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Why Cut Content is Localized

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NOTE: This video does contain some swearing.

BriHard’s latest video takes a look at why some content is localized differently in other regions.

If you enjoyed the video, make sure to check out our content covering localization and censorship.


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BriHard is also known for his other two videos, How Misinformation Spreads and The Cause of Localization.

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  1. Don’t you have anything else to talk about? Must you make another feature about localisation?

    • The next SourceCast (after the Pokemon focused one with NintenDaan) will be a debate centered around censorship vs. localization featuring people to represent both sides. Since this is ongoing discussion (Sakurai’s column “Don’t Need This, Don’t Need That” is even trending now) we figured it was still relevant enough to feature.

      I’m sorry if we burnt you out of the discussion…it’s a very important issue for Source Gaming as one of the main things we do is translate things ourselves and look at the original meaning in various games.

      We have a lot of other things planned, don’t worry 🙂 March’s schedule is essentially filled up now and we are working on several projects.

      Source Gaming Team on March 8 |
  2. Video was really well done. Thanks a lot for sharing it SG! I especially liked the notes on licensing costs and such for original audio.

    xkan on March 7 |