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Top 10 Things in Mario

Top 10 Thing in Mario


Another day, another listicles! We rounded up the top 10 things in Mario. Only gamers will enjoy this list!


 10. Mario


Gotta get this guy out of the way. Without him there wouldn’t be Mario #AmIRite?

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  1. I got to page three, wondering what sadist would make a top 10 list across ten pages, before reading page three and realising “oh, this is a buzzfeed parody”.

    InfinityAlex on April 1 |
  2. Beautiful Articles as always guys. 10/10

    aguchamp33 on April 1 |
  3. 5 is Chaoji Maliou Shijie

    Source: Native Chinese

    Logo on April 1 |
    • Yup, “Shijie” means “World”. “Shiji” means “century”.

      Zowayix on April 2 |
      • Chinese speaker here also. 🙂

        Zowayix on April 2 |
    • Will fix it when I get home, thanks!

      Source Gaming Team on April 2 |
  4. Is the picture in #7 from the SMB3 ROM hack Mario Adventure? I recognize its custom graphics.

    Zowayix on April 2 |