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Another week of comments!

This post contains comments from March 27th-April 2nd! Hope you guys enjoyed our April Fools posts!


Nice article! I too was confused that they went for FE instead of XCX for a recent game newcomer. For your neutral specials, Side Slash doesn’t scale with low HP in XCX; I don’t know if you had that intentionally to mirror Electric Surge (which is Ether-element for some reason) or not. For the Final Smash, no G-Buster for the Verus Cain, 0/10 lol :P.

I’m personally more in the Cross camp myself (the name is from some JP promotional footage; he has no confirmed official name besides the nickname of Rook, so who knows what he’d be called in Smash) because he can use every weapon. I’d personally see a XCX character using a weapon-switching mechanic (probably with a special like Bambam said) but your TP idea is cool too.

I believe that Sakurai would go for Cross before Elma because Sakurai has picked avatars that aren’t the true main character (Robin) and have little personality so that the player can determine it themselves (Villager, Pokémon Trainer). Cross is also more important in gameplay, as he’s always required to be in the party and Elma isn’t, and Cross is the one doing everything outside of the main Lifehold plot (including multiplayer, which allows only Cross), and this content makes up most of one’s playtime. The only way I can see Elma getting picked first is if XCX2 is out in time for Smash 5 and both Cross and avatars in general are gone and Elma is still important. —Dream Smashers – Elma

Personally, I think Elma and Cross would have an equal shot. Chrom was almost selected over Robin, it’s just that Chrom’s moveset was too similar to Marth and Ike so he couldn’t stand out. Moveset potential does matter!

Chris W.

I feel that it’s necessary to have a 5~ year cycle with consoles but at the same time, technology grows rapidly. Playstation 4.5 from what I’ve heard exists and maybe there’s something with the Xbox one as well. However those are part of the existing generation. Having been with my Wii U system since launch, I think I’m ready for the new console from Nintendo even though I’m looking forward to ward Star Fox Zero and Color Splash. —The End of the Wii U

Personally, I’m a little sad to see the console generation over so soon, but I can understand why Nintendo wants to move on. The Wii U hasn’t been successful, and even SmashMario Kart, Splatoon and Mario Maker weren’t enough to push more console sales. It’s too bad. I can see the Wii U being the second GameCube, and gain a huge following several years from now.


“We won’t become a rumor posting site, but there’s no denying that’s what a lot of people are interested in.”

That is what is sad about Gamexplain now. In one of their old videos they said they don’t get involved in leaks or rumours but now they seem to report every single report in a video. Even if something is likely to happen I still won’t take it seriously until Nintendo confirms it.

I warned a lot of people not to listen to those Star Fox Zero rumours and was proven right. The only real source I saw was correct was the one who leaked Devil’s Third being verified when Lost Reavers was named. —Featured Comments

Yeah…it’s sad…it’s the same thing with clickbait. People complain about it, but then they don’t click on articles that aren’t clickbait. Or they won’t share them. A huge part of what drives most content creators is demand. Without an audience, you might as well be talking to yourself. With Source Gaming, we don’t run ads, and we don’t actively make a profit off the site. Because of this, we have a freedom over what we write and publish — it’s a hobby for all of us. This can be good, as we are free to write whatever we may like, but at the same time people might not be interested in what we talk about. So, we try to find a balance…but it’s difficult.


funny, people forgetting KI’s former name is literally “Myth of Light: The Mirror of Palutena”. same for the sequel.

she’s the Zelda of the entire series, yet people think Eggplant Wizard (a mid-ranked mook under Medusa & Hades’ rule) makes more sense due to his reappearances and spotlight in western media like Captain N.

i’ll never get roster fans. —Semi-old Sakurai interview, covering custom moves, version differences, balancing, and more!

Completely agree with you. Personally, I’m a strong supporter for 9-Volt, but I know that Ashley would make 100% more sense as the next WarioWare representative. It’s just that Ashley is more of a breakout character. I find it a little funny that Black Mage had such a huge outcry, but Sakurai has never once even mentioned him. Eggplant / Palutena relationship is essentially the same as Black Mage/ Cloud.


I got to page three, wondering what sadist would make a top 10 list across ten pages, before reading page three and realising “oh, this is a buzzfeed parody”.  —Top 10 Things in Mario

The original idea for this article came via a company contacting us for Sponsored Content on Source Gaming (I don’t know what company we would have actually promoted). They suggested several article ideas…one of them being Top 10 Things in Mario. The idea was so absurd to me, I knew I had to do it for an April Fools Day gag. For the record, we haven’t accepted any sponsored content.

The Case for Mercedes Benz was a recurring joke with the staff. We added it the posting lineup, and kept delaying it until we decided to post it as an April Fools day article. I think it was on the posting lineup for over three months!  We originally planned on making the Top 10 Things in Mario as a video, but life got in the way.

Another fun fact is that I had no idea about the Cooking with Conn0r video! This is why he kept saying not to tell me. I was a little confused when I woke up!


So there are
two shoved ice for Ice Climbers
Canine teeth for Wolf(?)
Crocodile skin for K Rool
Dragon Scale for Ridley(?)
And possibly some reference to FE with either one or both of the red hot fires

What are the other ones referring to? —Sakurai’s Secret Sauce

100 tomatoes, crushed    -> The Maxim Tomato heals 100%
3 cups of Red Hot Fire™ sauce -> 3 Fire Emblem Characters
Shaved Ice (2 cubes) -> Ice Climbers being cut
1 cup chopped Fox Tails  -> Fox (set up for the next one)
1/4 cup chopped Canine Teeth -> Wolf, being a semi-clone (should have done a better job differianting the measurements)
1 tablespoon of Baby Tears -> Salt
5 cups of water -> 5 Games (Smash 64, Melee, Brawl, 3DS and Wii U)
2 cups of Red Hot Fire™ sauce -> 2 Fire Emblem Characters as DLC
Leftovers of a Peanut Butter Sandwich -> Etika’s nuts
Crocodile Skin -> King K. Rool
A gallon of Dragon Scales -> Ridley
1 Plucked Black Chicken Breast -> Dark Pit (Black Pit in Japanese)
2,500 mg of table salt -> A deadly amount of salt.

Reading over the second page should make some of these more obvious.

Crushing the tomatoes will take some time, so it’s best to outsource the crushing to another team. Even if the team doesn’t have experience crushing tomatoes -> Brawl being made by Game Arts.

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  1. In response to that first comment, I originally thought Pit was gonna have a weapon switching mechanic since he had 9 weapons to work with from Uprising. I would like to see a character like that, though I’ve yet to play XCX to know what it’d be like.

    Spiral on April 5 |
    • Weapon switching would probably fall under transformations, though, since they can create such drastic changes to a character’s moveset!

      delzethin on April 5 |
      • Makes sense. Unless the character had pretty generic attacks (for example, think of Olimar. If each Pikmin counted as a different ‘weapon’, each of Olimar’s attacks has to be generic enough to allow for each Pikmin), then all of the normal attacks and specials would change on a weapon switch. If a character does get into Smash with a weapon switching mechanic, it would probably only be between 2 different weapons. The next Smash game probably won’t be developed with the limitations of the 3DS in consideration either; if anything, if a new portable Smash game is made alongside the rumored Smash NX (unlikely, but hypothetically), it would be on the N3DS, which would probably be strong enough to handle transforming characters.

        Spiral on April 6 |
        • I’d imagine Cross’s theoretical weapon switching as him having “ranged” and “melee” modes. Cross would use an assault rifle for normal moves in ranged mode and a knife in melee mode. Each special would use a weapon from XCX, and Cross would switch to melee mode if the special uses a melee weapon and to ranged mode if it uses a ranged weapon. Including customs, there are enough special slots for each weapon in XCX minus the Multigun to have a special move.

          Nintendrone on April 6 |
    • I have thought of the idea before so maybe it will appear in an upcoming dream smashers, or at least something similar. You will have to wait and see…

      Nantendo on April 5 |
  2. Ugh, do you guys really think Wolf was a semi-clone too, you guys should know better! Oh, and there were more than 3 Fire Emblem characters in the base game, and Maxim tomatoes heal 50%.

    Arthur 97 on April 5 |
    • According to this (, Wolf shares only 28.2% of his animations with Fox, which is way less than any semi-clone. For 3 FE characters, they may have not counted Lucina because she’s Marth, but then again Dark Pit is in there. Maxim Tomatoes heal 100% in Smash 64 and all of Kirby’s health in his own series, so that’s probably why they mixed up its value.

      Nintendrone on April 6 |
  3. Right, my comment got featured!… The one I made at April fools.

    Didn’t even notice there’s a second page feature until the Top 10 buzzfeed parody. It’s a fun guess tho lol

    Logo on April 6 |