant pic of all the things Lord Hades and Queen Medusa can do in KI; Uprising

    wish i had it but it’s a great way to prove your favorite can do a ton of shit as a fighter for Smash Bros

    lurker on February 18 |