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The Site Has Been Upgraded!

Site Upgrade

This is a quick update that the site has been successfully upgraded! It should load faster for everyone, and gives us a load of benefits behind the scenes. We wouldn’t have been able to afford this upgrade without the support of our patrons, so thank you! This site upgrade should improve speed for our readers. Furthermore, it gives us numerous options behind the scenes such as automatic backups and the ability to create a test site. So even if you cannot notice a speed difference, these new options will definitely create a more stable site going forward. 

While on the same subject, thanks to the support of our patrons we’ve been able to purchase some new things to translate. These previously unavailable interviews will help shed light on some aspects of Smash for 3DS/Wii U and Toon Link’s inclusion. Those translations might be available on the site sometime later this month, but they will be available to our patrons first as a timed exclusive. A full update on the site operations and a budget breakdown will be posted later in this month.

Thanks to everyone for their support! Please let us know if you have any issues, comments or suggestions concerning the site in the comments below.

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