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10 Misconceptions in Smash

10 misconceptions

There have been a lot of misconceptions in Smash, so I figured it would be fun to create a quick video addressing some of them. Sources for all of these can be found in this post. Let’s get started.

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1. Smash started off as an N64 game.

Did you know…that Smash 64 started out as a Nintendo 64 game? I mean, we have a picture of the original design document to prove it! Also the original title loosely translates as: Four-player Simultaneous Face-off No-Damage Battle Royale Fight. More misinformation can be found here. 

2. Pit, Sigurd were NOT planned for Smash 64.

All of this information from a guy who lied on the Internet. Don’t trust anything anyone says, ever. (Except me — you can totally trust me!) Sources in the Definitive Unused Fighter List.  

3. Wolf was NOT planned for Melee and Wario *almost* got in.

Just because Wolf looks like Fox in the opening cinematics does not mean he was actually planned for Melee. Ridley is in the opening scene and there was never a plan to make him playable in Melee either! Check your sources, as this information from that liar we mentioned previous. Sources in the Definitive Unused Fighter List

cloud one610

I really enjoyed all those references to Theatrhythm in Smash. Wait a second…

4. 3rd Parties do NOT need a Nintendo appearance.

Sakurai has stated, “Besides that, it might be something like a courtesy to include a character who has the experience of being on a Nintendo platform.” Therefore, characters do not need to be Nintendo characters to get in Smash. Proof? Cloud and Snake’s appearances are based largely on non-Nintendo games.Snake’s design inspiration can be found in the GDC Slide Translation. Cloud’s information can be found in the Nomura x Sakurai.

5. It’s not confirmed that Toon Sheik is Tetra in the Forbidden 7, it’s an assumption with no source.

Sheik and Tetra are two different characters with two very different stories. Therefore, Toon Sheik was most likely a toon version of Sheik, and not Tetra. No information has ever came out that hinted Tetra was planned for Brawl. Sources in the Definitive Unused Fighter List.  

6. Sakurai doesn’t “hate” Ridley

Ridley has appeared in every Smash game sans the 3DS version! The only other non-playable character to get that honor is the bob-omb. Well, he did jokingly say in a Brawl interview that he didn’t like Meta Ridley (the boss fight at least).

7. Ice Climbers do not have a leftover chant in the Japanese version of 3DS.

The 3DS was released first in Japan which meant English speakers were watching. People incorrectly heard “Mura no ChouChou” as “Nana and Popo”. The Villager maintains the same crowd chant in the Wii U version, and is named correctly. Besides, chants are stored in character folders so it’d be pretty difficult for Ice Climbers’ chant to get mixed up with the Villager. Plus, Sakurai would have fixed that ASAP. Full writeup here.  


They aren’t leftovers in my heart.

8. The 4th Custom Information You Probably Know is a Lie

Most likely what you are thinking about is a glitch. Based on code dumps by Dantarion, it seems that the 4th Custom was scrapped fairly early in Smash for Wii U/ 3DS’ development. The full details can be found on Source Gaming.

9. Sakurai never said he was against fighting game characters.

This is a misquote. When looking at the interview I noticed that Sakurai was quoted saying the same exact sentence in two different places, with a start and an ending. When compiling the two quotes, Sakurai’s answer becomes:
When we are looking at candidates for new characters, we get a list of characters that people are interested in and we go through them with a fine-tooth comb. The biggest feature we look at in Smash Bros. is, what does this character bring to to Smash Bros. that other characters don’t? If you look at…someone from a fighting game already, and people like fighting with this character, from my point of view, it’s like ‘this guy does what this guy already does. He fills the role that this character already has.’ So while you may like this character and he’s interesting, that doesn’t really merge well here.

For more misquotes, check out this post and it’s sequel. There’s a lot of misquotes.

10. A lot of the alts in Smash 64 aren’t a direct reference to something. (Bonus for checking out the sources!)

Sakurai explained the meaning behind all the alts here. 

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  1. “Sigh-guard”?

    I don’t know about the Japanese transliteration, but going by the original Norse, it should definitely be “Sigg-urd”.

    Igiulaw on March 17 |
  2. My guess PushDustIn, Plusle and Minun weren’t in Brawl either and “Pra-Mai” is a random selection.

    haruhisailormars on March 17 |
    • Random selection has always been “omakase” in the code!

      Source Gaming Team on March 17 |
      • Thanks for the correction. Strange though. It seems highly inconsistent to leave their names shortened when the others are complete.

        haruhisailormars on March 18 |
        • Maybe there were plans for the character that made them different from the Ice Climbers and the Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong pairing they had planned for Brawl at the time that justified having Plusle and Minun share a file. We simply don’t know.

          the101 on March 18 |
  3. Haven’t you kicked the third party horse enough? We get it, it’s not a requirement (but it really should be).

    Arthur 97 on March 17 |
    • Need to kick it some more because there are still people who think its a requirement because of the mistranslation. Regular readers of Source Gaming should know most of these; the video is for general Smash fans!

      Source Gaming Team on March 17 |
      • Although, every 3rd party in Smash to note HAS been on a Nintendo console, even if some roles are pretty minor.

        Yeah, it’s a fan made rule, but it hasn’t been broken yet (perhaps for the better.)

        Falkoopa on March 18 |
        • True, and Sakurai did say how he would be more hesitant had Cloud not appeared on Nintendo at all. It may not be referenced, but Cloud does meet the rule, fan made as it is.

          Arthur 97 on March 19 |
  4. The article says 10, the video title and thumbnail say 9, and the video starts by saying 10, but then only lists 9


    Spiral on March 18 |
    • Sorry, I moved #10 to the site so people would have more incentive to check out the source. Should have mentioned it!

      Source Gaming Team on March 18 |
  5. does it have to be 10, SG?

    -people still using the Sheik argument in defense for their one-off main series sub-cast (see, Rundas, Skull Kid, Dash Bowman, etc), when it’s known the fact she’s still the iconic Zelda only in a magical disguise and also got in as a transformation gimmick than just standalone.
    -people still think Smash is canon to KI or other Nintendo games, when they are all trophy figurines. (which Sakurai and Iwata pointed out many times, the toy store in Sm4sh reinforce this ideology)
    -over Dixie and Cranky, K.Rool actually came close to being a fighter in Smash thanks to the costume. Sakurai statement with Geno saying he wanted to add more older characters into Smash 4, and with the other costume seeming they weren’t threats to their possible inclusions in future games. (futher showing Sakurai doesn’t hate K.Rool and his origins)+
    -people still say Corrin and Cloud were part of the ballot or were also Ballot winners w/ Bayonetta.
    -people still say Ballot was a sham, when since from the beginning it wasn’t an election nor Nintendo held any promises that ballot suggestion will 100% get in

    lurker on March 18 |
    • Sakurai was never high on adding older characters. K. Rool was actually never going to be a character & Sakurai never wants to explain why.

      Also, the Ballot was a sham, as there was no way they could have obtained the rights to Bayonetta in October & get her ready for the presentation in just 8 weeks.

      J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on March 18 |
      • You say Sakurai isn’t keen on adding new characters, yet Duck Hunt, Little Mac, Mega Man, Pac-man, Palutena and Ryu all have origins in games that are pretty old. Also, if you’re gonna ask for an explanation for K. Rool, why not ask for one about Proto Man, Dunban, Heihachi, Ashley, or any of the other DLC costumes that weren’t made into characters? Seems odd to single him out.

        Spiral on March 18 |
        • K. Rool is a character that Sakurai knows everybody wants. He was made into a Mii costume 3 months before the “ballot” officially ended. We didn’t get him; instead we got Ms. Ratchet-netta whom “coincidentally” Sakurai thought the world of her games.

          Sakurai stated that only a few characters from “dead franchises” will be considered for Smash Bros. & of all those you mentioned, the Duck Hunt Dog is the only character that is considered “dead”. Kid Icarus was “dead”. “Oh well that didn’t matter. I’m going to throw in 3 whole characters from just 1 game. ?” That’s what he does. How many new characters only made 1 game appearance before being made into a “Nintendo All Star”?

          J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on March 18 |
          • A lot of the things you say about K. Rool can apply to other characters that were made into Mii Fighters. I can say “everyone” wanted MegaMan.EXE, but my viewpoint is extremely skewed because the majority of people I know who play Smash also enjoyed that series. This may sound harsh, but no one ‘deserves’ an explanation for why their specific character didn’t make it into Smash, because the same exact demands could be made for a whole host of other characters and be just as legitimate. I’m certain there were large numbers of dedicated fans for all the other characters who were made into Mii Fighters, so why aren’t you asking for explanations for them? You can’t say no one wanted them, else they wouldn’t have had costumes to begin with. It’s been my personal belief that, since Sakurai had stated that the ballot wasn’t just a popularity contest, that characters who had a large following during the ballot but weren’t worth the development time for an entirely new character (possibly due to lacking popularity, relevance, uniqueness, or a whole host of other potential issues) were made into Mii Fighters. I may be wrong on this, but to me, it seems like a more logical and fair assessment than just assuming that Sakurai didn’t like them.

            Also, the whole ‘dead franchise’ thing was more of a suggestion rather than an explicit rule. And if you’re really curious how many newcomers only had one game, that list includes Greninja (if you count X and Y as one game), Robin, Lucina, Corrin, Dark Pit, I think Villager (not sure, I’ve never played an Animal Crossing game), Shulk, and I think Duck Hunt. That’s just under half of all newcomers in Smash 4, not including Mii Fighters. Even then, just because a character only had one game appearance doesn’t mean that people didn’t like those characters, or they’re not iconic. Pokemon only had 2 games if you count Red and Blue as one game, but Yellow as another, yet they got two characters in Smash 64. Ness and Lucas have only appeared in one game each, and Ness has been in every Smash game since the series started. R.O.B. hasn’t even appeared *in* a game as far as I know, if we don’t count guest appearances like Mario Kart DS. Not to mention, almost every Fire Emblem character only appears in one game (again not counting guest appearances).

            Spiral on March 19 |
          • It should be easy to know why. Tales & Knuckles, Geno, Heihachi, Monster Hunter, they’re not Nintendo characters. I could understand the demand for these characters, but they wouldn’t add a second Sonic character or a one-time Mario character. So, how did the King K. Rool outfit come to be, so early in the summer, while other outfits released around the time that Corrin & Bayo did?

            Donkey Kong isn’t “dead” by any means. Nintendo has been backing the newer games through Retro Studios & its latest game came out the same year that Smash Bros for Wii-U & 3DS did. Yet they still have just 2 characters when Sakurai adds 2 more to Kid Icarus & 3 to Fire Emblem. Donkey Kong isn’t irrelevant at all. It only is in the bubble that Sakurai lives in.

            Captain Falcon will always be the poster child of F-ZERO. Fire Emblem gets a new poster child almost every game that comes out. Why add Lucina & Robin if you’re just going to outdate them by adding the next main character in the upcoming game? Like James Rolfe making the comparison between “old school” & “outdated”. Ike, Robin, & Lucina are by no means “old school”. Ike last appeared in a game from 2007.

            Pokemon was a phenomenon in Japan & I heard about it before it even came to the West. Everybody knew it had a bright future ahead of it, & it would probably had been brutal for Pikachu to not be in Smash Bros. Fire Emblem is not Pokemon, & it only had a fraction of the impact Pokemon made when it came to the west.

            J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on March 19 |
          • I think the issue I’m having with your argument is that just because the Donkey Kong series hasn’t received a new character, they’ve somehow been ignored. But The series has received new content, most notably in the Jungle Hijinxs stage, which references the same stage from Donkey Kong Country Returns. No one is claiming that Donkey Kong as a series is irrelevant, and no one is claiming that King K. Rool is irrelevant. I’m just trying to say that King K. Rool not being included is not hard evidence of bias on Sakurai’s part. If Sakurai really didn’t like the series, he wouldn’t have bothered adding 15 more trophies, four new songs, and three enemies from the Donkey Kong series in Smash Run.

            Let’s also be fair with your numbers if you really want to compare; *one* new Fire Emblem character was originally planned. If I recall the development history, Chrom was considered, but since they could not differentiate him enough from Marth and Ike, he was replaced with Robin. At the same time, Lucina was going to be an alternate costume for Marth. However, later in development, the decision was made to give Lucina her own spot on the roster because they already had the model and the animations, and all that would be needed to do was to tweak her attributes. The same situation applies with Dark Pit, having originally been planned as an alternate costume for Pit, but in this case I believe they were separated because it wouldn’t make sense for Dark Pit to have Pit’s Final Smash. Corrin was most certainly not decided as a new character during development of the game, nor does his inclusion ‘outdate’ the place of Robin, Lucina or Ike in Smash. All three remain relevant through Amiibo interactions in Fire Emblem: Fates and Codename: S.T.E.A.M., and Lucina and Marth are even characters in Project X Zone 2 (I’m not necessarily a fan of that game, but I can’t deny its existence). Ike didn’t invalidate Marth in Brawl despite being more relevant at the time, nor did Lucas invalidate Ness.

            Also, while Geno is not a Nintendo character, Sakurai did mention wanting to add him as a character in Brawl, meaning he was possibly just as legitimate of a choice as anyone else you mentioned. Plus, there were Mii Fighter costumes release for both first- and third-party characters before, after, and *during* the release of the King K. Rool costume, so I’m not sure what the timing of his costume has to do with anything.

            Spiral on March 19 |
    • It wasn’t Sakurai’s job to compose the songs & design the trophies. It likely had to do with completing “sets” that there were 15 of them, as you said. Sakurai had plenty of chances to explain K. Rool like he did with the other Mii costumes & I guess he apparently doesn’t exist now.

      “One character” may have been planned but 4 were actually created. Wow, imagine that. He must really think Fire Emblem is this major franchise. But with Chrom, it’s not like Chrom is limited to just 1 weapon. Not every Fire Emblem character needs Marth’s moves. Here this man is supposed to be a creative genius. “Here’s a charging attack, & chained combo, & a counter! There, Fire Emblem!” Like countless other times, I tend to think Sakurai is stretching the truth while explaining what happens during development. Sakurai urgently wanted Dark Pit made into a Smash Bros. character, & since he didn’t want to make him seem like a special case, he make a Lucina skin & brought back Dr. Mario so the fans would shut up Mario’s down B. Everybody wins! Why you believe Lucina, Robin, & Ike are all still “relevant”, well that’s because of the #1 fan himself. If those characters didn’t appear there would be no Amiibos for them. Sakurai doesn’t get it. Smash Bros. shouldn’t add value to games, but games should add value to Smash Bros.

      I don’t think that a character could both be a character in Smash Bros. and a Mii costume. If they made Mii costumes of characters, they would have no chance of being characters themselves. K. Rool being a Mii costume meant he was never going to be planned & that the people that “voted” for him was just wasting their time & resources. Who am I kidding? Everybody was.

      J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on March 20 |
      • “Sakurai urgently wanted Dark Pit made into a Smash Bros. character”? I’m sorry, but what? I’m honestly finding it difficult to come up with a legitimate counterargument when you make outlandish statements like that. If Sakurai was really all-in on Dark Pit, he could have given him a completely new set of weapons and customs to completely differentiate him from Pit, as Kid Icarus: Uprising most certainly gave him a lot to work with. But instead, he’s “Pit but slightly different”. That doesn’t sound like a lot of effort to me, and that’s because it wasn’t. Sakurai has stated that clone characters are added late into the development because of their ease of development. Dark Pit could have remained as an alt for Pit (as he technically was in Brawl), but they gave him a spot on the roster because they had the time for it. The same thing goes for Dr. Mario. He wasn’t brought in just because people complained about Mario’s F.L.U.D.D., he was planned as an alternate costume for Mario and then made into his own character because fans of Dr. Mario from Melee would want him to play the way he did before. And just because Smash has Amiibos for all of its characters (not just the Fire Emblem ones) doesn’t mean that other developers would be forced to use them. Don’t forget that Codename S.T.E.A.M. was developed by Intelligent Systems, the same company that develops the Fire Emblem games. Amiibo or no, they had all the rights to include Fire Emblem characters or references into their own game if they so wanted to. And as another example, the new Kirby game on the 3DS is getting its own Amiibos of Kirby, Meta Knight and King DeDeDe, proving that other games don’t have to use the Smash ones. Chrom isn’t limited to just one weapon, that is very true. But the Falchion is his unique weapon and the one people would expect him to wield, since he’ll use it for the entire duration of the game while he only gains access to spears after he promotes into a Great Lord.

        “He must really think Fire Emblem is this major franchise.” Well, of course he does. A series that’s generally received positive reviews, with 14 games spanning across Nintendo’s history starting from the Famicom, with Awakening becoming massively popular (Fates wasn’t out by the time Smash 4 was released, so I’m using the most recent game relative to its release) both in and out of Japan, in a series where nearly every game introduces their own main characters, I’d say that it is pretty major. You really cannot argue with those facts. Most of the other Nintendo series only have at most a handful of iconic and recurring characters, which is not to say that is objectively worse or better than how Fire Emblem handles its characters. The only objective point I’m trying to prove here is that Fire Emblem has *more* characters to work with, which explains why it (and Pokemon, which people rarely seem to bring up when talking about ‘over-representation’ despite having 3 more characters than Fire Emblem when counting all the Smash games together) has so many characters.

        You keep on bringing up K. Rool as if he is somehow more deserving of an explanation than every other Mii Fighter costume that didn’t become a character, and I have to keep asking, how? Or rather, why don’t you want to mention all the other Mii Fighters costumes? Sakurai never explained every single one of them, so why don’t you bring those up? Why only focus on one specific character? I admit that I might be entering slippery slope territory here, but if Sakurai is really required to explain why K. Rool became a Mii Fighter and not a full character, why isn’t he required to do the same for Dunban, Isabelle, K.K. Slider, Black Knight, Toad, Viridi, and Ashley? And that’s just the first-party characters. Sakurai planned to have Snake and Sonic in Melee, so he’s clearly been okay with the concept of third-party characters for a long time, which makes me believe that any other Mii Fighter costume of third-party characters also had at least a plausible chance to get in. Why are you only focusing on K. Rool? Why does he matter more than all the other characters? Why doesn’t all the content from the DK universe in Smash count, even if it was just to satisfy some arbitrary ‘set’?

        Lastly, when you say that “Smash Bros. shouldn’t add value to games”, I again have to ask, why? Or rather, how? How do you expect a character’s inclusion in Smash to *not* have an effect on their own series? If Marth and Roy weren’t in Melee, do you think that FE7 would have still been released internationally? If Little Mac wasn’t an Assist Trophy in Brawl, would he still have received a new game on the Wii (or rather, would anyone have cared)? If Ness wasn’t in Smash at all, would Earthbound be regarded as fondly as it is today? If Smash hadn’t attempted to use Pokemon in a fighting environment, would Pokken Tournament still have happened (especially when they share 4 Pokemon as playable characters between the two games, not even including Weavile, Gardevoir and Suicune as Pokemon that appear from Poke Balls in Smash, and Chandelure appears as an enemy in Smash Run)? No one can prove any of these, so I can’t exactly use it as hard proof. But it’s easy to try and see the connection. The same thing happens with other crossovers in other series, whether intentional or not.

        Spiral on March 21 |
        • If you remember a picture Sakurai posted one time, it was figurines of Nintendo characters, which featured Mario, Link, Charizard, & Dark Pit. That was foreshadowing. Also, the Palutena reveal EXTRAVAGANZA at E3, Dark Pit made a cameo in the artwork. Believe what Sakurai says, but he has a reputation of stretching the truth. He was going to be a character in some capacity. If anything, Wario is a character that should have been a clone of himself, as he is the main character of 2 separate franchises.

          Every character was going to get 8 color skins. If Dr. Mario was an alternate for Mario, that meant Mario would only get 4 colors when previously he had more than that.

          Fire Emblem at one point was going to be discontinued if Awakening didn’t meet sales expectations. If a game wasn’t selling well, it didn’t matter how good the games are or not. I liked the Fire Emblem game for Wii, but nobody bought that. It just so happened that IS has had creative designers & storytellers.

          I have mentioned as many as I could think of. When you think of Nintendo personalities, you don’t think of Flying Man, the Black Knight from FE:RD, & the Virtua Fighter clan. Those characters you mentioned, bar the Black Knight aka Z, have already appeared as assist trophies, background characters in stages or in Final Smashes. While wearing a hat or a suit that resembles the character in question, you’re not that particular character, you’re just impersonating them. K. Rool has not been an assist trophy, or any form of background character. Seems like some cardinal rule. Palutena was planned to be a character, which meant Pit was getting a new Final Smash as she couldn’t be in 2 places at once. I’m obviously focusing on him because there is a universal demand that Sakurai is blatantly ignoring & for a game that is in dire need of villains & big characters, he failed to deliver time & time again. I’m not saying that every franchise needs an antagonist in Smash Bros., but after 13 years of fans requesting him, why can’t he just give it to them?

          What you’re saying is that the only reason why Next Level Games made a new Punch-Out!! game is because of Little Mac’s assist trophy? Really? One way or another, Fire Emblem was going to be available to the west. The exposure of Marth & Roy in Smash Bros. made no difference as Fire Emblem still sold terribly in the US & Europe. Even Yokai Watch has better numbers than the FE GBA games. Pokken Tournament is unrelated to Smash Bros. It’s an arena-based fighting game similar to the Dragonball & Naruto UNS games with some influences from previous Tekken games. Earlier today I saw Pikachu doing spinning sweep kicks similar to Kazuya Mishima.

          J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on March 22 |
          • Yes, Dark Pit did have a cameo in Palutena’s reveal trailer. The reveal trailer which premiered June 10th, whereas Smash 4 released roughly 4 months later. If you think they didn’t have the roster finalized by that time, then I don’t know what to tell you. And I don’t know what you mean about Wario being a clone of himself. Do you mean two separate Wario characters, one to represent the Wario Land series and one for WarioWare? Why? They’re the same Wario, they don’t represent two different characters.

            Your point about Mario receiving only 4 colors if Dr. Mario was an alt doesn’t seem to carry as much weight as you think it does. Alph is an alt for Olimar, and both only have 4 colors. You could say the same for Wii Fit Trainer, Robin, Villager, and Corrin if you consider the alternate genders to be different characters, and the same for Bayonetta, Cloud, and Wario if you count different costumes. Bowser Jr. doesn’t even *have* other colors, as the Koopalings take up all his slots.

            While it may be true that the Fire Emblem series could have been ended if sales weren’t high enough, Awakening did end up selling really well, moving nearly a quarter of a million copies in its first week in Japan. That was back in 2012, and Smash 4 released in 2014. Even if you track the development time of Smash 4 all the way back to its first trailer released in 2013, it was clear at the time that the FE series had received another chance. Even if it was discontinued, that wouldn’t have erased the history FE would have left. I explained this point poorly in the past, so allow me to elaborate on it again; a series does not strictly require a future in order to be considered for Smash. It is certainly a consideration that Sakurai makes when choosing the roster, but it has never been required, Otherwise, Duck Hunt, R.O.B., and Ice Climbers would not have made it in.

            You bring up a very good point about K. Rool’s relative exposure in relation to the other Mii Fighters, I can’t deny a word of that. But does his trophy not matter? I feel like it should, since there’s been a K. Rool trophy in every version of Smash that has trophies. The Legend of Zelda series never got a trophy for Vaati, and he was the central villain in three separate games. Metroid didn’t get a Mother Brain trophy until Smash 4, although Mother Brain did have a sticker in Brawl. The aptly named Metroid Prime doesn’t have a trophy either. The Earthbound series doesn’t have Giygas, the Pikmin series doesn’t have Emperor Bulbax, and Xenoblade doesn’t have Zanza. Feel free to debate whether or not these characters are more or less pivotal to their respective universes, but it’s still something that the Donkey Kong series has that these don’t. Most of these characters don’t even have the potential for a Mii Fighter costume for at least some level of representation, much less a full character.

            As for Pit receiving a new Final Smash, there may be more to it than you think. Ness and Lucas had their Final Smashes changed from several meteors raining down all over the stage to one concentrated beam, and Sakurai stated that this was because the 3DS couldn’t handle the way their old Final Smashes worked. This could also explain why Pit and King DeDeDe’s Final Smashes were changed, since both ended up summoning several units at a time. That’s to say nothing of Luigi, Kirby, Lucario or Charizard, who received new Final Smashes that represented their newer games.

            I never meant to imply that Smash was the only deciding factor in the release of any of those games. That’s why I specifically stated that none of it was hard proof. The point I was trying to make was that, given how popular Smash is, it was likely to have had some influence on the popularity of those games. I will admit that the Punch-Out example I gave was poorly conceived, and that there is evidence that FE6 may have been considered for a western localization, if IGN is to be believed (, keep in mind that this still puts it after the American release of Melee). But I would find it hard to believe that Fire Emblem as a series did not received a popularity boost from Melee due to the inclusion of Marth and Roy. And of course Pokken Tournament is unrelated to Smash, I never said the two were related. I was trying to say that the idea of an all-Pokemon fighting game would have been received differently (not necessarily worse or better) if people weren’t already accustomed to Pokemon fighting in Smash, as there hasn’t been an official Pokemon fighting game up until this point. And of course Pokken shares similarities with Tekken, that is literally what the title of the game means: Pokemon Tekken.

            Spiral on March 22 |
  6. Yes, they had the roster finalized & Dark Pit was going to be a character no matter what. As for Wario, why not? Both series have had a vast history on handhelds. They have to share a character while Dr. Mario & Dark Pit are their own. That’s fair.

    Alph was probably going to be his own character too, but it wouldn’t make sense because nothing is different between him & Olimar. Sakurai couldn’t just pretend the new Pikmin game doesn’t exist (albeit the new Donkey Kong game didn’t exist). Wii Fit Trainer, Robin, Villager, those aren’t even characters that boast much personality. The Koopalings were just for Sakurai to boast about. “Look at me, I made 8 models for 1 character. Appreciate my hard work!” I don’t know why they went with 8 colors, probably because of 8 players, but the pre-set colors should be done away with by now.

    If Fire Emblem did end, Sakurai probably would still keep all the characters, even though other franchises like Golden Sun & Custom Robo he did erase from history. But hey, as long as Sakurai’s the one that makes the decisions, it’s right, right? Rhythm Heaven nearly sold 2 million copies in Japan alone. That didn’t mean 2 new characters per game like Vanity Emblem.

    I don’t think Sakurai is in charge of the trophies. I know for sure he’s not the one that writes descriptions for them & there are numerous ones that use assets from a previous game or that 3rd parties make, Rayman, for example. As a grab bag of trophies I can think of Kensuke Kimachi, Bubbles, Doshin the Giant, Balloon Fighter, Kalypso, & several Pokemon, nothing came of them. The characters of these trophies range from supporting characters to one-timers. It could mean that all the trophies mean a lot or nothing at all, & I think it’s the latter. How many trophies in Melee, 250? Of course there wasn’t much room for characters, but since then, Earthbound had Porky, Pikmin had Titan Dweevil, & Xenoblade there were many characters left out of trophies. Even Street Fighter, all they have is Ken. Donkey Kong has tons of characters other than K. Rool, such as Dixie, Cranky, Tiny, Chunky, Lanky, Funky, Rambi, & Engarde, where are they in the game aside from the trophies? Nowhere.

    I don’t buy that. Smash Bros for 3DS featured Smash Run, in which several NPCs could be on the screen at the same time. The Cuckoo also had several chickens on the screen at once. Almost every character that got a new Final Smash is a character that he is partial to.

    Well it didn’t. Fire Emblem wasn’t really popular until Awakening, & before then, there wasn’t anything that made it appealing despite the gameplay. The graphics were subpar, cutscenes were all dialogue, it wasn’t until the 3DS & Nintendo allowing game demos that consumers got to actually experience the game. Awakening probably would have been the first game to come out in the West if not Rekka No Ken. That game didn’t even feature either of the Smash bros characters that the vocal western fans grown accustomed to. Well Roy was in it, but he was an old man. Pokemon’s TV show had some creative writers that didn’t always follow the game’s storylines. One episode featured a fighting tournament, the one time Ass caught a Primate that was very hard to catch in a previous episode, & for no reason at all, gave it away after he won the tournament.

    J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on March 22 |
  7. I guess we can expect Shrek, Reggie, and Goku in the next Smash game, and still no Ice Climbers, and the possibility of Roy, Mega Man, Greninja, and Pac-Man getting cut.

    Meanwhile, one character got in to promote a new game, while the other is a result of one man thinking with a boner.

    A billboard is less disappointing than this game. They both do the same thing.

    2071Johnny on March 27 |
  8. You made this confusing. You didn’t list misconceptions, but facts. The misconception would’ve been “Smash didn’t start off as an N64 game”.

    Dan on April 12 |