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Character Corner: Metroid

Metroid chara

The newest character corner is out! Nantendo and LIQUID12A join Con0rrr to discuss what characters from the Metroid Series could join Smash. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and make sure to vote for the next character.

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  1. Sylux sounds interesting. I’ve yet to play Metroid Prime: Hunters. so I don’t know much about his character or other characters from that game, but he sounds like he has a lot to work with in a Smash setting.

    Personally, I’d rather distance the Metroid series from anything related to Other M, but I do recognize that Adam at least was a character before that game happened. I don’t know about either him or Andrew getting into Smash though, neither seem unique enough.

    Dark Samus does sound like a real possibility, but your points of being too similar design-wise to Samus is a very interesting and legitimate point. And yeah, three Samus characters probably wouldn’t please some fans when they say they want more Metroid characters. I’d enjoy her inclusion if it did happen, clone or otherwise, but it’ll be an odd one.

    Ridley… there’s no easy way to talk about this one, is there. There was a video I saw about this that I saw a while ago (this one:, there is a lot of strong language and he does go off-topic a bit, the points begin around 2:30 in), and there was one really important point that he brought up which I will use here, even though I don’t necessarily agree with all of his other points. Go into 8 Player Smash, pick 8 Bowsers, or 8 Donkey Kongs, or 8 King DeDeDes. Go to Final Destination. Does it feel crowded? Ridley is probably gonna be bigger than any of them, which is a real problem that would have to be addressed if he were to be made a character. Even if you say that you don’t play 8 Player Smash, that’s just ignoring all the people who do. And you do bring up a good point that a smaller Ridley might not even feel like the Ridley people have been asking for this entire time. Also, if you want to talk about Ridley acting like a character, you can grab, pummel, and throw Nabbit on the Super Mario Wii U stage. He even flies farther the more he’s damaged.

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