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Dream Smasher: Slippy

Star Fox: Zero is coming out today!! This is the first new Star Fox game since the release of Star Fox Command in 2006. It’s been a while, but Fox and his team have finally returned. Star Fox has become a part of the mythos of gaming, due in part to the steller game play of the SNES and N64 titles and the team’s cheeky, but unforgettable, quotes such as “Do a Barrel Roll.” So far, Super Smash Bros. has only featured team members Fox and Falco with the other members only appearing for banter on Star Fox stages. But Star Fox Zero will release with another game: Star Fox Guard. Originally shown off as Project Guard at E3 2014, the game features players using a security system to defend a mining site from horde of robots. Slippy plays a major role in the game, and using abilities from this game, perhaps it’s finally his chance to join the battle in the next Super Smash Bros.

Who is “Slippy?”

Gimmick: Cameras

Niche: Novice Defender

Star Fox Guard

Slippy is a member of the Star Fox team, an old friend of Fox’s and the team’s mechanic. Although he is a genius with machinery, he can be a bit inept in an Arwing.. In fact, he’s more often known for constantly needing help. Even still, his technical know-how has come in handy numerous times. In the recent short, Star Fox: The Battle Begins, he “whips up” a device, made from General Pepper’s fur, to attracted enemy robots to a blast. Of course, in other Star Fox games, he uses his knowledge to analyze enemies shields, revealing their health to Fox. In Star Fox Guard, he designs the security system the player uses and gives you guidance and assistance as you use it to stop the robot invasion. Its clear Slippy is a key member of the team, which may explain why they keep him around in spite of his constant blunders.

Importance to Series


Slippy from the SNES game

The Star Fox team remains an important part of Nintendo and gaming mythos. Both Star Fox and Star Fox 64 were successful games. Despite the poor performance of the other Star Fox titles, fans still adored the series and waited patiently for its return. The series has a special place in gaming history, and its fun gameplay and cheeky quotes have made it an icon. Google even had a feature where when you typed in “Do a Barrel Roll” into the search engine, the screen would turn.

The Star Fox team remains incredibly popular. Each member has an interesting and unique personality, Slippy included. He’s seen as the resident screw up and sometimes is the target of friendly fire. Many fans don’t like Slippy much, but over the years, he has also has a group of fans that enjoy his more comical antics. Now that Slippy is a major character in Star Fox Guard, stealing the spotlight from even Fox and Falco, he’s become a perfect fit for Super Smash Bros. and a Nintendo icon in his own right.

How He’ll Play:

Slippy’s design is based namely off of Star Fox Guard. In this game, you have to defend a mining site from robotic invaders. In Smash, he takes on the same defensive style using multiple devices to lock-down key locations. The chief among these is the cameras which appear in Star Fox Guard. His design also incorporates on his mechanical genius. Of course, Slippy is a screw-up. He will use a style that’s derived from Fox and Falco’s fighting style, just with a more comical flair. His screw-up style may be more akin to Star Fox Assault where her was seen as more of a goof-ball. Of course, his look in game will be based on Star Fox Zero.


Slippy was very goofy in Star Fox Assult. So some of that seeps into this moveset.

Here are his states

  • Can he crawl: No
  • Can he wall jump: No
  • How many jumps do they have: 2
  • Is there any exclusive abilities he has*: No
  • Weight Class: C+
  • Height Class: Same as Fox
  • Speed Class: D+
  • Is he mirrored when he faces the left: No

Slippy is a bit slower, but has a slightly above average weight. Unlike Fox or Falco, Slippy is ill equipped to rush into the fray. Slippy’s standard attacks are a bit more exaggerated and use his whole body. As such, his attacks are slower but pack a bit more of a punch.  But unlike Fox or Falco, he has a slew of machines (usable with his special moves) to be able to do the work for him. He will be the most comfortable standing back and fighting with the aid of his machines rather than rushing into fights. Essentially, Slippy would be a defensive character, setting up structures and throwing out other items to defend locations. Then when the moment is just right, he can strike for big damage.

As mentioned above, Slippy features his classic screw-up style. So he would have a more comical feel in contrast to Falco and Fox. In some ways, you can consider Slippy like Luigi is to Mario. Slippy will have similar attacks to Fox and Falco but they are less coordinated and awkward. For instance, when trying to perform the signature up-smash, he’ll fall flat on his face. When trying to do a running kick, he’ll fall on his butt. Of course, he won’t be a clone. His special moves are completely different, and he also attacks with a trusty wrench as well.


Slippy as he appears in Star Fox Zero

To play Slippy effectively is to consider how to use his special moves. You should place cameras in key locations to shoot enemies. In a stage like Cornaria, you could place cameras at the bottom, or on top of the fin to make it hard for players to get up. In Temple, you could control the bottom area, giving you somewhat of a defensive base.  Slippy can also use powerful time bombs to corner foes. You can throw them on the lower level of Cornaria to trap foes or to tap foes in Gamer, where they have to chose between your bomb or mama’s gaze. You can also use robots to attacks foes. Use them to take the heat while you fight within the cameras, or join them as you rush into battle. Like Star Fox Guard, you have to have a good sense of the battlefield and place your defenses accordingly.

Alternative Colors

His costumes are pretty standard fare. Many of them are standard color variations while others are based on other characters in the Star Fox universe. I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Slippy alts

Images courteous of Nantendo

  1. His standard costume
  2. A red suit
  3. A yellow and black suit, akin to his outfit in Star Fox Assault
  4. A light blue and white outfit with a pink jacket
  5. A darker suit based on Star Fox Adventures
  6. Slippy is blue, akin to a poisonous frog, with a lighter yellow suit
  7. Slippy is pink, based on Amanda, Slippy’s fiancee, from Star Fox Command
  8. Slippy is orange with a white suit and a black hat, akin to his uncle Grippy


Move   Description
Entrance Slippy flies in in an Arwing, much like Fox and Falco, but he falls on his but as he exits.
Ideal Slippy takes a slightly determined stance, with his arms to his side, and bobbing slightly
Walk Slippy strolls briskly, with his arms at his side
Run  Running Slippy runs like he does in Star Fox 64
Jump Star Fox Assault Jump Slippy keeps his arms to his side and jumps upward, with his legs going slightly out
Double Jump Slippy does a slower front flip
Falling Slippy has his arms out and looks slightly towards the ground.
Duck  Duck  Slippy kneels down, while using his right hand as leverage.
Standard Attacks
A  A_combo Slippy gives a one-two punch, followed by a kick.
Forward Tilt  Forward_tilt Slippy swipes downward with a wrench. The attack is mildly powerful (moreso than other character’s forward tilts)
Forward Smash Slippy whips out a blaster and charges it. Unfortunately, it malfunctions, and explodes right in front of him. Its very powerful, and the explosion size increases the longer you charge it. At fully charged, it can deal up to 20 damage.
Down Tilt  down_titl Slippy extends his leg out, while he uses his arm as balance.
Down Smash  Down_Smash Slippy uses a new weapon, a Disruption. It’s a modification of Fox’s reflector. It releases a pulse from the center, dealing light damage (~7%) and pushing foes away. It materializes around him, so it can hit above him too.
Up Tilt  up_tilt Slippy swings upward with his wrench
Up Smash  Up_smash Slippy goes for the Star Fox’s signature back flip kick. Its stronger than Fox’s, Slippy doesn’t stick the landing and fall right on your stomach. Its strongest in front of you.
Running Attack Slippy goes for a dive kick (akin to Fox’s running attack), but he falls mid way through, falling on his butt.
Neutral Air  Air_nut Slippy does a kick similar to fox, extending his leg out. He holds his legs similarly to Luigi during his neutral air (7%)
Forward Air Slippy swings his wrench downward
Back Air  Back_air Slippy does a back kick, twisting his body to his opposite side. This move lingers a bit more than Fox’s
Up Air Slippy thrust his wrench upward, similar to Cloud’s up air (but not as strong).
Down Air Slippy does a spin similar to Fox and Falco. This move is quite strong but launches foes sideways rather than downward.
Grab Slippy reaches out to grab a foe, but if he misses, he loses his balances slightly then quickly regains it. When running, he stumbles and hops on one foot for a bit before regaining his balance.
Pummel Slippy hits with his wrench
Forward Throw Slippy gives them a backhanded strike with his wrench
Back Throw With both hands, Slippy hurls a foe behind him. Stronger than forward throw
Down Throw Slippy does a belly flop right onto his foe
Up Throw Slippy hurls an opponent upward and smacks them with a wrench. It’s similar to Link’s up throw.
B: Security Camera

Image from thumbnail for Gamexplain video

When you press B, you drop a security camera. If you hold B, the Camera can be moved and placed somewhere else. The camera will fire when it sees someone. Of course, they can be destroyed. You can have up to three out at any time.
Custom 1: Freeze Camera These camera fire freezing mist instead of a laser. They have shorter range and do less damage, but can freeze foes instead.
Custom 2: Charge Camera The cameras charge before firing and will home onto enemies. It takes longer to fire.
Side B: Time Bomb  time_bomb Slippy throws out a time bomb, one of his new inventions (made for Super Smash Bros). This futuristic bomb will count down from 3, 2 and 1 and then explode
Custom 1:Gravity Bomb This bomb has a weaker explosion, but it pulls foes in
Custom 2: 5 Second Bomb This bomb starts out at 5 instead of 3. The explosion is stronger and larger
Up B :Burst Toad  Burst_toad Slippy uses a boost similar to Fox and Falco, but things go haywire. After a short charge, the boost explodes (which is quite powerful) and launches him upward. A more comical version of Fox and Falco’s recovery. It goes higher, but is more chaotic in nature. Slippy himself does damage if he collides with foes, but the real impact is from the explosion that launches him. Its quite powerful, so if you can hit someone with it, it will send them into the stratosphere.
Custom 1: Meteor Toad The explosion is actually a meteor, launching foes downward. He isn’t launched as high, making it weaker as a recovery
Custom 2:Stability Burst Toad His recovery is improved, and he is easier to control. However, there is no explosion , instead a burst that pushes foes away. Slippy himself doesn’t do damage.
Down B: A.T.K Unit

Image taken from gameplay footage from Gamexplain

Slippy has reprogrammed the attack robots in Star Fox Guard to work for him. This robot will run towards other players and try to hit them. If hit, its mid section will get blown off and will continue with its head and feet.
Custom 1: Hi-Ho

Image taken from video footage from Gamexplain

You summon the smaller robot who walk towards foes. This robots will explode near foes, but only takes one hit. If hit, he will bounce and explode.
Custom 2: Rebot Grippy’s robot friend comes out instead. He hops around which will hurt foes for light damage. He can also periodically suck in projectiles and items.
FINAL SMASH: Gyrocoptor Slippy pilots the new Gyrocoptor. He attacks by using the small robot to drop bombs from up high. You can also fire lasers from above. Enemy players can also get on top of the Gryocoptor
Up Taunt Slippy Throws his wrench up and catches it
Forward Taunt Slippy forms his hand like a blaster/gun and “fires” saying “Got One!!”
Down Taunt Slippy puts his head down and lets out a big sigh. The guys not use to so much running.
Victory 1 Slippy throws his wrench up in celebration, only to have to fall on his head, knocking him on his butt. His idle animation is him smiling and rubbing his head.
Victory 2 Slippy hops into the air three time shouting “I DID IT!”
Victory 3 Rebot, Grippy’s robot assistant, bounces in, going right past Slippy’s feet. He stumbles as the little Robot passes by. His idle animation is him with his wrench held up (similar to the header we used in this article). Rebot croaks the tune he normally does at the end of a level in Star Fox Guard.
Victory Quote against Fox Not to shabby, huh Fox?
Victory Quote against Falco Take that bird brain!!
Fox’s victory quote Slippy Sorry about that Slip.
Falco’s victory quote against Slippy Leave this to the pros frog boy

His victory theme will be the same as the other Star Fox characters


And that’s it for Slippy. He would be an interesting characters. He’s a contrast with the rest of the Star Fox characters in Super Smash Bros, and his playstyle can be something totally different than any other character. Perhaps one day the entire team will be in the game. Until then, we can have dreams like this. Until next time.

Huge thanks to Nantendo for all his help


  1. Do you mean “idle” instead of “ideal”?

    J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on April 22 |
  2. Man I love you guys. First Elma and now Slippy. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself, Slippy would be an interesting character I wonder what kind of movement he would have and here we are now.

    Bambam6901 on April 22 |
  3. The funny thing is that Slippy makes a lot more sense as a new character than Krystal does based on his much stronger attendance throughout the series, but for arbitrary reasons, Krystal is always the go-to Star Fox request instead.

    None of this taking Wolf into consideration, of course.

    godrobertscousin on April 22 |
  4. I think its worth mentioning that Slippy is the only Starfox character other than Fox himself to have had a major role in every mainline Starfox game. Falco was mostly absent from Adventures and Peppy was only playable for like, 2 missions in Command. Speaking purely in regards to importance to his franchise Slippy, could detestably trump Falco and Wolf in that regard. However an almost complete lack of demand is probably the biggest hurdle he’ll have to overcome for a shot in smash. That and a sizable (though possibly shrinking) hatebase.

    Mettaur on April 23 |
    • Slippy is apparently quite popular in Japan. Since Smash prioritizes Japanese popularity, Slippy will probably join Smash eventually.

      Nintendrone on April 23 |
  5. Has anyone seen Nintendo’s new short Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins? I feel like a lot of Slippy’s mannerisms and movements can be translated into a moveset.

    Also, I fully endorse a playable Slippy. To be honest I always found the idea of having Slippy and Peppy as playable characters more appealing than having Wolf, and with Star Fox Guard we have some great new mechanics to make a a more individualized fighter than Falco is to Fox.

    the101 on April 24 |
  6. Hey guys! I’m back from Japan! Sad that I needed to leave my favorite country and to return to Hawaii for another boring reality, but at least this gave me a goal to live in Japan sometime in the near future. It only depend on my effort and confidence, so I should be starting on doing some research and learning of what to do before I can start moving on. Anyways, let’s start commenting on this article!

    Despite how unpopular and hated he is in the west because of his cowardly personality and his irritating voice, he is actually really popular in Japan as Japanese players sees him being cute and funny. I think that’s what’s different between Japan and the west when it come with this kind of personality; Japanese find this personality to be adorable enough that they wanna protect them so badly, while the west thinks its too weak and worthless as they wanna kill it so badly. I know I may be wrong on this, but I can sometime see that the western players seeks stronger (like more close to being OP) characters than characters with attracting descriptions, which is why I sometime see Slippy being killed many times through fanfiction. However, I can see that he can be the best candidate to be in Smash rather than being simply another Fox clone, because his description is more perfectly different than any Star Fox characters. I can see being slow but jumping higher, and even using explosives than the blaster. Also using the robots from Star Fox Guard is another interesting thing that he can use, whether he’ll use it as explosives or summoning like how Dedede did back in Brawl. I think he can be like Tails from Sonic Battle, but in any ways, I think he deserves a chance to be in Smash.

    Great article!

    zoniken on April 24 |
  7. This is great, and I feel Slippy makes more sense then Krystal, even if Sakurai said that she’d be in before Slippy, but what about Slippy’s victory quotes against Wolf?

    Nintenzilla on April 25 |
    • Where did he say that?

      MagcargoMan on August 25 |