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Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma Story/Character info from Famitsu

Zero Time Dilemma

This is from the Famitsu that went up today. A lot of the info is already out there, but I added some more details and went with an exact translation over summaries.


Character quotes from left to right:

Akane: “[It] may be in the history that has been abandoned by god…”

Carlos: “It’s okay, I won’t die.”

Junpei: “Sorry, but I gave up trying to be a hero.”

Eric: “Mira is my angel…and mine alone!”

Q: “If one more person dies, then…”

Mira: “S/he was the exact same as my first opponent…” [Note: This could actually also be “my first boyfriend,” or a couple other things, but Japanese is a very context-heavy language and these are quotes that are clearly taken out of context to drum up interest, so if this ends being wrong…don’t hurt me.]

Phi: “Both of you, please live. I love you…”

Diana: “I didn’t kill 6 people…I killed 6 billion.”

Sigma: “To tell the truth, I think what I really was…was lonely.”

Zero: “Fate doesn’t really make sense, you know. One snail could bring about the end of the world.”


December 31st, 2028– the Nevada Desert.

It had been six days since we had began cohabitation at the Mars Mission Test Site Dcom.

On that day, we awoke to find ourselves, nine people total, in a confinement cell.

On our left wrist was a black bracelet we’d never seen before– a bangle.

And then someone wearing a mask appeared in front of us, and declared that the Decision game was about to begin.

“This is a game that has your lives, my life, and the lives of all humanity at stake.”

After that, we were transported to an underground facility, and split into three groups: C/Q/D, and told to wait…

Which team will survive?

All of humanity– 8 billion lives– depends on their Decisions!

This game is an adventure game where our 9 participants are trapped in an underground facility. The 9 participants are split into 3 groups, forming teams of 3. To return to the surface they must obtain 6 passwords, and passwords are only revealed upon the death of a participant. That means that at least 6 people must die, or escape is impossible. Who will you sacrifice? Will you try to find another way? That’s up to you.


People who appeared in prior games 1

Team C’s Junpei and Akane appeared in the first game in the series, 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. Junpei was the protagonist of the first game, and at the time was simple college student. Akane was much the same, and the two shared a deep bond from their time together as children. The strange, unfortunate fate that befell the two has greatly affected the future to come.


Previous games and chronology

This game is the third game in the Zero Escape series, but it takes one year after the first game, and 46 years prior to the second, connecting the two stories. Characters from 999 appeared in Virtue’s Last Reward as well, but this time characters from both games will make an appearance, making it a conclusive final entry to the series.


Unanswered questions

Several mysteries and unanswered questions from Virtue’s Last Reward will be answered. As we’ve listed below, people who beat Virtue’s Last Reward should have a few questions. However, it’s a complete story in and of itself, so people who are new to the series will be able to enjoy it as well.

  • How did Sigma, the protagonists of Virtue’s Last Reward, lose both of his arms and one of his eyes?
  • What is the relationship between Sigma and Phi?
  • What happened at the Test Site on December 31st, 2028?
  • Why was the lethal virus Radical-6 released?


Team C

A team spearheaded by a sense of justice

The protagonists this time are the leaders of each team, Carlos, Q, and Diana. You can change which character you are controlling at any time, and can advance their stories separately. Team C is comprised of the new character Carlos, as well as the more mature Junpei and Akane.


A sharp woman who’s skilled and tactically outmaneuvering her enemies

VA: Sawashiro Miyuki

She comes off as a Yamato-Nadeshiko type lady, but is actually a cunning strategist. The chairman of a secret organization, she is striving to create a peaceful future.



A hot-blooded fireman with a powerful sense of justice

VA: Sugita Tomokazu

One of the protagonists, and the leader of Team C. Has a very strong sense of morals and justice, and has saved many lives as a firefighter. Has a younger sister who is suffering from a terminal illness, and he dotes on and loves her very much.



A childhood friend of Akane who works at a detective agency

VA: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

One year after the events of the first game, Junpei joined an underworld detective agency to pursue Akane’s whereabouts after she cut off all contact. Currently he’s become a bit hardened and is on the run.



Team Q

A group of new characters

A team led by one of the protagonists, Q, along with two new characters Eric and Mira. His helmet is conspicuously distinctive.


Works at an ice cream shop

VA: Ishida Akira

A young man who works at an ice cream shop, and is currently dating MIra. Normally he’s a bright and cheerful guy, but in the face of danger becomes much more serious and on edge.



A naive, young child with amnesia

VA: Toyosaki Aki

A boy who has lost is lost his memory, he has no idea who he is. Wears a strange spherical helmet, and while he looks strange, he is pure-hearted and kind.



A voluptuous woman who exudes a bewitching aura

VA: Sakamoto Maaya

Eric’s girlfriend. She wears revealing clothes and has a sexy, bewitching aura. Doesn’t really show her emotions, but in her own words she just a bit thick-headed in that regard.


Team D

Team D is comprised of members who were in the second game, such as Sigma and Phi. Diana is a character that first appeared in the first game, but appears to be wearing Luna’s pendant.


An intelligent, cool-headed woman

VA: Omigawa Chiaki

An intelligent, cool-headed woman who speaks bluntly and directly. Participated in the Dcom experiment with Sigma and Akane to save the world, and was drawn into the death game.



A gentle, mild nurse

VA: Noto Makiko

A pacifist who dislikes violence, she always has a gentle smile on her face. Normally she works as a nurse, but on order from her boss she participated in the Dcom experiment.



A young man who has walked a strange path in life

VA: Ono Daisuke

His body is 22 years old, but because of the strange path he’s walked in life, on the inside he’s a stubborn 67 year old man. Occasionally, Phi calls him a “grandpa.”



The mastermind of the death game

VA: ???

A mysterious being shrouded in an ominous black cloak and mask. He is the mastermind behind the death game, but its true motivations remain hidden.

Gabu (this is actually a Japanese onomatopoeia for a biting noise)

Can travel through air ducts in between the three separated areas. The protagonists try to communicate with each other through messages that they attach to his collar.

  1. Wasn’t expecting to see coverage of this game here. I for one really appreciate this translation, thanks guys.

    Mettaur on March 9 |
  2. Nice to see you guys cover this game! (Saves me a lot of trouble xD)

    Is Nabata Desert meant to be Nevada?

    Just wondering since Nabata Desert was the name of the place in FE7, where as Nevada was…the real site and location the first game took place. xD But I haven’t seen the original Japanese myself so it may be cool if it’s called Nabata!

    xkan on March 9 |
    • LMAO dude you got me

      I’ve been playing the GBA FE games recently, I’ll fix it when I got a chance

      Soma on March 10 |
      • No problem, the GBA games are great. : ) Glad to be of help.

        xkan on March 10 |