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NintenDaan Joins the Upcoming SourceCast!

Upcoming SourceCast (1)

This is a quick update on what’s happening with SourceCast #9. We were going to record last Sunday, but we ran into numerous technical difficulties. Therefore, we will record this Saturday.

For those of you who are unaware, we will be discussing topics relating to the Pokémon 20th Anniversary.

Joining us will be Daan Koopman,(NintenDaan)!

About our Guest:

NintenDaan is an active contributor to GoNintendo, Nintendo World Report (Associate Editor (Europe)), Nintendo Force and He’s been on GameXplain and runs his own active YouTube channel where he frequently uploads Nintendo related content. You can also find him on Twitter!


We’ve received some questions so far, but feel free to submit some more in the comments below. We will pick some to answer in the podcast!

Here’s what’s been submitted so far:

l_Abe – Whats this announcement mean for the new Zygard forms?

KobyAce123 – What’s was your first experiences with Pokemon?

Matt Reisine (Cart Boy) I believe Ga,e Freak should’ve made it so we HAD to start with Charmander, so kids pick correctly. Do you agree?

memerekkk (MarekizKool) Do you think that we will be getting any more new games? Opinions on Pokemon Ranger 4 and/or PokePark 3?

Alan Wilkinson – What changes do you want in Sun/Moon to make to the elemental system? Personally, I’m hoping for Normal SE to Fairy Steel getting Dark Resistance back would be nice too (for Bite/Crunch reasons), but not essential.

Alan Wilkinson – Anyone else want the Exp. Share to revert back to the Single-Pokemon version (or be acquired post-game)?

Alan Wilkinson – What’s the one clothing option Sun/Moon has to give you? Disappointed X/Y never let me buy a Team Flare suit.
Alan Wilkinson – Primal Magikarp. Yes/No?