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Should Smash be Ported over the NX? [Discussion Video]

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LIQUID12A, EpicMartin7 and I did a quick discussion video onĀ if Smash should ported over to the NX. We didn’t really discuss the validity of the rumors or not. Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below.

From a business perspective it might make sense as the Wii U version hasn’t sold that much. With Sakurai taking a breather, we aren’t sure if new content will be added either.

Warning: The audio balance isn’t 100% balanced. Sorry about that. I’m still learning how to edit audio/ make videos. Will improve it in the future!

  1. Pros:
    +Would give the NX a boost
    +Potential for more content
    +Buying an NX for Smash could (hopefully) turn out better for those who never bought a Wii U
    +Presumably an efficient use of development resources for Bamco.

    -Would harm Smash 4 sales in the interim until release
    -May force existing owners to double-dip (worst-case scenario)
    -Save data/unlockables from Wii U may not transfer

    Sakurai’s availability
    When the port would be released (I’m guessing 2017 if the persistent Zelda port rumors are true)
    The actual features of the NX

    Overall, I’d say it’s a boon for most people (including current Nintendo fans, who presumably want the NX to succeed). Same goes for the other games rumored to get ports.

    Igiulaw on April 19 |
  2. Yes if they add new content. Maybe port the 3DS version exclusive stuff to the NX version in addition to the Wii U stuff. The safest option, however, would be to add new characters. Ice Climbers, Wolf, and a newcomer like the Inklings would really help the game and the console sell. Making the port makes sense, simply because the NX NEEDS to start off strong.

    I don’t know if I would buy it, though. Wolf would be tempting, but the roster is so bad anyways, I can’t be sure. Ryu, Cloud, and Bayonetta absolutely ruined the game for me.

    AlphaSSB on April 19 |
  3. they said there was gonna be no more DLC…

    doodle on April 19 |
    • A port isn’t DLC, though. It’s a new version of the game on a different platform. Nothing would be added to the 3DS or Wii U Smash games.

      David "Spazzy" Krane on April 19 |
  4. It won’t be called the “NX”. It’s just a codename.

    J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on April 19 |
  5. I still have my doubts that a port will happen, even though I do see some of the benefits now. It does make me wonder if making a port on the NX will end up affecting a future new Smash title for the NX, if Reggie was being literal when he said that Smash was only once a system.

    Spiral on April 20 |