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Last week was a big week! Source Gaming surpassed 500 posts, Miitomo launched, we debuted 10 Misconceptions in Smash video and we discussed translation and localization. Next Sunday, I’ll be meeting Hideki Kamiya and taking a tour of Platinum Games. Next week will be very busy for me, so I’m sorry if I didn’t reply to your comment in this post.

This post contains comments from March 13th – March 16th! Let’s see what you guys had to say.


Hey, I don’t know if that’s something you’re interested, but I saw in some YT comments and this topic people saying that The Pokémon Company made Sakurai remove Mewtwo’s shiny colors in Smash 4, is there a source because I never heard about that, I mean, I can see why they would make an assumption like that, lol. —On Proper Sourcing

I looked into it, and basically people are assuming that’s what happened because of the shiny alts being dropped. Without a source, I’m not going to say anything definite, but it does seem a little suspicious.


Congrats! The first time I’ve found out about SourceGaming was with the “several more fighters” translation article shared on tumblr… And I’ve been reading since then.

“Go for 1000! But don’t try too hard.”

coincidence? I think not. —Our 500th Post!

Thank you! I guess it is a weird coincidence! I’ve only written 230-ish of the articles (not including SG Choice Articles)…. I remember starting several blogs before Source Gaming and failing to make the 5th post. So it’s good to see that I finally stuck with one.


Congrats on the milestone SourceGaming!

My introduction to the site was “The Definitive List of Unused Fighters”, an article all about dispelling misinformation while bringing new or simply relatively unknown info to light. A few weeks and articles later SourceGaming became a permanent fixture on my favorites tab.

In addition to the translations and other informative articles I’ve really enjoyed your various opinionated articles as well. I certainly don’t always agree with their contents, but even when I don’t they always provide a well thought out and compelling alternative to my own mindset, which is something that I will never cease to find interesting.

Apart from the unused fighters list which I’ve already mentioned, some of the other articles that have really stood out for me have been:

-PushDustIn’s “Sakurai Didn’t Say That!”
-TheAnvil and PushDustIn’s “Point, Counter Point: Gematsu Leak”
-PushDustIn’s “The Danger’s of Online Polling”
-PushDustIn’s “Perception of Smash DLC in Japan, Redux”
-PushDustIn’s “Sakurai On: Character Choices”
-PushDustIn’s “Sakurai On: Third Party Characters”
-Nantendo’s “Artwork Origins from the Smash 64 CSS”
-SmashChu’s “The Barrel is Half Full”
-Nantendo’s “An Overview of All Nintendo IP NOT in Smash”
-Spazzy’s various “Case For” articles

Keep up the great work guys! I hope to see SourceGaming continue to grow moving forward.v  —Our 500th Post!

Thanks for enjoying so much of our content! Hopefully we haven’t jumped the shark and continue to satisfy people with new and interesting content! With our opinion articles, we try to base it as much as possible on information, and opinions that don’t have some sort of logical basis to them won’t get approved. I don’t agree with all the opinions that are posted, but I at least respect them. I sometimes worry that readers will get turned away by an opinion they don’t like.


So over 2 million views over 500 articles…
1 million views- 250 articles
100,000 views- 25 articles
4,000 views- 1 article

Obvious underestimate, but still. Now remove 500 views (me, more likely bordering on 600 with pulling up pages for SmashWiki)…

500/10, needs less speculation (oh wait, there is none) —-Our 500th Post!

That would be about the average view count per day (Well, I think it’s closer to 5,000). However, some articles are extremely popular while some are not popular at all. If you look at last month’s Monthly Review, I started to included the least viewed articles as well. It also has the total hits per month, if you are really interested in how the site is doing.


Congratulations on your 500th Post! Wow…time really flew fast didn’t it.

I still remember the time when I first came here. I actually found this site when I was checking on those rumors found at Smash 4 Dojo, and when they were showing the polls of most requested DLC characters, it took me straight to here! Aah…good ol’ memories…

Now let’s go for a 1000th posts! (lol) Thank you for presenting us so many great articles, and keep up a great work!

Ahh yeah the Smash 4 Dojo! That’s part of the reason I got into Smash for speculation so much, which eventually led to the creation of Source Gaming itself. Basically, GameXplain, Smash 4 Dojo, Legends of Localization and Kantopia all had some influence on Source Gaming. One of my first interviews was with Brendon Wilson (the person behind the SSB4Dojo)!

Arthur 97

Haven’t you kicked the third party horse enough? We get it, it’s not a requirement (but it really should be). —10 Misconceptions in Smash

That video was more for geared towards casual Smash fans. One thing I realized is that even though I had written The Definitive Unused Fighter List a long time, it wasn’t until Relax Alax made a video detailing the list that the list was taken more seriously. All of the things I mentioned in the video and on the list have their origins on Source Gaming, so for the regular readers it’s probably nothing new. Again, it’s intended audience is outside the core Smash speculation demographic. Unfortunately the third party information is the one thing people are obsessed with. The majority of comments on YouTube are about that piece of information.


Also, [“Didn’t appear as a fighter” indicates he was probably considered]… highly debatable. Shrek didn’t appear as a fighter, so he was probably considered.

Your ruling on Geno in both games is way too generous imo. —The Definitive Unused Fighters List in Smash

Already replied, but I’ll post it here:

When I recreate this list, I’m actually adding a new category for Sonic / Snake in Melee and for Geno. I think the current classification system is a disservice for those instances.


Hey just a heads up since you brought up the Tomodachi Life gay marriage bug, it wasn’t removed because it was controversial but because it could lead to a game breaking bug, which was downplay by most media sites reporting on the issue:

Hope this clears things up. —SourceCast #10 — Translation and Localization

Thanks for the correction! Will update the article with that information. That makes a lot more sense now.


SourceCast #10 — Translation and Localization

Fun podcast. I know we got some stuff wrong in regards to Bravely’s story changes, such as calling it a Neutral ending instead of a Good one, and the mention of a possible character death, but I think it’s still valid criticism outside of that. Of course Nintendo just released a statement on why these moments were changed and they make sense from a developer standpoint and I certainly wouldn’t call it censorship. It’s just Square trying to release a better quality product.

Thanks for being on again! Ahhh, I see that also explains why that was dropped. Will update the article!

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