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The Case for Mercedes-Benz

Case for Mercedes Benz

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. Ever since Source Gaming began its “Case for Smash” series, one suggestion has come up time and time again. I have had, in fact, many offers to write guest articles for this particular character… but the truth is I really wanted a chance to write this article myself. On top of that, I can’t just trust anyone to truly appreciate the marvel of modern German engineering. But enough small talk! It’s time for Mercedes Benz to wreck the competition!

Character Background:  

Cars. They’re everywhere. They’re the second most common mode of transport in the world, and they’re also arguably the worst Pixar movie. In addition to that, cars are pretty f’n cool. This coolness has often been reflected in the video game world, beginning with games like 1974’s Speed Race and continuing with things such as Sony’s best selling Gran Turismo franchise. One of the best selling game series of all time, Grand Theft Auto, only sells as many copies as it does because it has the term “Auto” in it’s title.

Did we mention this movie sucks?

So, cars are rad. Nothing new there. But the best cars, are, by comparison, super rad. Which leads us to Mercedes-Benz.  The company’s slogan  is “the best or nothing.” You don’t just make that sort of statement unless you KNOW you’re the best. So, if you follow the logic, Mercedes-Benz cars are super rad.

It should be noted that Mercedes-Benz has a strong legacy and is still super relevant in the market. The first petrol powered car was developed by Karl Benz way back in 1886, and the brand currently has one of the highest automotive quality rankings in the world. Mercedes Benz is not some flash in the pan, flavor of the month, some other cliche saying, newcomer. They’re way too big for that!

Reasons for inclusion:

Now imagine how much cooler this would be with a luxury vehicle!

We’ve already briefly discussed just how amazing Mercedes-Benz really is. It really has everything you look for in a Smash Bros. character…. legacy, unique appearance (those sexy leather seats, tho!), moveset potential, and, of course, importance to Nintendo. Mercedes-Benz was the very first DLC announced for Mario Kart 8. When that happened, I, like all of you, shed the manliest of tears. Finally, the dream crossover none of thought would happen was real! I could barely believe it! The only problem with is was that it made the rest of the DLC boring by comparison. Link? Really? How can that Hylian hack hope to compete with the pinnacle of German craftsmanship! Mercedes-Benz also made an appearance in Mario Maker as the only costume that was worth a damn.

In addition to this, Smash is really lagging behind in the competitive car fighter department. 1996’s Fighter’s Mega Mix, widely regarded as Super Smash Bros. chief rival, has had a playable car fighter for years! Really, it’s the Daytona Race Car (Hornet) that keeps that game alive in the competitive fighting game community to this very day. Isn’t about time Smash gets in on that automotive action?

Reasons for exclusion:

Red ones go faster. It’s science.

Um, none? I guess, if I really had to point something out, it’s that Mercedes-Benz might be TOO obvious of a newcomer. We know Sakurai likes his surprises, after all. Still, even he has his limits. I think he knows that their would be rioting in the streets if he unfairly skipped over Mercedes-Benz for Lexus or BMW.

That leads to another issue….  Mercedes-Benz is almost too amazing for Smash. I mean, really, where do you go after you introduce the ultimate newcomer? It would really have to be an addition to the final Smash Bros. for that very reason. It might also be hard to pick an exact make and model to include as the amount of high quality options is staggering.


Whatever you want, Mercedes-Benz comes equipped with digital audio input, bluetooth compatibility, and even on board XM radio! Plus, as a German company it should certainly have access to the music of Popul Vuh, right? That makes basic logical sense, surely.

I wouldn’t want to leave you video less, however, so here’s the best commercial ever instead:



  1. This is the content I come for

    Boy on April 1 |
  2. I can’t wait to see “The case for Home Depot” next. I have been asking for Home Depot to be a playable character in Smash for years. Home Depot will always be relevant since I could always use a new coat of paint for my house, and it is instantly regonizable and iconic among the home decor industry. Home Depot would also have a very unique moveset with his stepladder tilts and fan up-B. People think I’m crazy, but I know that SourceGaming can write a compelling article for why Home Depot deserves to be in Super Smash Bros.

    Handy Man on April 1 |
  3. I think Mercedes-Benz has a shot to be in the next Smash. A bigger chance than Bigley, Shrek and Goku combined. I mean who can a sleeker body than that mysterious bounty hunter, the horsepower that could be faster than that annoying blue hedgehog and the packed in tech that’s better than that outdated R.O.B.

    Chris.W on April 1 |
  4. But what about the amazing moveset? You can’t just leave everyone hanging like that!

    delzethin on April 1 |
  5. No music?

    The sad part is that Sakurai would add Ridley over Mercedes-Benz who made more appearances than Ridley on Wii U.

    Ar on April 2 |
  6. No music? 0/0

    Ar on April 2 |
  7. (lol, sorry, I thought the first one didn’t worked because of my internet, plz, delete those last two)

    Ar on April 2 |
  8. Yeah, the Daytona Car was the unexpected one back then, even it referred it as a “character”, and I got cracked up. (lol)

    Keni Y Yamamoto on April 2 |
    • Whoops!! Wrong name!!

      zoniken on April 2 |