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Sakurai on: Balancing Smash [Video]

New Video 2


This is the first video I ever made in Adobe After Effects! It took me about 5 hours as I had to learn how to use the software. Anyway, let me know if you have any suggestions for future videos. I’m going to try to make videos a bit more regularly, and I’d like to improve with each one. I’m thinking about doing some more videos based off our articles as it will expose people them, but the people who prefer to read (like me!) won’t be left out. Let me know if you have any requests in the comments!

This video is based off the article of the same name. If you’ve read that article, you know what the video says (and more, as the video is only the introduction!).



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  1. Is it just me or is this video getting more attention than Source Gaming stuff normally gets.

    Probably just Source Gaming getting more attention because other websites are now bothering to source their stuff to Source Gaming.

    DekZek on April 16 |
    • Videos are easier to feature on other sites than articles. With articles, people need time to read it and write their own summary of it. If it’s a video usually it can be watched and embedded with not that much effort. People in general don’t really want to read. I still think sourcing/ article format is super important, so when I make videos I’ll at least have a write up available (and have it mentioned in the video). The next project has been decided already/ is underway.

      Is Sakurai a Liar? Article actually got a ton of features on non Nintendo sites or at least sites not really known for their Nintendo / Smash coverage. It was weird.

      Source Gaming Team on April 16 |
      • -_- I’ve lost all faith in humanity. But that happens every other week. Welcome to the Internet.

        DekZek on April 21 |