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SG Choice: Favorite Pokémon

SG Choice pokemon

In order to celebrate the release of Pokkén, the Source Gaming team has come together to discuss their favorite Pokémon. Let us know your favorite Pokémon in the comments below!


Picking one Pokémon is pretty difficult. I guess if a gun was held to my head and I had to name one, it’d have to be Sandslash. It’s probably not a surprise for regular readers as I mentioned Sandslash as my most wanted Pokkén Tournament newcomer, and again in SourceCast #9. Sandslash has been a favorite since my childhood, and I don’t think that will change.


Honestly, this is a really hard choice. If I had to decide, my favourite would be either Palkia or Dragalge. But Palkia is a legendary, that’s totally lame! So I’m going with Dragalge. Why do I like it though? First of all, the type combination is pretty nice. Poison is one of my favourite types after all. The design itself is the icing on the cake, not sure why I like it though. Maybe it’s just the colors, or the complex structure.


Mega Rayquaza. What? I’m a sucker for OP things.

When I was a kid, I usually hopped around from pseudolegendary to pseudolegendary (Dragonite! Tyranitar! Salamence and Metagross!). But a Pokémon that’s so OP it got banned from standard play and created it’s own anything goes tier? That’s awesome.


Ivysaur. Always Ivysaur. Upon my very first play of Pokémon when I was a child, Bulbasaur was my starter, and while I also love Bulbasaur and Venusaur to death. Ivysaur’s design to me is perfect, not too tank like, not too cutesy. Fun fact: Sakurai cut my two favorite Smash Bros characters from Brawl (Wolf and Ivysaur). I made myself sad now.



I’ve actually got two, and which one is higher at the moment is basically random. Weavile is the first, it’s got a wonderful design (take the Kamaitachi inspiration in Sneasel, but with ancient Egyptian garb), a fun type combination, and can go all upside people’s heads with Ice Shard or Pursuit. But my other favorite is Greninja, because it led me personally experience an interesting phenomenon in the series. My favorite animals are frogs (tree frogs especially), my favorite type is Dark, my favorite starters are almost always the fastest…it obviously wasn’t created for me, but it feels like it could’ve been. I think almost every Pokémon player finds this at one point, a Pokémon that looks like it hits their favorite marks or design choices. That’s the power of a series with this many beloved characters and so much powerful iconography.

2015-12-30 (1)

Wooper. My favorite Pokemon always changes. Pikachu and Raichu are always near the top, as well as Flareon and Flygon. But recently when trying to discover my favorite Pokemon, the choice became 100% clear. It’s Wooper. Wooper is not only adorable, but probably the goofiest looking dude in any Pokemon media.


Wooper evolves into Quagsire. And while Quagsire is a much better Pokemon stat wise, he loses a lot of the charm Wooper always had. Don’t get me wrong, Quagsire is still hilarious looking and I like him. But Wooper is on a whole ‘nother level of perfectness.

 If my life depended on it, I say Golurk. It’s a giant robot that flies and punches stuff. You don’t need much more than that. 😀


Let us know what you think in the comments, or on Twitter!

  1. Aegislash. I wanted a badass haunted sword (or shield) Pokemon, and Game Freak delivered.

    Igiulaw on March 18 |
  2. Infernape without a doubt. It was my first ‘Mon and will always be the best ‘Mon. Also FREAKING FIRE BABOON!

    PokeShulk3789 on March 18 |
  3. Infernape without a doubt. He was my first Mon’ and will always be the best ‘Mon. Also FREAKING FIRE BABOON!!!

    PokeShulk3789 on March 18 |
  4. It’s really hard to choose only one from my favorite Pokemon list. Sneasel, Articuno, Gardevoir (my waifu)…there’s tons of it! But since this year is the 20th anniversary of the Gen 1 Pokemon was released, then I’ll choose this Pokemon…

    Vaporeon…when I first saw Eevee’s evolution, Vaporeon was the first Pokemon that struct into my eyes than the other two. A four-legged mammal with a dolphin-like fin…the color of shiny cool cyan blue…and that refreshing cute and calm face…it struct my heart. Since then, Vaporeon has became my favorite Eevee evolution, and while there was Espeon as my another favorite Eevee evo, Vaporeon was always my top tier of my favorite Eevee evos.

    And I do remember making a Pokemon fanfiction using Vaporeon as my original protagonist trainer’s main Pokemon…yeah, my nostalgic dark history…

    zoniken on March 18 |
  5. When I was a kid, back when the 3rd generation wasn’t even a thing yet, I drew a pokémon I created myself. It was a big ant with an exoskeleton made of metal.
    Years later, Durant was revealed, and I couldn’t help but think that it was the pokémon I had created when I was a kid. That meant a lot to me.

    DisketDance on March 19 |
  6. In the Red/Blue days, it was Fearow. Just because.

    In the Diamond/Pearl days I gravitated towards Bronzong. It is based off of something meant to repel insects, but is not great versus bug types. That is hilarious.

    Nowadays, it’s just Luvdisc, largely in the realm of “just because.” (Also because it is terrible.)

    spd12 on March 19 |
  7. I feel for you Anvil. Sakurai removed my best and my favorite character from Melee (Dr. Mario and Mewtwo, respectfully). If things work out like they did for me though, perhaps they’ll both come back for Smash 5~
    ….well, Wolf might. Can’t say I’d expect Ivysaur back. then again, I said the same about Dr. Mario compared to Mewtwo, and look how that turned out.

    As for my favorite Pokemon, Swinub all the way~

    Anime9001 on March 19 |
  8. My favorite type is Grass, yet my favorite pokemon certainly is without a doubt Totodile.
    I love reptiles, not to mention I really like how jumpy and happy it looks. Funny enough I happened to get it as my character in the first Pokemon mystery dungeon game, which in turn made me love Totodile even more so. ^-^

    Smasher44 on March 19 |
  9. I have a ton of favorites, of which Pichu and Ivysaur 🙁

    But Abra has t be it. He’s so chill and right don’t give a hoot :T
    I envy his ability to wake up from sleep and fall right back again. I wish he wasn’t the 1st stage evolution so I could destroy my friends with a sleepy teleporting cross breed between Snorlax, Mew, and Drowzee.

    But seriously, Abra is kinda similar to Mew, tiny bit, must be why I love them so.

    aguchamp33 on March 20 |
  10. I’d have to say Pikachu and Quilava, and I couldn’t necessarily put one above the other. Unsurprisingly, my love for Pikachu began with the Pokemon anime that I watched religiously as a kid (I still do watch it), and the mechanics of Pokemon Yellow only served to further propel that love. I’ve caught a Pikachu in all the main series Pokemon games and used it in my team whenever possible, I main Pikachu in all of the Smash games, I’ll probably main Pikachu in Pokken Tournament when I get it, I have a large Pikachu doll I keep on my shelf, I had just about every Pikachu trading card I could get my hands on (tragically, all of my cards have since been lost), I even have three separate Pikachu themes on my 3DS! Knowing me, I’m gonna bump that number up to 5 eventually.

    As for Quilava, that love stems from, obviously, Pokemon Silver. Since I didn’t have a bunch of games back when I had Silver, I would just play that over and over again, and every time I would choose a Cyndaquil and name it Cynders (my names are not creative). Quilava’s design to me strikes the perfect balance between cute and awesome (Cyndaquil is definitely cuter and Typhlosion is definitely more awesome). I still have a lot of memories of tough Gym Leader battles that was brought down to just me and my Quilava, and I’ve never been disappointed by adding one to my team. Plus, Flame Wheel is just a cool move, even if it’s not a signature one.

    There have certainly been a lot of Pokemon in the newer generations that would catch my attention for design or battle reasons (Diggersby, Drapion, and Audino to name a few), but these two are definitely at the top.

    Spiral on March 21 |
  11. Jigglypuff and Drifloon are my favorites followed by Rotom, Klefki, and Lampent.

    DonkaFjord on March 21 |