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This past week was pretty busy. Yesterday, I got a chance to visit Platinum Games and meet Kamiya and a lot of the staff (full writeup tomorrow). Things should be a bit more manageable this upcoming week!

This post contains comments from March 20th – March 26th!

Ryan Hines-Kazama

I’m hoping that Namco Bandai can remake Smash 4 on the Nintendo NX with additional content. If they do, They’ll be awesome and better than ever. But my question is Are we gonna get a Super Smash Bros. 5 in the future or is this really the end of Super Smash Bros.? (And by the end, I mean is Smash 4 really the last game?) —Sakurai’s Famitsu Column Vol. 499: Exhaustion and Excitement


I think it makes a lot of sense to build upon what Smash for 3DS/ Wii U already offers if a “Smash for NX” is indeed in the works. It means Sakurai can focus exclusively on adding new content while not worrying about veterans being dropped. Furthermore, I think Sakurai seems to enjoy leading smaller teams so him working only on DLC, or only adding a 1-3 characters to the game is something I see very likely. We’ll see though!


Your “#YouMayHaveMissed” twits worked because I definitely have missed this article… Actually, I remember a lot of time before when I first read SG, there was a lot of work put into the articles but I felt bad because mostly of the time there was no comments or just one… Glad today’s articles have a lot of views and comments because you deserve it. : ]

Was the game released first on Japan on purpose? Maybe they wanted to test first if it would sell well, I guess.. —Diddy Kong Racing (N64): Japanese vs. English

Glad to hear the tweets are effective! One of the issues is that we have so much information on Source Gaming, and it’s not really cataloged effectively. Trying to think of ways to address the issue. If Source Gaming was a normal news blog, it wouldn’t be an issue. However, most, if not all of our content would be considered “features” on news sites as most of them have a lot of independent research involved with them.

I really want to do more posts like that in the future. Kantopia and Legends of Localization are the only sites I can really think of that are doing translation comparisons, so there is definitely room for us.

Arthur 97

Why on earth would you have to go back to the Wii? Anyways, digital are notoriously horrible and it looks unpleasant to hold and use. Real buttons really are the best.

Not that it matters, this rumor was put down. Why even post this? —Nintendo NX Controller LEAKED?! – Discussion Video

Already replied within the article:
It was posted before the rumor was shot down!

I’ve updated the video title to ensure that if people find it, they will know the “leak” was false. It’s also kind of depressing to see it gain more views in a shorter time than the 9 Misconceptions in Smash video. We won’t become a rumor posting site, but there’s no denying that’s what a lot of people are interested in. It was a pretty good fake, with someone actually physically making the “controller” using a 3D Printer. This raises the bar for fake leaks, just like Omni’s Rayman leak did. God help us.

Also, I was talking with a friend about this yesterday. The most interesting thing from the event was Andy McNamara claiming he had heard that there wouldn’t be any face buttons on the upcoming controller. I still think a lot of the things we discussed (tactile technology) could be implemented into the controller, if that information is true.

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  1. “We won’t become a rumor posting site, but there’s no denying that’s what a lot of people are interested in.”

    That is what is sad about Gamexplain now. In one of their old videos they said they don’t get involved in leaks or rumours but now they seem to report every single report in a video. Even if something is likely to happen I still won’t take it seriously until Nintendo confirms it.

    I warned a lot of people not to listen to those Star Fox Zero rumours and was proven right. The only real source I saw was correct was the one who leaked Devil’s Third being verified when Lost Reavers was named.

    haruhisailormars on March 29 |