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Source Gaming presents: The Month of May-lay!

Month of May-lay

Hello fans and readers of Source Gaming! Soma here to announce a fun little project: the Month of May-lay.

Out of all the Smash games, Melee feels like it’s the one Sakurai has talked about the least. Sakurai talked about Smash 64 the Dojo, in a series of long discussions with Iwata and Itoi, and in some scanned magazine interviews we’ve been able to find. Brawl and Smash 4 were developed after Sakurai started writing Famitsu columns, and he wrote about their development often there. Additionally, those two games were out in a time where scanning and collecting interview scans was much more common. Melee, unfortunately, has almost no interview scans, and has very few Famitsu columns dedicated to it, and is rarely brought up in interviews. But it does have a few untranslated materials left, so the translators at Source Gaming are proud to present the Month of May-lay!

We’re planning on having at least one post per day dedicated to a translation of the Japanese Melee website, along with some other hidden gems, like an 11-part roundtable Sakurai held with the music and sound directors on Melee, and more. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to take over our normal posting schedule– it’s just that translations for this month, in addition to anything we post normally, are going to be Melee-themed.

And yes, we did decide on this mostly because of the pun.

We’ve already translated the Melee character pages, and along with some other tidbits, but this month we’re going to be bringing the whole package. We’ll be posting updates “chronologically,” the way they were on the original website. I hope you guys look forward to it!