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Patreon Update: March 2016

Patreon Update

Hey guys, PushDustIn here, to give you all an update on how the site is going, and more. I wanted to give you guys an update before the month ended.

The first big news is that the site has been updated. There had been some instability since upgrading the server, but it seems to be relatively OK now. Thank you again for everyone who is donating, and for sharing our stuff. Your support makes all the difference– it really does. I remember when I first started Source Gaming, and I was lucky to get even one comment on an article. Now, every article generally gets several comments, and there are some great back and forth discussion. Source Gaming is on a good track for growth, and I’m genuinely excited for the future.

As mentioned earlier this week, I got a chance to take a tour of Platinum Games in Osaka. Even though I didn’t go as official press, it was great to meet the staff there and see their headquarters.

The next big news is that Source Gaming is going to E3 as press! Spazzy_D has mentioned this before on SmashBoards, but we haven’t officially announced it on the site. SmashChu might also be going (his application is still in process). Since E3 is quite expensive to attend (even as press), we will be trying to raise money. We might sell some t-shirts, or set up a GoFundMe page. Stay tuned for more details.

Lastly, I wanted to break down the costs of Source Gaming so far, and where we stand financially. I think it’s important to have this transparency, as all the money we are receiving has been from Patreon. Since you guys are invested in us (or at least supporting us!), this kind of transparency should be expected.  

Cost of the First Year Hosting: 86.27 USD
WordPress Direct (So links would redirect to the proper site): 13 USD
Cost of the Second Year Hosting: 216.59 USD
Famitsu Magazine’s: 2,800 JPY (24.63 USD)
Other Magazines: 1143 JPY (10.05 USD)
Sakurai’s Books: 5,660 JPY (49.78 USD)

Total: 400.32 USD 2016-03-31 00-09-47

Of course, this isn’t including the cost of microphones, or money that other people have spent for their own equipment/ software.

From Patreon we have raised 183.84 USD so far! We don’t run ads on the site, and we don’t have any partnerships. Therefore, the Patreon is the only source of income for SG.

So that means we have 216.48 USD to go until we break even (with the expenses as of writing)! Currently, we are raising 72 USD a month. This means after 3 months, we can start to build a reserve for next year. If you want to help us out, please consider pledging! The more money we raise, the more we can continue to invest into the site and better the user experience for you guys. I’d like to look into purchasing software that would help us with graphics and video editing next.

As always, let us know in the comments if you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or whatever!

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  1. About the Nintendo Direct retweet. This is 2016, not 2015. Almost believed it for a second, though. Nice April Fool’s joke, though. (even though today is March 31…)

    DekZek on March 31 |