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SourceCast #10 Highlight — When is it Censorship? (Video)


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  1. Thank god you guys covered this topic- This is something that extends beyond Smash and Nintendo that I have always wanted you guys to talk about.

    DonkaFjord on March 26 |
  2. Also Animal Crossing has some “censorship” by your guys’s definition. Gracie Grace (the designer Giraffe) was changed from male to female as well as a few other more ‘flamboyant’ characters- also New Lead used to have some conversations about how long you have been in the sun depending on how dark your skin was (you darken your skin in animal crossing by standing outside in the summer or on the island) but these conversations also happened with Mii masks that would also effect skin tone, so they replaced those conversations with random ones.

    Also I believe Tomodachi Life didn’t have gay marriage in any region and the comment was that it would have been difficult to make such a large change just for the English localization.

    Japanese culture views are different on homosexuality and racism than Europe which can also be different than the Americas, etc.

    I do wish they embraced the Native American background for the girl in bravely default and worked to make her less of a stereotype and a more fleshed out character since we don’t see a lot of good aboriginal characters in media.
    I am also glad they changed the whole scene from Fates that reads as drugging and sexual orientation corrective therapy. That’s just my two sense though.

    DonkaFjord on March 26 |