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SG Choice: What Crossover do you Want?


There have been a number of crossovers lately: Zelda and Dynasty Warriors, Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem, F-Zero and Mario Kart 8 , Project X-Zone 2 and a lot more. We thought we would come together and discuss what crossovers we would like to see happen in the future. Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below what you would like to see.



League of Legends (or DoTa2) and a variety of Nintendo IPs would be interesting. The champions could be a variety of Nintendo characters, and have unique abilities to them. Mario could shoot out fireballs, Takamaru could use his sword, and Tom Nook could summon buildings from Animal Crossing. It would be a neat concept, and I think it has a lot of potential. The creeps could be common enemies from Mario and Zelda and the arenas can be skinned on a variety of worlds. As a fan of crossover games, I would buy this instantly.



I have a bit of a different take on this. I have typically written about Super Smash Bros. Focusing on Nintendo instead of third party companies, but that doesn’t mean I hate those companies and their series. I’m actually a huge fan of Sega, and what I’d like to see is a Sega Smash Bros. Sega, like Nintendo, has a plethora of unique and interesting IPs, from Phantasy Star, Puyo Pop, Virtual Fighter, Super Monkey Ball, and, of course, Sonic the Hedgehog. This game can give a different feel to Super Smash Bros and fun game in between typical Smash Bros. game. One of the elements that makes Super Smash Bros. great is its ability to bring so many interesting worlds and characters, so why not let Sega join the battle?


One crossover I would love to see is a platformer that stars both Mario and Crash Bandicoot. While the most commonly requested crossover is usually between Mario and Sonic, one with both Nintendo’s mascot as well as Sony’s old, infamous, mascot would be a sight to behold. Each have unique elements in their respective worlds that would suit well for this kind of crossover. Having Mario get invincible with Ooga Booga would be frankly awesome.


2015-12-30 (1)

 Not necessarily a crossover… but I’d love to see a certain Nintendo series tackle an extremely popular genre.

I want to see a new F-Zero game… in a 3rd Person Open World action environment. I’m talking GTA with Captain Falcon.

Now hear me out… in this game you would play as The Captain’s Smash Bros. personality. You would go through the streets of Mute City fighting crime on foot. When criminals jump in vehicles to get away… the game’s racing/driving mechanics take straight from classic F-Zero.

You would be able to upgrade Captain Falcon’s moves in an ability point system. He would use popular Smash moves like Falcon Punch to destroy enemies. The point of the game is that you are OP. You’re THE CAPTAIN. You beat up criminals and save the city.



One of the things that I thought about when the topic first came up was that many of these crossovers are, to put it mildly, unexpected. But that’s what makes them exciting; they can show off parts of these franchises we wouldn’t recognize otherwise. I’d like something that did that, so I’m going to say that Super Smash Bros. should leverage its impressive array of properties and own brand into an grand RPG spinoff, joining with either the turn and team-based combat of classic Paper Mario or the action RPGs of Bioware series like Mass Effect (with that series’ cast potentially along for the ride). I liked “the Subspace Emissary,” but it’s no longer feasible for Smash to make a satisfying story mode. But a spinoff would help alleviate that, allowing what may be the biggest crossover in the medium (give or take a MUGEN) to tell a goofy, expansive story. New gameplay could potentially also allow us to see Smash in a totally new light. And while this could exist as just a spinoff using the Smash engine, I think a crossover would allow us to reconsider some of the series’ most accepted mechanical tropes.



The Theatrhythm series has a lot of crossover potential. After the lovely Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (and sequel), there was also Theatrhythm: Dragon Quest. I would personally love to see Theatrhythm: Fire Emblem –but that opens doors to so much more. Pokémon, Zelda, Mario… there are plenty of Nintendo series up there with wonderful soundtracks, characters, and lore. For games that have less titles in their series (Kid Icarus, F-Zero, Custom Robo, etc), there can be a general “Theatrhythm: Nintendo” I suppose!

There are so many other ideas I would love to talk about, but the above is probably my favorite of them.



I’d be up for more Dynasty Warriors-style spinoffs using other Nintendo IPs.  Hyrule Warriors has shown how stellarly it can be done, and other Nintendo franchises could bring a lot of new things to the formula.  Fire Emblem would be an obvious one, with its wartime fantasy settings and massive cast of characters, and using Einherjar and the Outrealms could even give it a canonical reason to exist!  The HW development team also expressed half-serious interest in a Warriors spinoff using Super Mario characters, an absurd idea that they acknowledged would actually work pretty well.  Maybe even a Pokémon Warriors, if all parties involved are okay with it?  After all, we know soldiers from its universe’s history went to war with their Pokémon companions by their sides…



To the surprise of perhaps nobody, Banjo Kazooie would be the first IP that popped into my head, so it’s pretty much a case of “who would I most like to see them cross over with”? They’ve already met Diddy Kong, Conker and Sonic (among others)… This is pretty much a no brainer for me. Banjo-Kazooie meets Mario. Characters who are very possibly the most endearing 3d platforming icons in gaming history meeting in a game that blends elements from both, would go down very nicely.



Mario has often been thrown into the realm of spin-off games and crossovers but it appears in recent years that Zelda may go this way as well. With Hyrule Warriors, the old Tingle games, Link in Mario Kart and debatably the Four Swords/Triforce Heroes games it seems like Nintendo has no problem putting Link and friends in non-traditional Zelda games and so one idea I think might be good for Nintendo to tackle is the turn-based JRPG series. Mario has tackled this with both the old Paper Mario games and the Mario & Luigi series so now it is time for Link to take the stage. Just imagine a traditional Final Fantasy style game with a party made up of recognizable Zelda character. Link as the hero, Zelda as the white mage, Midna as the black mage and Impa as the warrior are just some of the ways Nintendo (& Square Enix) could fuse the to IP together. Of course, the game would have to be known as Hyrule Fantasy, an obvious fusion of Hyrule and Final Fantasy but also a sly nod to it’s original japanese name.



The currently established world of Xenoblade Chronicles X would lend itself perfectly to a Metroid crossover. If you watched the November 2015 Nintendo Direct, then chances are you remember Metroid being cited as an inspiration for the game. When you think about it, XCX has a few elements of Metroidvania, being a massive world(coincidentally, with a lot of similar backdrops to the first Metroid Prime; nature, desert, lava and ice lands) with places you can’t explore until you get the right upgrades(i.e. a Skell and later the flight module), swarming with massive creatures and a conflict vs an opposing alien faction, the difference being that XCX’s faction is led by Jabba The Hutt as opposed to a brain and ridley big space dragon.

Provided it’s handled carefully, the possibilities are numerous. How about a Skell-based fight against Meta Ridley or Kraid? Maybe an XCX styled recreation of the Omega Pirate? Just thinking of these ideas makes me giddy.

  1. This is cheating a bit, but I want a Subspace Emissary 2, the main difference being that everyone who can talk does, simply for the story opportunities. Imagine Sonic making some boss banter, or the two Robins working together to devise a strategy with other heroes, or having Kirby fight an eldritch abomination in the form of Sephiroth, the One Winged Angel himself!

    InfinityAlex on April 10 |
    • Kirby would win, obviously.

      Arthur 97 on April 10 |
  2. Mario and Sonic in a sort of Sonic Generations style where they have their own play styles with different looks to match the world they are in could be fun.

    Arthur 97 on April 10 |
  3. Fire Emblem X Smash Bros.

    Wait a second, that already exists.

    J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on April 10 |
  4. I would honestly want a platformer crossover with many platform legends like Rayman, Mario and Sonic each having their different playstyles but a shared adventure

    Ikke on April 10 |
  5. Ooga Booga? I assume they meant Aku Aku. A lot of people seem to call him by the sound he makes lol, I didn’t find out his actual name until recently myself.

  6. Not going to lie, I’d LOVE to see Nintendo vs. Capcom. I mean, with a certain multi-million dollar getting in the way of Marvel vs. Capcom 4, this would serve to be the perfect replacement, IMO. Honestly, I’m amazed it hasn’t happened yet! Not to mention Yoshinori Ono recently stating that he’d love to work on that!

    smashkirby on April 10 |
  7. Everything x Everything in a Super Smash Bros. style game. I’m talking about everything.

    Bob on April 10 |
  8. I’ve been wanting a crossover between Mario and Sonic for a very long time, and I don’t mean something like the Olympic Games series. I mean a platformer that takes what makes each series great and mixes it together. Besides that, to give a non-Nintendo answer, I’ve been hoping to see a crossover between the Rachet and Clank series with the Jak and Daxter series, as I’m a huge fan of both. I think they could fit well together in some sort of co-op adventure where one player controls Ratchet and the other controls Jak (you’d most likely see a solo adventure where you can switch between the two, but I can dream). To give a more unorthodox answer… Pikmin and an RTS series, let’s say something like Age of Empires. Pikmin already has RTS elements when you think about it; you gather resources to build an army and defeat enemies, it’s just structured in a single-player format. If they expanded the concept to some sort of competitive multiplayer game like they had in Pikmin 2, I think it could be really interesting to play. You might have to mess around with the controls and introduce new Pikmin types, but that oughta be simple enough.

    Spiral on April 10 |
    • I forgot to mention, I would absolutely LOVE a Theatrhythm game for just about any Nintendo series, I already have so many hours logged into Curtain Call that I’d feel right at home conducting some Pokemon or Zelda music. To take that idea a bit further: obviously, the main focus is the rhythm game, but there was the sub-games where you were either running along a field, watching a cutscene, or the main focus, battling monsters, and your success in the rhythm game dictated how well you did in that. If it was a Pokemon Theatrhythm, you could probably catch Pokemon while playing field music, and battle them while playing battle music. In a Zelda one, maybe you could even somehow explore dungeons in the background while playing the rhythm game. There’s a lot of room for creative design here, and I really would want to see any of those actually happen.

      Spiral on April 10 |
  9. That Hyrule fantasy idea sounds golden.

    aguchamp33 on April 10 |
  10. I’d like something with Castlevania realy bad… It could be a Belmont character in a Smash Brothers game, Alucard in playstation all-stars battle royale… or castlevania and legacy of kain characters as guests in a soul calibur game

    Daniel Diehl on April 10 |
  11. I would want to see a crossover between the Pikmin series and Chibi-Robo. The gameplay would involve more of the Pikmin formula but have Chibi-Robo be put in some elements as both series involve small characters in big adventures. Since both series also involve a time-limited feature there can be some potential. If Pikmin 4 is coming soon, then Nintendo could expand more on the environments as well as put Chibi-Robo in one more game.

    Chris.W on April 10 |
  12. To be more serious, I’ll take Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat.

    J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on April 10 |
  13. Nintendo vs. Capcom would be nice. I also like Delzethin’s idea of a Fire Emblem Warriors game.

    As far as non-Nintendo crossover games goes, I would like a DC vs. Marvel or Square Enix vs. Capcom.

    GreatMeat on April 11 |
    • Alright, Fire Emblem Warriors is happening! ^^

      GreatMeat on January 13 |
  14. How about a Golden Sun x Pokemon game where it’s based on collecting and battling djinn or a Golden Sun game in the style of Kingdom Hearts

    Isaac: Venus Adept on April 11 |
  15. Can I have 10 copies of the GTA and F-Zero idea? Please?

    MaskO' on April 12 |
  16. I want to see Nintendo vs SEGA vs Capcom vs Namco (no Bandai)

    Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, NiGHTS, Ristar, Amigo, Billy Hatcher, Ryu, Demitri, Guy, Edward Falcon, Klonoa, Gilgamesh, Jin Kazama, Taizo Hori, Samus, Yoshi, Fox, Pit, Beat, Ulala, Alex Kidd, Gillius, Viewtiful Joe, Batsu, Jin Saotome, Mappy, Tarosuke, Valkyrie, Mitsurugi, Marth, Ness, Captain Falcon, Ice Climbers, Alis Landale, Ryo Hazama, Vyse, Akira Yuki, Arthur, Strider Hiryu, Hayato Kanzaki, Leo (Red Earth), Bravoman, Wonder Momo, Lloyd Irving, KOS-MOS, Shulk, Bayonetta, Samanosuke Akechi, Kagekyo, etc.

    2071Johnny on April 13 |
  17. This one will probably never happen, but Fire Emblem x Shining(SEGA rpg franchise). Both have their roots in the tactical rpg style of game, and while one abandoned it and switched to the action rpg, the other stuck with it and made it better. I would love to see the two worlds collide in one grand quest, I mean imagine the Dark Dragon and Grima both resurrecting and they form an extremely dangerous army. The game would probably play like a Fire Emblem game but the units you get on your team are the characters from the Shining Franchise and from the Fire Emblem Franchise, as a tribute to fans, they would probably put in characters from the original Shining Force and Shining Force 2 and maybe bring in fan favorites from the new action rpg games like Shining Resonance or Shining Soul. It would be interesting if they also kept in the support system from Fire Emblem to build devastating teams, or in a funny way allow marriages (like trying to imagine anyone trying to support Domingo would be hilarious). Plus I feel some exchanges would be pretty interesting, like seeing the FE characters reactions to Ken or Mae, or see Tiki or Nowi respond to Bleu as if he was a manakete.

    Dot on April 16 |
  18. Wassup Source Gaming! I’ve been absent for a while and trying to catch up commenting on several articles. I’ll explain why I was absent later on…

    This is the interesting article you’ve brought here! I got some 3 ideas of what kind of crossovers I wanna see…

    1. Nintendo have a strong connection with Koei-Tecmo. They’ve brought Takamaru to Samurai Warriors 3, even made a Pokemon and Nobunaga’s Ambition crossover, Hyrule Warriors, and even Yo-kai Sangokushi. They should make more crossovers like Hyrule Warriors, and I think Fire Emblem is the perfect choice. There’s so many protagonists in those series, even with some popular companions and villains too. It’ll be an interesting game if they’ve made a “Fire Emblem Musou”. Not to mention somebody even made a fanart of it too! ( Also they should make more crossovers of the “Warriors” series, which I like to see a Sonic version and maybe a Mega Man version of it too.

    2. Nintendo and Sega have been a great rival companies since the 90’s console wars, and thanks to that they became friends too. I think it’ll be interesting thing if they’ve made a crossover of Nintendo and Sega as a competition game, whether that’ll be a fighting game or anything that’ll do with competition. I really like Mario and Sonic’s crossover battle, but I wanna see something that’s not Olympic-related. Also I would like to see these crossover battles too, like Marth VS Toma (Shining Force IXA), Fox VS Ichiro (Sakura Wars), Kirby VS NiGHTS…there’s lots of possibilities. I wouldn’t mind seeing a crossover RPG game of this like Namco X Capcom too.

    3. Last time, both Sonic and Puyo Puyo have celebrated their 20th Anniversary. The official Sega even chose this fanart ( as their official anniversary picture! Since this year’s their 25th Anniversary, I think they should make a crossover of something. I wouldn’t mind Sonic characters being in Puyo Puyo; that’ll be an interesting crossover that I’d definitely wanna play.

    zoniken on April 17 |
  19. Honestly, all I want is Mario & Kirby. I wrote a slight “mini-article” highlighting my want for a Mario/Kirby Crossover game in the Kirby Subreddit a few months back ( but I still want it to come to fruition some day.

    They’re both franchises I grew up with and love even to this day (Robobot HYPE) so yeah… I want that Mario/Kirby Crossover. The franchises share various visual cues as well so they merge together seamlessly.

    KL-Cobalt on April 24 |
  20. Donkey Kong and Kirby in a Rampage game.

    Ar on August 30 |