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SG Choice: Favorite Star Fox Character

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With Star Fox Zero on it’s way, we decided to discuss our favorite Star Fox characters! Who do you agree with?


PushDustIn :“Follow me Fox!” My favorite character is Falco Lombardi! Star Fox 64 multiplayer was the only time I wanted to be the fourth player, so I could control the best pilot. I adore his lines in Star Fox 64, and he has an interesting side story with Kat. Here’s a video containing his lines from Star Fox 64 — the best in the game.

I guess I’m good for something.


SmashChu :I actually love all the Star Fox characters, but the Source Gaming overlord told me to pick only one. If I have to, I would have to say Bill is my favorite. I always loved the Katina level in Star Fox 64 and Bill was awesome to have around. It was fun fighting with him in that level, and his appearance in Sector X was a nice suurprise. I was also happy to see him in Star Fox Command as you could actually play as him. It’s too bad he wasn’t in more levels. Hope we get to see more of him in Star Fox Zero.

“Fox, that’s one of ours!”


2015-12-18 (3): Clearly, the only correct answer is Leon Powalski. First of all, he’s the only original Star Wolf member, besides Wolf himself, with any real sticking power. Second of all, the character strikes a nice balance between being a sadist and a gentleman. Most importantly, though, his name is Leon Powalski and not something ridiculous like “Chameleon McPilot.” Seriously, what sort of fox names their son Fox?


Soma:Falco’s autocancel bair is my favorite StarFox character.


TheAnvil: I think I’d be doing myself an injustice if I picked any character but Wolf. Not only is Wolf my favorite Star Fox character, but he’s also one of my all time favorite video game characters in general. It was VERY rare for me as a youngster to connect so instantly to a villain, but Wolf just oozed awesome. In Star Fox 64, Wolf wasn’t an anti-hero. He was evil, flat out. His suave English accent and ultra-memorable lines made him the stand out in a whole cast of stand-outs. Wolf resonated so well with me, that not only was he my go-to in Star Fox Assault’s multiplayer mode (criminally under rated), but a large part of the reason I endeavoured into the Nintendo Wii was because of his inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Nantendo: I don’t really have a favourite Star Fox character but if I had to come up with one I would have to say Krystal. I enjoyed her story-line and interactions with Fox. She was also the only new member of Star Fox so watching her evolve and get use to the team was pretty nice. I also think there might just be the thoughts of how she would play in smash backing this as well haha. She is the character I most want from that series (and then Slippy).


GameOnion: I honestly never was into Star Fox that much, but Andross always seemed interesting. He’s a floating ape… head? Never understood why he was floating, but it looks intimidating. Also never got why he was so huge. In the cutscenes, he’s human-sized. But in actual gameplay, he’s bigger than the Great Fox. Makes him even scarier though, which is why I support that choice! Makes for an epic final battle.


Let us know your favorites in the comments below, or on Twitter!

  1. I still have not played a Star Fox game (I want to, I just don’t have access to any at the moment), so I have no choice but to base it off of my experience of them through Smash. In Melee and Brawl, I didn’t care much for Fox or Falco (read as: I was terrible with them), but when I was playing my roommate in college one time, I suddenly showed some proficiency with Wolf. At that time, I would have said that Wolf would have been my favorite, but eventually Smash 4 comes out and I stopped playing Brawl as often. Eventually, I decided to start practicing with Falco because why not, and I found that he fit my playstyle pretty well, so he’s stolen Wolf’s spot as my favorite Star Fox character.

    Spiral on April 22 |
  2. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Wolf being cut in Smash 4, I would never have loved the character. I was interested in going back and trying out the cuts again and Wolf was my favorite. Star Fox Assault was my childhood game and because of Smash Bros, it made me realize how awesome Wolf was and trying to help bring him back was a fun experience. Of course, I failed but still. Maybe next game. And this time I won’t “hesitate”.

    Antonio on April 22 |
  3. Gotta go with Falco, definitely the character I’ve enjoyed watching the most across the series, 64 in particular. Shame he’s mellowed out quite a bit since SF64, but I guess that’s character development for you.

    Mettaur on April 23 |
  4. Lol, Soma gets it. Falco’s my favorite character. I like his lines and cocky attitude. Although I like his original and current voice, but I miss his Brooklyn accent from Assault/Brawl.

    Nintendrone on April 23 |
  5. I have yet to try out all the Star Fox games, but one character I found interesting was Slippy Toad since his banter always makes me smile. Despite not being playable in Smash, the latest Dream Smashers made me believe in his potential. I would prefer his voice from his conversation on the stage Laylat Cruise than his other voices, but I think that voice is from one of SF’s Gamecube games

    Chris.W on April 24 |