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SG Choice: SNES Games on the 3DS eShop

Nintendo revealed in its March Nintendo Direct that SNES games would be launching exclusively for the New 3DS and since then we have seen a slew of games from Nintendo’s popular IP. Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country and Super Punch-Out are just examples of games that are making their way onto the portable for the first time but we at Source Gaming have other needs. Today, a few of our team have given their picks for SNES games they would like to see on the New 3DS eshop.



Turtles in Time! I really wanted to pick up a copy for my Super Famicom, but the price was just way too high to justify it. Having it released on the 3DS eShop (in Japan), would be perfect! Hopefully with the new movie it will get prioritized and released!



Genealogy of the Holy War. It’s still the best implementation of the “generation” system in Fire Emblem yet, and it’s easily my favorite FE game of the Kaga era. Of course, it is only in Japanese, which presents a problem…



Zombies Ate My Neighbours! One of the most criminally underrated video games of all time, I’ve often gone back to this on my SNES but to have it on a handheld device would be a dream. Funny, charming, memorable characters and an awesome OST to boot.



Any of the Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy titles released on the console. I’ve been wanting to try out some of the JRPGs from the 16-bit era, so it would be great if they released those games on the Virtual Console.



I would personally like to see more Japan-only titles like Mario & Wario, Wrecking Crew ‘98 and Panel de Pon. I already own both of these two and so I know that they are fairly easy to understand. Nintendo have released untranslated version of SNES games before (i.e. Mario’s Super Picross) so it is not out of the realm of possibility. I also think Puzzle games work a lot better on handhelds so the New 3DS is the perfect home for them.



Super Mario RPG! As Mario’s first step into RPGs, I think it deserves it. Being that first step, it’s way simpler than Paper Mario. Whether that’s good or bad is debatable. Even with its simplicity, having this game on the go would be fantastic. While it looks outdated these days, it’s still a lot of fun.


Those were our choices but what about yours? What SNES games would you like to see for the New 3DS Virtual Console? And what is your opinion on the exclusivity of SNES games on the New 3DS? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. Ditto on the Fire Emblem. I’d also like Mario Paint with touchscreen funcionality. Oh, and Kirby Super Star, please.

    MaskO' on May 4 |
  2. Two Words: STAR FOX!

    Octavian on May 4 |
  3. I second the idea of Panel De Pon – I kinda thought that maybe since the game was released in so many other iterations that maybe a chance for it to be released again. This time the original game, translated into English.

    I think Panel De Pon Mobile would work out better though… Except maybe next time, not re-branded with another franchise? I fear that Nintendo would just re-skin it again because they’re afraid that Lip might not be well-received for a general audience, but if she receives a more updated redesign, maybe people wouldn’t care or even like the character enough to associate her with her own series.

    KL-Cobalt on May 25 |