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I was suppose to have already started my vacation, but some things got delayed…so I’m here a bit longer! TheAnvil will take over for the next two weeks!

The week features comments from April 18th-April 24th. Let’s get started!



Finally I caught up to the recent to explain with my absence. Actually, I’m in Japan right now for a vacation, and learning how the economy and community is since I might plan to move to Japan sometime next year. So after I get back to Hawaii this Saturday, I’m gonna be busy to do some research and looking for more ways to earn more money. Anyways, lets start commenting.

I remember how fun the Melee stages were back then. The Fountain of Dreams…I’m not a huge fan on stages that’s too enormous or narrow, but that stage was great as I loved it’s orchestral music. The Gourmet Race for that stage really sounded beautiful as it really matched the stage. I kinda liked the Icicle Mountain too, even when you’re trying to do something with Peach at that stage. (lol) Mute City was fun too as it becomes enjoyable when you’re trying to destroy those roadkilling F-Zero racers. (lol) I also loved Onett along with its music, and this was my first time to know what the world of Earthbound/Mother 2 looks like. Man, these stages really brings back memories…and its too bad none of these except for Onett made its return in Smash 4. —News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo: Battle Stages

Ohhh, I hope you enjoy Japan! The Yen is becoming stronger now which really helps me out. Is that what you mean by the economy here?

That’s interesting that there’s a reason why the stages are arranged the way they are. Sakurai also totally called it when he said that the “back” stages aren’t fit for serious play, since all “back” stages are banned in tournaments. —News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo: Back Stages
Yeah, it’s really interesting to see how Sakurai’s perception of the game has slightly changed between Melee/Brawl. If you haven’t, I’d suggest checking out Soma’s Sakurai On Melee: Pushing the Limits.


+Would give the NX a boost
+Potential for more content
+Buying an NX for Smash could (hopefully) turn out better for those who never bought a Wii U
+Presumably an efficient use of development resources for Bamco.

-Would harm Smash 4 sales in the interim until release
-May force existing owners to double-dip (worst-case scenario)
-Save data/unlockables from Wii U may not transfer

Sakurai’s availability
When the port would be released (I’m guessing 2017 if the persistent Zelda port rumors are true)
The actual features of the NX

Overall, I’d say it’s a boon for most people (including current Nintendo fans, who presumably want the NX to succeed). Same goes for the other games rumored to get ports. —Should Smash be Ported over the NX? [Discussion Video]

Pretty fair assessment of the situation. I think it’d be beneficial for Nintendo to release ports, especially if they can introduce more people to the amazing games the Wii U has to offer. Sakurai’s involvement is really the wildcard in this. I don’t think they would add anything without his permission/involvement in the title. We’ll have to see how long his vacation lasts!

This is really similar to writing. There’s a reason the most successful writers (whether film or novel) plan out their stories with outlines before they actually start writing. —Sakurai Gives Some Advice to Other Game Creators [Vol. 504]
It’ can be applied to writing too. It’s applicable to leadership/ daily life too. It drives me insane when I’m working with people who don’t have a clear vision of what they want. It’s okay to be flexible and adapt, but having some thought is required for effective leadership. Being too rigid or too flexible are both extremes. I’d be really interested in seeing the full project plans for Sakurai’s games. We’ve seen some bits and pieces here and there.

It’s also interesting to note that with Smash 64, Sakurai didn’t have a clear imagine of the kind of world. He knew what kind of mechanics he wanted to add, but the characters and world setting came afterwards. It’s why Ryuo shouldn’t have been translated as “Dragon King”, as there were no characters in the original prototype (plus Ryuo is a town name).

Personally, when I write I just sit down and write. I usually have an pretty good idea of what I’m going to say before I start writing though. There’s one project that we are working on now…and I sat down and wrote 3 full pages in less than two hours. I then went back and sourced the entire thing in >30 minutes. I still have things to add to it, but I’d be somewhat content releasing it now if I had to.

It is possible. Sakurai did mention that Wolf barely made it into Brawl as it was (this article right here:, so it might make sense that he wasn’t high on the list of characters to bring back. —Star Fox Series Representation in Smash
I think the Star Fox series just suffered from bad timing. If Zero had started production sooner, then Wolf could have been prioritized to come back. As Spazzy has said numerous times in the SourceCast, it was probably more important to have Lucas come back than Wolf. Lucas’ series is finished, while Wolf can still have a future. As I said in the Should Smash be Ported over the NX? [Discussion Video], I think Wolf makes perfect sense if they were going to add content to the NX version (That’s a big if).


Source Gaming, I love you guys, and this article is quite interesting, but you really need to improve your proofreading. This has been an issue for a while now, but it has usually been relatively minor. This article, however, was painful to read because of all the errors. I understand that you have to frequently release content in order to keep interest up, but you can’t let that get in the way of good spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.

That aside, I find Assault to be a massive missed opportunity for the series. The game already has great production values, fun core gameplay, and a good multiplayer mode. It just needed more levels, branching paths, and more emphasis on the on-rails Arwing in order to rival the first two games. —Series Analysis: Star Fox

Truth be told, that article was finished and then posted. We usually do some peer review, but I only got to offer suggestions on an incomplete draft. We do need to improve our proofreading. The main issue is that everyone is contributing on their own time. Everyone involved with the site works, or goes to school full time. I’ve been pushing the staff to try to build up a reserve of content so we don’t always need to rush, so we’ll see what happens. These past weeks, I’ve been contributing extra/ working on extra things just to ensure that I could go on vacation for Golden Week. All in all, I’ve probably only played video games 4 hours this month as the rest of my time has gone to working/ writing/ sleeping/ going to the gym. It’s not just me either — this month, Nantendo has been finishing up his dissertation and other staff members have things going on too. So needless to say, there’s been an extra strain on the staff because of stuff going on in real life. I’m not trying to make excuses, just explaining why it happened. All in all, I’m sorry that the quality has suffered and (hopefully) it should be getting better.


Anyway, that’s it for this week. Keep leaving those comments!

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  1. Thanks for replying to my comment. There has been a bit of mystery going on around Wolf, and while I was never fully invested since I’ve never played a Star Fox game before (I still really want to play one), I’ve been interested in trying to figure out why he was cut, since most other characters either were given a clear reason (Pokemon Trainer, Ice Climbers) or were easy to infer based on certain circumstances (Snake, Pichu).

    Spiral on April 25 |
  2. Two of my comments featured at once?! What is this madness?

    I hope I didn’t come off as mean-spirited in my proofreading comment. I wanted to call you guys out on it since the errors were so blatant in the Star Fox Series Analysis article, and noticing a problem is the first step to fixing it. I’m glad to see that you guys are aware of the problem and are taking precautions to avoid the errors caused by a hectic schedule. Keep up the good work, Source Gaming!

    Nintendrone on April 26 |
    • I’m not offended at all!

      I think the audience should be demanding that content creators become more responsible. I’ve called out sites for rushing translations, and spreading misinformation and it’s only fair to call us out when we get things wrong too! For everyone reading this, please let us know anytime we get something wrong–or else it might never get fixed.

      PushDustIn on April 26 |