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SG Choice: Pokkén DLC Characters

Pokken DLC Characters


If Pokkén were to get DLC, what characters would you like to see? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

PushDustIn I still really want Sandslash to cut his way into the battle! Sandslash would really stand out in the roster as it’s a ground type. It could even burrow underground for some attacks. I’m hoping that Pokkén will get DLC, so Sandslash can find his rightful place in the roster. As I mentioned before, Sandslash was my most requested character for Pokkén, and I’m still hoping for DLC.

LIQUID12A I don’t own Pokkén, but I always thought Golurk would have been a neat addition to the cast. It’s got the markings to be a Zangief-esque character if it wanted, or maybe simply the heavy fighter archetype, who knows.

Should DLC for Pokkén be a thing, I’ll be following it to see if Golurk actually gets in.

DelzethinI made my case for Absol in our first article about Pokkén characters, and everything I mentioned there still holds true. Unique both thematically and in how its moveset could be designed, Absol could use its oracle-like abilities to be a force unlike any other in battle! And due to being namedropped as a character that was considered to some extent for the base game, the odds of being DLC may be more in Absol’s favor than that of nearly anyone!

I previously expressed a desire to see Feraligatr as a fighter in Pokkén, and after getting my hands on the game, I feel fully validated by my previous choice. Feraligatr all the way.

FrostwraithI would like to see Aegislash join the roster. The Ghost and Steel type could be a stance fighter switching between defense and offense at will, which would spice up the fighting style variety. Plus, it’s one of my favorite Pokémon from the 6th generation.

Nantendo I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about him after yesterday but I want to see Rowlet. A bird Pokémon is something I truly think would be unique for Pokkén and another base Pokémon would be a good idea for variation. This could also help to promote the 7th generation out later this year and of all the revealed Pokémon, Rowlet is certainly the most popular.


Wolfman_JRegardless of the many cool points of Pokkén’s roster (and there are many) there is a pretty disappointing lack of Gen 5 or 6 representation. There are definitely a bunch of strong choices – Greninja would add another Water-Type, it and Zoroark are beloved – but I think I’d like to go against the grain and see Scolipede. We’ve got Poison types (though not really poison focused), but no Bugs, and a giant, fast moving monster might be a great new kind of fighter. It takes the size of a bulky Machamp, the speed and draining powers of Sceptile, and some incredible moves combining horn stabs, body slams, and curled up rolls. It’d be another surprising Pokkén choice, but one I think could really assert itself.

SmashChuWater Pokemon are one of the most common type, but Pokken has only a single water Pokémon among its roster of playable fighters. There are two Ghost Pokémon, despite it being a more obscure type. So why not another water Pokémon, and who better to include than good old Blastoise. He can be a powerful, heavyweight character able to unleash powerful, long range, blast upon his foes. Essentially, he’s be a sort of artillery character. He a well-known Pokemon that can also contrast to Charizard nicely (as they are opposing types from the first game). He’s a classic Pokémon that will fit perfectly with the rest of the cast.


  1. If for no other reason other than advertisment, whoever would be DLC would most likely be Gen 7. I would love to see Solgaleo and Lunaala as a Support pair, and an evolution of Popplio (No water starters, could be a pretty nice Power addition. I doubt that would happen though, simply because Pokken is very competitive centered, and DLC always screws those games over big-time.

    Example: If there is a DLC character that people A and C own, but person B doesn’t.

    A can train with/against said character, so they would be at an advantage in both using that character (Player B has no experience with said character), and fighting against that character (experience that player B does not have, and that C is less likely to expect). B would be at a disadvantage because they lack said experience, putting A and C at an advantage before the tournament even starts. And if the TO decides not to have the DLC character, that invalidates experience earned by players A and C, putting B in an advantageous situation because they have had more practice time with non-DLC characters than A and C.

    TL;DR: Gen. 7 if DLC is added, but more likely than not it won’t because the existence of DLC (NOT content added in updates) creates an uneven playing field, as some players have accent to content others do not.

    DekZek on May 11 |
    • Smash seems to be doing fine with DLC fighters. Just make it possible to battle against the DLC fighters in online modes, even if you don’t own them.

      Munomario777 on May 11 |
      • Smash isn’t designed for a competitive audience, at least nowhere near the extent of Pokkén. Different characters and moves are designed for different scenarios. Bowser and Dedede suck in 1v1s, but are amazing in free-for-alls. Pokkén is designed with a competitive audience in mind.

        When you are designing for a competitive audience, unfair access to content never works well. Pokkén is designed almost exclusively for a competitive audience. Smash is designed for everyone.

        DekZek on May 11 |
    • But what about games like Tekken and Street Fighter? They both have DLC. Or Blazblue. Or most modern fighting games.

      Source Gaming Team on May 11 |
      • Ok. All the info that I have about those games is from a quick online search, so I might be off in some places.

        For Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, It is a separate version of the Tekken 7, using it as a base. Ideally, this version is balanced separately to include the new characters. In that case, the characters are rebalanced, and so long as you are playing Fated Retribution, you have those characters. Competitively, those games should be treated as entirely separate from each other, as they are balanced separately.

        Street Fighter V: Since it is possible to buy the new characters with Fight Points instead of Zenny, the experience/effort gap is slightly lessened. Also, the fact that all of the characters are veterans (so have an established playstyle) makes said gap smaller, since experienced players can have a rough estimate of what other DLC characters are capable of.

        Blazblue: Couldn’t find any useful info, so… IDK

        Also, I am making the assumption that balance is top priority, and not potential profits. Obviously this isn’t true, but it’s much easier with that assumption.

        DekZek on May 11 |
        • P.S. I am not heavily involved in the competitive fighting game scene, and this is just my observations from my knowledge of the games, and since I have Pokkén Tournament.

          DekZek on May 11 |
      • But isn’t BlazBlue poop nowadays?

        TrinitroMan on May 12 |
  2. Personally I’d like to see the balloon Pokemon herself Jigglypuff enter the fray. She could use her techniques from Smash Bros in addition to some things that weren’t in Smash, like being able to draw on her foes. And for her burst attack she could pop and then re-inflate.

  3. Since Greninja and Braxien stole any chances Chesnaught had, and either way, I think my choices are 3)Abra, 2)Porygon Z, and 1)Zygarde 100%.

    Abra would be a funny and adorable pure physic type that would add some comedy to the Pokken roster.

    Porygon Z would be a fun and unpredictable fighter that would not only be fun for use, bringing some laughs to those that win with his erratic moveset, but would also finally give some normal type rep.

    And finally, my number one choice, Zygarde 100%. With a heavy weight that deals striking blows, the unique ground-dragon typing, an interesting design that could look quite beautiful on the Wii U, and a major appearance in the anime, Zygarde seems like a shoo in.
    Besides, Pokemon Z is skipped, and the Zygarde forms will likely be shoved into Sun and Moon in an useless event. This guy needs a game appearance.

    btw where is the Sun and Moon discussion? I really need that comment section, I really just don’t enjoy Sun and Moon from what we’ve been shown.

    aguchamp33 on May 11 |
    • TBH, Zygarde forms are unlikely to appear in Sun and Moon, except for the default 50%. In order to implement such a sidequest, you would first need two Zygarde cores (one in Sun, one in Moon), and then to obtain cells to get a 50% Zygarde. Then you would need to transfer one Zygarde 50% over, and then they will combine to get ONE 100% Zygarde. This brings up numerous issues.

      1. How would Poké Bank Zygardes fit in? Which cell would they count as originating from?
      2. How would the game remember which Core a Zygarde originates from? Otherwise, what stops someone from using two of the same core Zygarde to make a 100% Zygarde?
      3. How complicated would it be to get a 100% Zygarde legitimately, and only one person would be able to keep it.
      4. Splitting Zygardes. What if I want to split my 100% Zygarde into 2 50% Zygardes so I can give one to my friend. Same issue applies to 10% form.

      TL;DR: Keep on dreaming and watching the anime. There are too many hurdles logistically into making such a quest even somewhat viable, not to mention how convoluted a quest like this would be.

      DekZek on May 11 |
    • I kinda sense that alongside with Ashgreninja, Zygarde 100% can possibly the anime original character, which means it might not exist in the actual games. Since GameFreak doesn’t seem to reveal anything about these forms, and its not odd they’ll bring those non-game existing characters to anime. Same things have happened to many games became anime/cartoon and manga/comics, like Kirby, Sonic, Mega Man, etc.

      And yeah, I’ve heard so many people that they’re terribly unimpressed and disappointed with the new Pokemon all over the place, so does that mean this game will become an ultimate failure, as that’ll result Yo-kai Watch will gain their victory once again when their third sequel will be releasing this July?

      zoniken on May 12 |
  4. Mawile all the way.

    ZestyN on May 11 |
  5. I think that Muk would be an interesting addition to the game. It would have very limited mobility and no ability to jump at all, which would differentiate it from everyone else currently on the roster. As the opposite of that, a member of the Kami trio (Thundurus, Tornadus or Landorus) could fight entirely from the air, without even touching the ground.
    Deoxys could also be an interesting choice if it could change between its forms at will, switching between balanced, offensive, defensive and speedy forms.

    John on May 11 |
    • Deoxys OP. PLZ NERF. On a more serious note, a form-shifting pokémon would be heavily Technical, and would be able to hard-counter most if not all of the cast in the right hands. To be even remotely plausible, it would need even less HP than Shadow Mewtwo, and require a charged move to form change. It would have to be UP in casual play, or OP competitively. And that is torture to try and balance.

      DekZek on May 11 |
  6. I’d like to see Slurpuff as a speedy tank kind of fighter, it hits a lot and it hits fast but not a lot of damage while also being able to take a lot of hits, it sounds neat

    DustyPumpkin on May 11 |
  7. My pick would be on Reuniclus. I’d also like Granbul to be in Pokken since both are from the generations with minimal representation but can also do something interesting. I have yet to get Pokken but after playing the demo, I can’t see myself in another fighting game outside of smash.

    Chris.W on May 11 |
  8. Feraligatr? I fully agree!

    Smash44 on May 12 |
  9. I do believe that DLCs are the evidence that the game were successful, and I do hope they’ll bring DLCs for Pokken. I know its not that necessary for a perfectly balanced CSS, but I still have this arrogance that those four empty spaces are making the CSS look imperfect and unbalanced. I think they’ll do something with those spaces, if they’re planning to make DLCs though.

    I may have talked about this before, but Pokken does lack few things, which are missing types, lack of Gen 5-6 Pokemon, need more based martial arts, etc. I would like to focus on those, which I’ll bring my top 3 DLC Pokemon I wanna see in Pokken.

    3. Hitmonchan: Pokken lacks a boxing type fighter, and I think Hitmonchan does fit perfectly as being in that position. He has so many punch specials, and even become a Little Mac version for being powerful and fast, but weak in air. Even he can’t Mega Evolve, I can imagine his final move can be something that may break the entire world into half, like Kirby’s Megaton Punch mini-game.

    2. Lopunny: The game lacks Normal types, and although they’re weak against fighting, I wouldn’t think that’ll matter because there’s many Pokemon that has weakness but being ignored due to the game’s system. Lopunny can be those “fighting idol girl” type fighter, which may be weak in defense and slow in speed, it can jump higher to avoid attacks easier. It can also Mega Evolve too, adding a Fight type to make itself stronger.

    1. Beedrill: This may be an odd choice, but I couldn’t help thinking that Beedrill need its chance to be in Pokken. The game lacks bug type Pokemon, and Beedrill may be a the best choice due to its long ranged needle attacks and poisonous stings. It may be weak in durability but fast in speed, and also Mega Evolve with more power. Beedrill hasn’t been treated well in many Pokemon games, as the anime’s treating it as a common enemy like Goombas and Moblins, so I guess Beedrill should have a spotlight for the first time.

    zoniken on May 13 |