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Is this the Last Console Generation?


Could this possibly be the last generation for console gaming? Adam Koralik (Twitter) seems to think so, as he discusses what he fears might happen in the future to the console industry. Check out his video above! Note: This video was published January 21st, 2014 and contains some swearing. We thought it was an interesting argument (yes, he does mention the NX), what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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    And we know the NX is coming. With the huge success of the PS4 I’m sure Sony will make a follow up. Interesting video but I disagree.

    Nesh on March 3 |
  2. I saw this video some time ago, and it brings up a ton of very interesting and valid points. Whether or not this specific console generation will actually be the last is debatable in my opinion, since consumers are always going to expect something to top the previous systems, but I do see something of an ‘end’ to console gaming in the future. A complete and total end to consoles in lieu of a shift to online platforms would be an issue for people who live in areas with poor internet access (like me), but I don’t know how much influence that group of consumers has.

    Spiral on March 17 |