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Featured Comments #7

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As I mentioned in the previous Patreon post, I wanted to take a short, week long break from Source Gaming. During that break, I became aware that the Nintendo Dream interview was going to be released so I came back three days early. It’s been extremely hectic, and I really want to thank all of the staff, especially Spazzy who ensured that posts got out. Special shoutout to Soma, and SutaMen for working on the 17 page translation. Afterwards, I made an appeal to reddit, and on Twitter. The community has been incredibly supportive of us and we are truly blessed to have so many people who care for us. Thank you everyone who helped spread the word, and took time to discuss these serious issues. I’m still catching up on some obligations, and following up on some things. I really wanted to get this featured comments out yesterday, but it just wasn’t possible. Sorry for the delay, but here it is!

This post features comments made from February 13th – 20th (Japan time!).



Do you think there’s still unused stuff to datamine in Smash 3DS/Wii U?  —Artsy Omni will Join the Upcoming SourceCast

Not really. The way the the content is organized makes me think that other leftover content isn’t in the game. There are some leftover for 4th customs, but not the kind you are thinking about. Luigi, Dr. Mario, Donkey Kong and Mario have some apparent unused data. This makes sense as Dr. Mario and Luigi were probably modified from Mario. Mario is the first character that is developed for Smash. Anyway, I have a full post written on the subject here.

But that’s about it, I think.

the 101

I would say that there does need to be a balance between Nintendo-based content and 3rd-party guests. Yes, Nintendo fans will always buy the newest installment of Smash Bros., but people can feel “cheated”. I think the base game handles this situation beautifully. We saw a mix of highly anticipated Nintendo characters and gaming icons. However, within the context of DLC, I think there could’ve been a better balance between 3rd-party and Nintendo characters. I do think the people who love the game, who were all on board for DLC but anticipated someone a little more inherently “Nintendoy” feel cheated. The only Nintendo newcomer was Corrin, of a franchise who already has four representatives in the game and a separate character as DLC. While the first Fire Emblem title was released in 1990, it only saw an international release since 2003, so for many people it still feels fairly new in comparison to Mario, Zelda, or Metroid. So the fact that Fire Emblem has so many characters in the roster does not sit well for everyone. So, as the sole Nintendo newcomer of an already existing franchise, Corrin satisfies Smash’s more Nintendo-oriented instal base as well as Cloud Strife or Ryu. So, in a non-technical way, there was no newcomer that satisfied that demographic, I think that is a bit unfair. Sure, it’s easy to say “just don’t buy them”, but that doesn’t change how a demographic – arguably one of Smash Bros.’ biggest – can feel ignored and cheated.  —Settle it in Smash! Nintendo vs. Third Party Characters

I think one factor that we need to realize is that DLC is the perfect time for 3rd parties. It makes handling revenue sharing a lot easier, and possibly licensing. I’m not sure if we will get a huge amount of 3rd parties in the next Smash (maybe some won’t even return…) but if DLC is done again I think we’ll see another trend of more third parties than first parties. I do emphasize with people feeling cheated that the only Nintendo newcomer was Corrin.

I’m surprised that none of you guys asked them why they put Goku in. —Straight from the Source: Super Smash Bros. Crusade Developer Interview

They answered this within the interview indirectly, and I believe they have directly addressed this point before. When I do conduct interviews I try to avoid asking the same question that has been answered in the past. But yes, it’s because the original game had Goku in it.


I’ve been called a Nintendo fanboy before (and it’s pretty much true), so this was a pretty eye-opening video. One thing I’ve been trying to keep in mind as of late is that, as much as people tend to forget this, video game companies are still companies, and their primary objective is to make a profit, not to cater to the wants of their fans. Listening to their consumers is just one of many ways that a company can increase customer loyalty, which in turn will bring a profit if you have people who will unconditionally buy your products. This is a point I always have to keep in mind when discussing things like EA, who some would argue have thrown out the entire concept of customer loyalty and focused on turning a profit. Whether or not this is a bad thing is subjective I guess, since I’e never seen EA to be quite as bad as people claim they are..–Brand Loyalty is a Religion

No Spiral you don’t get a prize :P. Try for 10!

Yeah, that’s something that I think more people should realize. The video game industry…is an industry. It doesn’t excuse bad practices when they happen, but it explains why they occur. Nintendo seems intent on making it’s brand stronger through locality. MyNintendo /Nintendo Account connecting all areas of Nintendo is going to create some interesting possibilities in the future.


Hey! It’s me again, the Spanish translation is done. you can find it here:
Thanks again and keep the good work! I’ll be looking forward for more interesting materials to translate if possible. —Harada x Ono: Tekken VS Street Fighter, Creator Interview 2016

Just a reminder, we do allow people to translate our articles/ translations. Just please link the original so other people can check the translation.


It’s so interesting to look back on the old websites and columns, because Sakurai has changed so much over the course of Smash. For example, he says that L-canceling was put into Smash 64 as a useful tool for experienced players, which is something he is very much against today. —News Flash!! Smash Bros. Dojo: Foreword (Smash 64 site translation)

I think Sakurai’s attitude on that front changed for two reasons. The first is out of necessity. The Wii required Smash to simplify. Not only was it’s customer base more varied, but the Wii Remote made L-Canceling impossible.  The second reason is because Sakurai himself went under a revolution between Melee and Brawl. He left HAL, worked in a video game store, and made a tamagotchi-like Beetle game. He also wrote about the influx of casual oriented titles before he worked on Brawl…he saw the market shifting.


Can someone please ask Sakurai for his reasoning of not having Wolf return? —Nintendo Dream Interview with Sakurai: Part 1

He hasn’t confirmed anything yet. One possibility is that Lucas just beat him for the “Brawl vet” spot. Another possibility is that Wolf was worked on during development, but was scrapped. Since Sakurai didn’t want to work on anything that was worked on during development, Wolf was not picked for DLC. We don’t have a clear picture for why the cut veterans didn’t come back (with the exception of Ice Climbers) still. Hopefully in a future column or interview he discusses it. We’ll be on the look out 🙂


So… wait, did Sakurai just thought about adding him or does he actually want him in Smash?

Seems like wanted. I updated the Definitive Unused Fighter List. Kind of struggled where to add Geno, and I keep thinking I should update the post (a complete rewrite). What do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree with my placement of Geno? That might be my next project after reviewing The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers.


I think that the possibility of Sora getting in is the equivalent of getting Goku in: impossible without alot of influence. There’s also the fact that the majority of the cast is either Disney characters, the majority being non-video game characters, and Square Enix characters, mostly FF. Then there’s the fact that Disney is willing to freeze the public domain in the United States to keep their characters out of it (1998 Copyright Term Extension Act). If you want Sora in the game, then you’re going to have to wait until 2098 for him to enter the public domain (Fun Fact: This method will give Goku an earlier start than Sora since his entrance to the public domain is 2080. But this is in the U.S.).

Long story short: Nintendo would have to bow before Disney if they want Sora in Smash. —Smash Newcomers: The Case for Sora

I do believe Sora is owned by Disney (Disney Infinity has apparently teased his appearance), but I don’t think Sora and Goku are the same at all. I believe Sora is one of those characters that will get into Smash, eventually. He is a video game character, and has several highly prolific games.

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  1. IMO, it doesn’t matter on as to whether or not the character(s) originated from a video game. The only way for Sakurai to get the “shock and awe” from his fanbase is to do the seemingly impossible. Bayonetta was the perfect example, having placed 2nd in Screw Attack’s “5 characters that won’t appear in Super Smash Bros.” list for various issues (With Goku as 1st), all of them conquered by Sakurai. And as the Nintendo Dream article stated, he’s going to run out of video game characters if innovation doesn’t increase or if the Copyright and Trademark laws were somehow warped in his favor. It’s only a matter of time until he, or his successor, caves in and adds a non-video game character, even if we don’t live to see it.

    Bob on February 25 |
    • The problem is that not only is Smash to celebrate different game franchises, but I think the addition of characters like Goku would cause more rage than love. There are still a good list of characters for Smash inclusion, and Goku would be a slap in the face for fans of Smash who want Video Game characters and Nintendo characters, virtually everyone.

      He would break the rules for Smash and would overall upset more than he would give happiness to.

      aguchamp33 on February 25 |
      • Since when is Smash a celebration of Nintendo or video games in general? Last I remember, Sakurai only had a Nintendo All-Star cast because the original cast wouldn’t have brought any hype at all. And as I said, they are going to run out soon. Not to mention that Sakurai actually did consider a non video-game character back in Melee (James Bond) but backed out due to copyright issues and several other reasons not related to the fact that he was a non-video game character. And I don’t think that Goku is a slap in the face for “virtually everyone” or would upset more than he (or any non-video game character) would give happiness to, that came between August-December 2015.

        And if I remember correctly, didn’t a couple of those DLC characters bring more rage than love? Everybody started hating on the Smash DLC newcomers, especially Corrin (and all 4 of them originated from video games, so what makes them different than popular non-video game characters such as Goku or James Bond?) I’d rather have a popular non-video game character make it to Smash than a video game character that everybody’s gonna hate on in the future. Ryu had little problems with the community, Cloud was despised by the anti-anime community and Smash’s Japanese chapter, Corrin was despised by every non-Fire Emblem fan, and Bayonetta was despised by those who didn’t vote for her at all (the majority of the ballot voters. And no, having the most votes doesn’t mean that she was the majority vote because there’s no actual results, having less than 50% of the voters doesn’t equal the majority, and there’s the fact that Nintendo can just make anything up to claim whoever won.)

        If you ask me, adding a non-video game character would not destroy the fanbase or “break the rules”(if there is any). This act of “video-game purism” or “Nintendo Purism” that represents the minority of the Smash fanbase needs to stop just like how Sakurai wants the console wars to stop.

        Bob on February 25 |
  2. Speaking on Wolf, I recall Sakurai mentioning that Wolf barely made it in to Brawl as it was (In this article:, and considering how close Jigglypuff came to being cut more than once despite having fans, it might be a case that Wolf just fell under the margin for returning to Smash. Then again, Jigglypuff does potentially have more advantages, since it’s one of the original 12 and remains relevant by being found in almost every Pokemon game, including the newer ones, making her more relevant to the current state of characters. At the time of Smash 4’s release, the last game Wolf was in was Brawl.

    As for the Geno thing, it seems like a fair assessment to me. His quotes does make it sound like if he could have, he would have added Geno into Brawl, though it gets a little more vague once you reach Smash 4.

    Spiral on February 25 |
  3. Waaaaait a minute…

    Isn’t this Featured Comments #7, not 6?

    Spiral on February 26 |
    • So it is! I’ll fix it when I get home from work and the gym.

      Source Gaming Team on February 26 |