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Interview with Gaming Reinvented!

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Recently, some of our staff at Source Gaming had the pleasure of getting interviewed by the website Gaming Reinvented. This interview provides the history of this site from it’s humble beginnings and the many sources it was inspired from! It also provides a unique perspective from the authors who went through the many leaks/rumors that Smash has to offer. It’s an interesting interview that we highly recommend you check out!

Link to the interview can be found here.

We would also like to thank Gaming Reinvented for organizing this interview and having us on their site. So be sure to check out their site as well!

The writers/translators featured in the interview are:


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You can check out the articles these writers and translators have worked on by clicking on their icons above. If you want more Source Gaming, you can follow us on twitter for regular updates and special trivia about the history of Smash!

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  1. Nice interview. : )

    Ar on April 11 |
  2. Ah, and… Soma always want to say how much he doesn’t care about something or Nintendo characters when he has the chance lol. It feels kinda weird.

    Ar on April 11 |
    • It does feel weird, ’cause this is a Smash-focused site which is about as Nintendo as Nintendo gets, but maybe that says something about Smash; it can pull even non-fans in? Not just the game, but the community around it.

      Spiral on April 12 |