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Dream Items: Minecraft Assist Trophies, Items and Regular Trophies

As the finale for our Minecraft centric day, SlowDragon has provided some more content to help represent the blocky sandbox game in Smash Bros! SlowDragon can be found both on Smash Boards, Twitter and YouTube so go ahead and check him out if you enjoyed this article or wanted to contact him for any reason. For more information on how to submit a guest Dream Smasher article, click here.

Note: All artwork within this post was either created by SlowDragon for Source Gaming, or screenshotted from Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS, and Minecraft. Feel free to use his renders, but please credit @SlowDragon_ on Twitter and YouTube.

Two of the most centric parts of Minecraft are the Items and Mobs, so I’ve of course designed a generous amount of useful equipment that could possibly appear during battle. To be more specific, I created two Assist Trophies and two Items, as well as some Trophies. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Golden Apple – Item

Bag_Golden_AppleThe fabled Golden Apple will give fighters the strength to stay in the battle! When eaten, the fighter gains pink particles around them, and the amount of knockback they receive will be drastically smaller, but the damage they take will stay the same. Be careful when it runs out, because one quick Smash could send you rocketing away!

Elytra – Item

ElytraThe Elytra is a new feature in Minecraft that allows players to soar through the skies, but will break after extended use. In Smash Bros, it works very similarly by allowing players to glide across gaps like in Super Smash Bros Brawl, but will eventually break and send them falling back to the stage! It can be activated by holding the Jump Button after jumping, akin to Peach’s hover, and is ended by letting go of the Button.

Wolf – Assist Trophy

150px-Wolf_(Tamed)When summoned, this blocky pup will be very protective of it’s owner. It will attack any opponents that come near, but unfortunately isn’t the strongest biter. When knocked off the stage, the Wolf will teleport back to battle by your side once more! With this little beast, your opponents will have a dog of a time! – Bites do 3%, and he lasts about 15 seconds.

Creeper – Assist Trophy

CreeperHissss – a sound that has plagued the dwellers of the Overworld for years, emitted by the dreaded Creeper. Creepers are a rage of green, four-legged beasts with an eternal grimace plastered on their faces, that explode when they come near anyone they dislike. In Smash Bros, they will slowly walk towards an opponent, and then explode with devastating knockback. Be warned, as there’s a chance of the Creeper spawning with a Supercharge and intensely buffed power! No matter what strength the Creeper has, it is incapable of jumping or recovering if knocked off the stage, so try to bait it away! – 16%, 38% (Supercharged), lasts about 15 seconds.


Now, onto the final part of our show: Trophies! It just wouldn’t Smash without these things, so I’ve prepared Steve’s 3 trophies as well as 10 more!


trophy 1
Steve is the hero of Minecraft, and has brought everything he could think of to Smash! This cubed creator has taken on Zombies, Spiders, and even the Ender Dragon, by thinking with his Pickaxe instead of his fists. Like most heroes, Steve isn’t much of a talker – I  think he’s kind of a square.
[PC] Minecraft (11/2011)

Steve (Alt.)

trophy 2
Steve’s Crafting Bench allows him to upgrade his offensive to something a little more pointy. When fully completed, Steve will gain his legendary Diamond Sword, and can land devastating blows to opponents with it!
[PC] Minecraft (11/2011)

The Wither

trophy 3
For Steve’s Final Smash, he will call upon the malevolent beast that is The Wither. However, Steve has learned to control its deadly power, and can use the Homing Wither Skulls to blast opponents into the void!
[PC] Minecraft (11/2011)

Golden Apple

 trophy 12
The Golden Apple is a magical fruit with the ability to keep you in the fight! Only found in hidden dungeons and temples, these can be difficult to acquire. In Smash Bros, it will cut the distance you fly in half, making it much easier to survive a powerful attack!
[PC] Minecraft (11/2011)


trophy 13
Hidden within The End are the Elytra, a strange contraption that allows you to soar over the Void. When found in Smash Bros, they will give you the ability to glide back into the fray with style, so long as they don’t break in midair.
[PC] Minecraft (11/2011)


trophy 4
This green creature is very strange in its nature. When a Creeper spots anyone, it will rush after them and start hissing through its grimace-plastered face, and then explode. In Smash Bros, these function almost identically to their home series, blasting their foes off of the stage! Hisssssssss – boom!
[PC] Minecraft (11/2011)

Tamed Wolf

trophy 11
This little pup has a bigger bark than a bite. When summoned, he’ll do his best to protect you from your opponents, but his lack of strength won’t help that much. Watch out, though – as one quick bite could make you have a dog of a time.  
[PC] Minecraft (11/2011)


trophy 5
Pigs are small, pink creatures that will drop Porkchops when defeated. As well as being cute, they can be saddled up and rode by Players in Minecraft! However, Pigs won’t just follow your directions for free – so you better keep a few Carrots handy!
[PC] Minecraft (11/2011)


trophy 6
Never lock eyes with an Enderman, or else you’re in for a fight! When it’s gaze catches a Players, it will begin to unleash an onslaught of terror! Endermen can teleport so fast, they’ll never be hit by a projectile, and they’ll even counterattack if you try! If you want to defeat an Enderman, I hear that they don’t like baths.
[PC] Minecraft (11/2011)


trophy 7
Ghasts are a race of floating beasts that call The Nether their home. Their cries can be heard throughout their homeworld, and can even be heard from time to time in the Overworld. If a Ghast encounters a Player, they’ll begin to shoot fireballs at them – but don’t worry! If you hit the fireball back, it will hurt the Ghast instead!
[PC] Minecraft (11/2011)

Ender Dragon

trophy 8
The big-bad of Minecraft, this dragon won’t go down without a fight! It resides in The End, a dark realm that only consists of a single floating rock, and you cannot leave until a victor is decided. The dragon will also heal himself with Ender Crystals, which are located all around atop obsidian pillars. Even with proper gear, this beast will challenge every skill you have!
[PC] Minecraft (11/2011)


trophy 9
An odd creature that occupies the vast oceans of the Overworld. They move through the seas by pushing with their eight tentacles, and swim aimlessly until they’re encountered. If you defeat a Squid, you’ll get a few Ink Sacs to dye your wool! These guys prove that not everything with scary teeth is evil.
[PC] Minecraft (11/2011)


trophy 10
Mooshrooms live upon the mysterious and elusive Mushroom Island, home to gigantic fungi and mycelium-coated grass. These Cow-like creatures can be milked for both Milk and Mushroom Stew, making them an amazing food source. With these friendly creatures, you’ll never go hungry!  
[PC] Minecraft (11/2011)

Well, I guess this ends our Minecraft-centric day of Dream Smashers. If you have any ideas for Minecraft implementation in Smash Bros, or want to just leave feedback, please comment below! Who knows, if enough people enjoy this, maybe Nantendo will let me takeover Source Gaming again! If you liked reading my stuff, maybe you’ll like my YouTube channel over at (link)! We do lots of gaming videos, specifically of Smash Bros for Wii U. While you’re at it, if you have some spare cash, maybe you could help Source Gaming attend E3. I love this site, and I’m sure they’d appreciate it! Thanks for reading!

Link to Steve: Dream Smashers

Link to Minecraft: Dream Arenas

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  1. I like the Golden Apple, its effect is similar to the effect of collecting 100 coins on the Golden Plains stage, but now it’s accessible to other stages too. I feel like the Super Leaf item does the same thing as the Elytra though, so I don’t know if that one is as necessary. Both assist trophies are good ideas too, I wouldn’t imagine Steve getting in without the Creeper making an appearance somehow.

    Spiral on May 14 |
    • I don’t really play on Golden Plains, so I was just trying to figure out something cool for it to do, but that’s actually kinda funny. I guess that gold makes you not take knockback in Smash lol. As for the Elytra, it would work more akin to the gliding mechanic in Brawl, with the ability to actively control your altitude instead of floating at a set point like the Super Leaf.

      Slow (@SlowDragon_) on May 15 |
  2. Starting from Steve’s Dream Smasher to this article…I’m so impressed how good and professional it was made! I wish I could make one like this…now I’m kinda jealous how good and professional you are SlowDragon. (lol) Microsoft is Nintendo’s biggest rival alongside with Sony, but with Smash Bros. being the celebration of video games, it would be a good experience that both companies would join Smash for the first time. Just like Sakurai said, its good to forget about the console wars and get along to make a greatest video games of dreams and possibilities.

    Steve can be an interesting character to be in Smash since he’ll be the first blocky character to fight with other 3D modeled fighters, even with the flat 2D formed Mr. Game & Watch. Even using a Wither as his Final Smash, even the Creeper as the assist trophy is another interesting thing I wanna see too.

    Great article!

    zoniken on May 14 |
    • Thanks for your kind words, I had a lot of fun making these. However, none of it would have been possible without Nan, he did all the formatting and making stuff look nicer. I’m hoping to do a few more Dream Smashers articles, so keep an eye out for my little purple guy in the tv.

      Slow (@SlowDragon_) on May 15 |