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Hey guys, TheAnvil is back with another round of Featured Comments!

This article looks at comments spanning May 2nd, to May 10th.

Spoiler title
Wolf is not a clone. He’s completely different than Fox, All he does is borrow a couple aspects from him. That’s it.

From: The Chopping Block: Possible Cuts For The Next Smash Game

For how many times it’s been said, this is always worth highlighting. While Wolf is thematically similar to Fox, he actually shares so few moves with him that calling him a clone would be similar to calling Ike a clone of Marth.

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I rarely play coin battles these days. Mostly during the Melee days, but sort of dwindled on and on. It’s nice to have it for the people who play it from time to time. At the same time, I have Smash Tour as my underrated mode to play with from time to time.

From: News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo: Coin Battle

Wow! Praise for Smash Tour? I never thought I’d see the day. While not a favorite of mine, I do appreciate it for what it is. It can actually be quite enjoyable with more than one person playing locally. A stock battle mode where different characters are the stocks is such a good idea, it was just not executed to particularly well.

Spoiler title
“When you hear that a game is in development for two years, do you ever wonder ‘why does it take so long to make a game?’”

Oh, 2001. How young and naive we all were to how long game development cycles would become…
From: News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo: The Obsessive Details

I somehow feel like there’s a Mighty No. 9 joke to be made here. Although maybe, just maybe an Alan Wake joke would be more appropriate?!

Spoiler title
Yeah, just to keep people on their toes is not a good reason for him to pull some of the questionable choices he has. Not denying it’s why he did it, but it is still a bad reason.

I realize that it could take a while, but the individual stages was what made it fun. Plus, making them so that Little Mac could beat them all could make them too easy.

From: SourceGaming’s Smash NX Predictions/Roundtable

There’s no doubt that many of our characters have been chosen to surprise the us as an audience. But is that really a bad thing? Sometimes, the best of additions are the ones that you didn’t see coming. I’ve learnt a lot following this go-around of Smash. A character like Ryu, who I never particularly craved; excited me beyond my wildest dreams. As long as the intent isn’t to negatively antagonise us, I’d love to continue being surprised in the future.

Spoiler title
I don’t think that we will get anymore new types. Dark and Steel were introduced in Gen II because Psychic types were overwhelmingly powerful in Gen I, with Dark being strong against Psychic and Steel resisting it. Dragon types were not that powerful nor plentiful in Gens I and II, but more emerged in Gen III, including legendaries like Rayquaza and Lati@s. However, when Gen IV introduced the physical-special split, Dragon types became a lot more powerful due to most Dragon types having higher Attack than Special Attack, plus moves like Dragon Dance and Outrage being among the best moves in the game. By Gen V, a lot of teams started utilizing Dragon types, with no solid counters to them other than other Dragon-types and Ice Beam. Dragons needed a nerf like Psychics did back in Gen I, so the Fairy-type was born in Gen VI to balance out Dragons. Based on the metagame in Gen VI, it seems to have worked. Unless another type becomes abused in Gen VII or later, I don’t see a reason for a new type anytime soon. The three types introduced since Gen I were made solely to balance the game, and there’s no type that apparently needs balancing right now.
From: Potential New Pokemon Types

I don’t really think it’s fair to indicate that the sole reason new types should be introduced into Pokemon because of balancing issues. New types add more depth and complexity to the games, and that’s important to keep them feeling fresh.

Spoiler title
I legit don’t care what anyone says, this game is amazing and I believe it’s all worth your time. Thanks for the positive review Anvil! (And there’s also a lot of pop-cultural references that people could get a good kick out of)

I thought to mention about the pop-culture references, but the review was already pretty lengthy so I opted to omit that part! I’m still wildly addicted to this game though!

Was your comment featured? Keep them coming, until next time!

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  1. You forgot to title the spoilers. That and you might have forgot a comment. *winkwink* 😛

    DekZek on May 10 |
    • For a moment, I thought there was an actual user named “Spoiler Title” and only their posts were getting featured this week 😛

      Spiral on May 14 |
  2. I actually like Smash Tour, too.
    It just need a good Tutorial and much more Options and it would be an extremly fun mode! 😉

    cedrickterrick on May 13 |