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March 2016 Review

March 2016 Review

March saw a lot of new things. A lot of games were released, Sakurai held a live stream and we upgraded the site thanks to our patrons! In March, we published 65 articles which equals out to 2 per day. The site continues to expand and have a bigger presence. I’m excited for the future of Source Gaming as we have a lot of interesting things in the pipeline — including reports from E3! The February Review can be read here. The Favicon and Twitter icons were updated by Nirbion! Thanks Nirbion!

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Videos and Podcasts (8):

Character Corner: Metroid – Con0rrr and LIQUID12A discuss what characters from Metroid have a chance of joining Smash.

SourceCast #9 — Pokemon 20th Anniversary – NintenDaan joins as a special guest as Nantendo, PushDustIn and Con0rrr discuss Pokemon and our history with the monster catching franchise.
10 Misconceptions in Smash – PushDustIn discusses 10 Misconceptions in Smash, and debunks them!
SourceCast #10 — Translation and Localization  – Brian Edwards (BriHard), Jared (Avalanche Reviews) and PushDustIn discuss localization and censorship in this hour forty minute podcast. The full show notes can be read here, with timestamps for certain topics. Check it out!

HWL Review Video
Hyrule Warriors: Legends Review  – A video review of Hyrule Warriors: Legends by PushDustIn. If you are on the fence about the game, check out this review!
Nintendo NX Controller LEAKED?! – Discussion Video – This “leak” was later revealed to be a fake. However, we discuss a lot of other things like how tactile buttons could work.
SourceCast #10 Highlight: When is it Censorship? – A highlight of SourceCast #10 in which Brian, Jared and PushDustIn discuss localization and censorship.

CHaracter Corner DK
Character Corner: Donkey Kong – Con0rrr and Nantendo discuss what characters from Donkey Kong could join Smash.


Translations (8):

Sakurai Famitsu Column Vol. 309: Pre-Bayonetta, Post-Bayonetta – In this older Famitsu Column, Sakurai discusses the importance of Bayonetta to gaming as a whole. Translated by Soma.

aMSa Famitsu Interview – aMSa discusses being a professional Smash player in this interview! Translation by Soma!
News Flash! Smash Bros Dojo: Control Scheme (Melee Site Translation) Sakurai outlines the control scheme for Melee. Translation by Soma.
Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma Story/ Character info from Famitsu – Soma translates new information about Zero Escape from Famitsu!
Eiji Aonuma Interview about Zelda: TP HD – Soma translates an interview in which Aonuma discusses Twilight Princess: HD and briefly talks about Zelda Wii U.

Sakurai Briefly Discusses Smash as an eSport
– Sakurai answers a question in his reader response column concerning Smash as an eSport. Translation by Soma.
“It Can’t Be Undone” – Sakurai’s Famitsu Column about Dark Souls SutaMen translates this older column detailing Sakurai’s thoughts on the first Dark Souls game.
Sakurai’s Interview with Nintendo Dengeki (Feb 2015)  Sakurai answers a number of questions from this older interview about Smash 4. He discusses his philosophy on Smash, custom balancing, and his approach to designing classic mode on the 3DS and Wii U. Translation by Soma.


Articles (24):

Mario Kart: Featuring Nintendo Roster – Nantendo, Spazzy_D and TheAnvil discuss what the roster may look like if Mario Kart became a Nintendo-centric racer.

Source Gaming — February Review
– PushDustIn reviews the previous month, providing additional information about the site.
Nintendo Direct: All Regions Summary – The SG Team gives a summary of all the Nintendo Directs, and what was shown.
March 2016 Nintendo Direct Discussion – The SG Team discuss their thoughts on the March 2016 direct.
Case for: Farmer (Harvest Moon)
– Spazzy_D discusses what factors may help, or dissaude the Farmer (from Harvest Moon) from getting into Smash.
SG Choice 15 – Absent titles from Each Console Generation – The Source Gaming team discuss what titles were missing from each generation.
Fire Emblem: Fates(Birthright) Review – LIQUID12A reviews Fire Emblem: Fates (Birthright) for the 3DS!
Sakurai Live Stream Recap – Soma, SutaMen and PushDustIn provide a summary of Sakurai’s Live Stream and what was discussed!
SG Choice 16 – Favorite Mario Enemies – For Mar10 Day, the SG Team (and special guest Oliver from Minus World) discuss their favorite Mario enemies!

Sources for #SmashTrivia – #1-50
– Frostwraith, PushDustIn and Soma provide sources for the first 50 #SmashTrivia. Check them out to learn a thing or two!
On Proper Sourcing – PushDustIn discusses how sites should source, and the reason it’s so important.
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Review – TheAnvil and Nantendo review the remastered version of Twilight Princess for the Wii U.
An overview of ALL Nintendo IP IN Super Smash Bros – Nantendo breaks down series representation that’s included in Smash Bros., in this incredibly detailed list.

Nintendo Ip NOT Smash
An overview of ALL Nintendo IP NOT IN Super Smash Bros
– After breaking down which series are in Smash, Nantendo shows the series that AREN’T in Smash.
Miitomo Impressions – PushDustIn gives his impressions of Miitomo after using it!
10 Misconceptions in Smash – PushDustIn discusses 10 Misconceptions in Smash, and debunks them!
SG Choice #19: Favorite Pokémon – The Source Gaming team discuss their favorite Pokemon and why.
Review: The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Vol. 1 – PushDustIn reviews The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers after a patron suggested it!
The Spinners of Time in Twilight Princess
Misinformation disseminates
How Misinformation Disseminates
– Soma discusses what Yuji Naka meant at the panel, and shows how quotes can easily be taken out of context.
End of the Wii U – SmashChu discusses the early death of the Wii U.
Dream Smashers: Elma – Nantendo discusses how Elma could work in Smash.
Pokkén Tournament Review  – TheAnvil reviews Pokken Tournament for the Wii U.

Visiting Platinum Games
–  PushDustIn recounts his visit to Platinum Games, where he met Hideki Kamiya!

Guest Posts (4):
Case for Phoenix Wright – HandyMan discusses why Pheonix Wright should join Smash, and some of the objections he may face.
Snake in Memoriam – Jedisquidward discusses what Snake brought to Smash, and why he will be missed.
Case for Jibanyan – Zoniken talks about the breakout star of Yo-kai Watch and what he could bring to Smash.
Dream Smashers: Lark (Pilotwings) – smashkirby breaks down how Lark could work in Smash.


Site (6):

Upcoming SourceCast: Pokemon 20th Anniversary with NintenDaan – Quick announcement that NintenDaan was joining SourceCast #9! We had a lot of fun recording that podcast!
The Site Has Been Upgraded! – The site upgraded was funded by our patrons! Thank you so much for your support!
Reminder: Sakurai Live Stream is Tomorrow! – Just a quick reminder that the live stream was happening.

Guidelines for Dream Smashers Guest Posts
– Article by Nantendo. Nantendo discusses what criteria Dream Smasher guest articles need to follow. Please review this, and the Guest Posting Guidelines before submitting an article to us!

Our 500th Post! – Article by the Source Gaming team. We list off our favorite articles from the site, and why we enjoyed them.
Patreon Updated (March) – An update for our current (and future Patrons). How the money raised by the Patreon is being used.

Featured Content (15):

featured content
Good Localization: Nintendo Pocket Football Club – NintenDaan breaks down an example of good localization.
Sceptile has been Smashified! – To celebrate Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, the team over at Smashified took to creating one of the most highly requested Pokemon for Super Smash Bros: Sceptile!
Overview of February Pokken News – Delzethin breaks down the Pokken news from February.
Is this the Last Console Generation? – Adam Koralik looks at the industry trends to see why this might be the last console generation.
Why Cut Content is Localized – BriHard discusses why some content that is removed may end up being localized.
Classic Game Room Review of the RetroGEN Adapter – Mark from the Classic Game Room reviews a device for the SNES that allows Genesis games to be played!
Attack of the Famiclones! – Which Famiclone is the best? Check out this review!
White Noise Online feat. The Surge Concept – The Surge Concept sees how long he can survive in a horror game!
History of the Nintendo DSi Browser Community – Think you know the history of the DSi Browser? Think again!
The History of StarTropics – A breakdown of StarTropics.
Superman’s Cancelled Open World Game (Unseen 64) – Tamaki discusses a lost Superman game.


…and the featured comments!
Featured Comments #9
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Stats for March 2016

118, 567 views

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    4. “Don’t Need This, Don’t Need That” – Sakurai’s Famitsu Column, Vol. 485
    5. Reminder: Sakurai Live Stream is Tomorrow!

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  1. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Review
  2. Our 500th Post!
  3. Review: The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Vol. 1
  4. Miitomo Impressions
  5. Guidelines for Dream Smashers Guest Posts

As always you can follow Source Gaming, and support us on Patreon. Let us know which pieces you enjoyed/ didn’t like in the comments below!

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