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Dream Smashers – Steve (Minecraft)

This guest article was written by SlowDragon who can be found both on Smash Boards, Twitter and YouTube so go ahead and check him out if you enjoyed this article or wanted to contact him for any reason. For more information on how to submit a guest Dream Smasher article, click here.

Note: All artwork within this post was either created by SlowDragon for Source Gaming, or screenshotted from Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS, and Minecraft. Feel free to use his renders, but please credit @SlowDragon_ on Twitter and YouTube.

In 2009, an independent Swedish game developer named Markus Persson, better known as Notch, began work on a small project called Cave Game. The game was blocky, and allowed players to destroy and place large chunks of dirt and stone. After a few months of development, it was given the moniker “Minecraft”. Minecraft would then begin to receive small updates from time to time; adding in new features, items, creatures, and obviously more blocks. In 2011, Minecraft 1.0 was released, marking the completion of the game. However it didn’t end there, with new content still being added to the game even as recently as February with version 1.9. As the game expanded, so did the community. As of December 2015, Minecraft has sold 22,000,000 copies on PC alone and is currently the third best selling game of all time, even beating Super Mario Bros!

Within the last seven years, Minecraft has grown to have the same worldwide recognition of characters like Cloud, Sonic, and Mega Man, and some would even say that it’s at the level of Mario and Pac-Man! Even now, with Minecraft: Wii U Edition just announcing the first Nintendo themed Mash-Up Pack: Super Mario, which proves that Minecraft is far from ignoring their Nintendo audience. Similarly to The Legend of Zelda, the main character of Minecraft isn’t known for his personality. Minecraft’s default protagonist, Steve, doesn’t speak. He doesn’t have a true personality, but he makes up for it with the abilities he possesses.

Who Is Steve?


Gimmick: A large inventory, filled to the brim with crazy would-be weapons
Niche: Bag ‘o’ Tricks Fighter
Steve is a blocky man with deep pockets. Quite literally, his maximum amount of blocks he can carry at a single time is 2,368. While Steve isn’t the most rounded character (pun intended), he brings with him the spirit of creativity and years of experience with hunting monsters, including the infamous Ender Dragon. Steve also brought a memento of that fight, which can be seen in his Side Taunt.
Along with Steve is fellow survivor Alex, the default female character from Minecraft, and she’s willing to take on the challengers of Smash Bros as an Alternate Skin for Steve!


History & Importance to his series/Nintendo.


     While Minecraft doesn’t have a huge history with Nintendo, only having two major releases on their platform, Nintendo has a huge history with Minecraft. I’ve noticed that a lot of aspects of Minecraft take inspiration from the Zelda series, specifically signs and Horses being nearly exact duplicates of their Ocarina of Time counterparts, as well as Steve being a complete blankslate akin to Link, this of course is just speculation.
     As previously stated, Minecraft is incredibly important to videogames in general, with it only being beaten sales-wise by Tetris and Wii Sports. Minecraft is also incredibly popular (especially on Wii U) in Japan, making him well known to Sakurai as a possible contender. The only thing standing in Steve’s way of joining the battle is that Minecraft was acquisitioned by Microsoft in November of 2014, but that has not stopped the Minecraft series from being updated frequently on PlayStation consoles since then, and of course having both Minecraft: Wii U Edition and Minecraft: Story Mode released on Nintendo hardware. Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division of Microsoft, has expressed interest in getting one of the company’s mascots into the Smash Bros series, and Steve is only rivaled by Banjo and Kazooie for most fan demand.


How will they play?

Steve alts
     Steve, along with Alex, are more of a representative of Minecraft as a game than themselves. They’re a bit slow paced, due to the excessive amount of Items they carry. Steve suffers from his slow speed, and his many laggy moves, but excels in high risk/high reward combat. Steve is an incredibly hard hitter up close, but his ranged game is terrible. His side specials arm him with Ender Pearls, but these will deal damage to Steve as well as teleport him across the stage. His physics are also carried from Minecraft, including jump height, aerial mobility, and most projectiles’ trajectory. He is armed with an inventory that’s filled to the brim with possibilities, and has even more items at his disposal thanks to Custom Moves. Similarly to Mega Man, Mii Fighters, and Palutena, all of Steve’s Customs are entirely different Items with very different properties.
Minecraft Universe Icon

Minecraft Universe Icon

Now here are some statistics:

  • Can they crawl: Yes, Steve’s crouch walk.
  • Can they wall jump: No.
  • Number of jumps: 2 (the 1st jump is only about a block high, like Minecraft while the 2nd jump gives Steve green particles to signify a Potion of Leaping. He also frantically waves his arms, and crouches during his backflip. This goes much higher than the first jump.)
  • Is there any exclusive abilities they have*: No
  • Height: C
  • Weight: B
  • Walk speed: D
  • Dash speed: 1.5 (C)
  • Air speed: 0.91 (E)
  • Falling speed: Max: 1.8 (A); Fast: 2.88 (A)
  • Mirrored when facing left: No

*i.e. Peach’s float

Kirby hat: Kirby’s entire model becomes blocky, and it gains Steve’s TNT.

Minecraft Kirby created by (

Minecraft Kirby created by (

Attack power: Moderately strong, his vast array of tools give him the fighting power he needs!
Defense: Unfortunately, Steve left his armour at home. In Smash, he has to battle without the strength of a diamond chestplate.
Tether: Yes, his Fishing Rod works as a tether.
Special attribute(s):
Steve’s appearance, aesthetics, movements and sound effects are straight out of his home game! Battle it out with the blocky hero of Minecraft! The only thing that’s new for Smash Bros is Steve’s ability to turn his arms 360 degrees.
Steve is a Bag-of-Tricks fighter, and nearly all of his attacks use a different weapon! The only exceptions are Diamond Pickaxe (Fsmash, Side Taunt, Down Taunt, and breaking blocks after using them), and Swords (Down Special 1 – Crafting Table).
     Like Minecraft itself, Steve is designed for the player to choose their design. If you want an all-out offensive character, you might want to have the Dispenser, TNT and Eyes of Ender. If you’re looking for a tricky character who’s all about mix-ups and randomness, you’ll like Slime Blocks and Potions, and the occasional Snowball. In the spirit of his home game, Steve lets you build a moveset.


Move Name & Action Description & Image
Entry A Nether Portal appears and Steve jumps out, he then assumes his idle stance. The Nether Portal disappears in a burst of purple particles.
Idle Stance The idle pose from Minecraft, with breathing and all.
Idle Pose 1 Steve pulls out either a Map, a Clock, a Compass, or a Book and looks it over before returning to his idle stance.
Idle Pose 2 Steve places a Flower Pot on the stage, looks it over, and then picks it back up. Depending on which character you play as, the Flower Pot’s contents will be different. Steve will have a Dandelion, and Alex has a Poppy. After picking it up, Steve returns to Idle stance.
KO Scream When KO’d, the contents of Steve’s inventory erupt from wherever he was KO’d.
  1. Steve punches once – 3%
  2. Steve punches a second time – 3%
  3. Steve does an infinite jab, which slowly pushes Steve away from the opponent – 2% (Per hit)
  4. Steve delivers a finishing punch – 4%
Dash Attack
Steve leaps into the air, delivering a aerial hit with his Diamond Axe – 13%
Forward Tilt Ftilt

Steve slashes his Diamond Shovel forward, not going very far but doing a good amount of damage – 14%

Up Tilt Utilt

Steve slashes a pair of Shears directly above himself, doing two hits – 5% (Hit 1), 7% (Hit 2)

Down Tilt  


Steve tills the ground in front of himself with a Diamond Hoe, bouncing enemies upwards. Steve’s prime combo-starter – 11%

Forward Smash Fsmash

Steve holds out his Diamond Pickaxe while charging, and hits 3 times directly forward when released. The 3 hits combo into each other, making this a prime killing move – 3% (Hit 1), 5% (Hit 2), 16% (Hit 3)

Up Smash Usmash

Steve aims his bow to the sky at a 60° angle. When fired, the arrow will go upwards at the same angle, and has about the same range as an aerial Ness PK Fire. The attack will do more damage and go higher when fully charged. An amazing anti-air – 18%

Down Smash Dsmash

Steve holds a Flint & Steel while charging, and will quickly light fires on both sides when released. This move works similarly to Little Mac’s Dsmash, where it auto-combos into the second hit and sends the opponent flying horizontally – 14% (Hit 1), 15% (Hit 2)

Neutral Aerial Nair

Steve places a Water Bucket above himself, and is covered by the water flow. This attack doesn’t do any damage, but gives Steve a windbox that pushes opponents downwards.

Forward Aerial Fair

Steve throws out a Fire Charge. It has a good range, and landing it can result in some good damage – 11%

Back Aerial Bair

Steve places a Piston behind himself, propelling him forward a bit and doing 2 hits to opponents. Steve breaks the Piston after extending. This is one of very few Bairs that will turn the character around, making Steve the only non-Fire Emblem character to have this trait – 5% (Placing the Piston), 8% (The Piston extending)

Up Aerial Uair

Steve throws an Egg directly upwards, doing a good amount of upward knockback – 7%

Down Aerial Dair

Steve quickly places a Falling Block beneath himself. This attack works similarly to Villager’s Dair, with it being randomized. All three possible blocks fall down, and will disappear when they make contact with any entity or surface. These are registered as projectiles, and can be reflected, pocketed, and absorbed.
1: (70% Chance) Sand – 8%, 6% (Late)
2: (50% Chance) Gravel – 11%, 9% (Late)
3: (25% Chance) Anvil – 16% (Can spike), 12% (Late)

Grab Grab

Steve uses his Fishing Rod, and will grab with the Hook. The line goes in a short arc, and will draw in opponents that it contacts. While it has a long range, it arcs and can miss opponents if mistimed. It’s slow, but his strong throws make up for it’s odd properties.

Pummel Pummel

Steve uses a Raw Porkchop, and will slowly hit the opponent with it – 2%

Forward Throw  


Steve swings the opponent forward, making them fly off the hook – 7%

Back Throw Bthrow

Steve swings the opponent behind him while placing a Door between himself and the other character. He then opens the door, sending them flying away – 4% (Hit 1), 5% (Hit 2)

Up Throw Uthrow

Steve swings the opponent into the air and quickly places a Beacon under them. The Beacon then lights up, with the beam sending the opponent higher into the air – 5% (Hit 1), 5% (Hit 2)

Down Throw Dthrow

Steve’s strangest throw, he places a Fence Post and connects the opponent to it with a Lead. The opponent is now trapped in place for 2.5 seconds, or until they’re hit. Mashing the (A) button will allow them to escape after 1.7 seconds –  5%

Ledge Attack LD

Steve climbs back onto the stage, and places a Bucket of Lava in front of himself. After a moment, he quickly picks it back up – 6%

Getup Attack (Front) GF

Steve places Redstone Torches on both sides, and then mines them back up – 5%

Getup Attack (Back) GB

Steve places Cacti on both sides, and then mines them back up – 6%

Trip Attack Trip

Steve places Stone Pressure Plates on both sides, and then mines them back up- 5%

On a side note, Steve’s tripped pose is the same as when he’s sitting in a minecart or a boat in Minecraft.

Forward Roll FR

Steve crouch-jumps forward.

Back Roll BR

Steve crouch-jumps backward.

Spot Dodge New Project

Steve places a Trapdoor, and quickly jumps in and out of it in a single quick movement. Longest Spot Dodge ingame.

Air Dodge AD

Steve becomes translucent, and impervious to attacks for a moment. This is representative of Spectator Mode.

Neutral Special (Default) NB3

TNT – Steve places a block of TNT in front of himself. Pressing the Special Attack button again will make Steve place a Lever and click it, activating the TNT. It is then subject to gravity (i.e. will fall directly down if in the air or off a ledge) and will explode after 2 seconds. Unlike actual Minecraft, Steve can activate the TNT with the Lever from anywhere on the stage with no Redstone required. As it closes in on the detonation, the block will flash rapidly. The explosion is very powerful, and can kill past 110%. The explosion will also reflect projectiles. A great way to surprise someone who’s trying to grab the ledge – 18%

Neutral Special (Custom 1) NB2

Jukebox – Steve places a Jukebox on the stage. When activated, the Jukebox will emit musical notes for about 5 seconds before disappearing. When opponents come into contact with the Jukebox’s music, they will be put to sleep. While this attack does no damage, it can be used as a bait and punish very well. The Jukebox has a small AoE, but shouldn’t be difficult to land if used well. The Jukebox will despawn after the song is over.

Neutral Special (Custom 2) NB1

Ender Chest – Steve places an Ender Chest on the stage, that is capable of absorbing projectiles of any strength, and then teleporting away. It will capture all projectiles of any type or strength, but is strictly just an absorbing tool. However, the particles it emits upon disappearing can do a small amount of damage. The attack is very quick, allowing players to easily capture deadly projectiles – 5% (Particles)

Side Special (Default) SB1

Ender Pearl – Steve throws an Ender Pearl forward, going about as far as Little Mac’s Jolt Haymaker. Upon contact with the ground, Steve will be instantly teleported to the Ender Pearls landing point. Steve will receive damage upon his landing, and also deals out damage to nearby opponents. Steve will be left in freefall upon reappearing, but can still grab ledges – 5% (To Steve), 12% (To opponents)

Side Special (Custom 1) SB2

Eye of Ender – Steve tosses an Eye of Ender into the air, which will hover for a moment before homing in on a nearby opponent. The Eye will do damage upon contact, and will just drop directly downwards if nobody is within range – 9% (Homing), 3% (Drop)

Side Special (Custom 2) SB3

Snowball – This attack has the same range as the Ender Pearl, but has a different effect. When hit with a snowball, the opponent will not receive any damage, but will be knocked back significantly. If the snowball hits an aerial opponent, they will be left in freefall.

Up Special (Default) UB1

Dirt Pillar- Steve will place a block of dirt beneath himself, jump, and repeat. This process is incredibly slow and Steve is at the mercy of a well timed projectile, but is made up for by Steve’s ability to cancel at any time and have access to all of his attacks (except Up Special) from atop the pillar. The pillar has a maximum height of 6 blocks, and will despawn if Steve is off the pillar for 2 seconds. While Steve can double-jump off the Dirt Pillar, he cannot place more dirt until he’s either on the pillar or on the stage again. On the ground, Steve places a dirt block in front of himself that can be used as a shield or a platform. Steve cannot place dirt over ledges. As previously stated, Steve has a maximum of 6 blocks that can be in use at any time. The dirt blocks have a hurtbox of 4% each

Up Special (Custom 1) UB2

Dispenser – Steve places an upward-facing dispenser, which launches a Firework and sends Steve rocketing upwards. When the Firework explodes, it does damage to anyone in the vicinity except Steve, and forms a Creeper face. It goes about as high as Zelda’s Farore’s WInd, but cannot be directionalized. It will despawn instantly after aerial use. When placed on the ground, the Dispenser will shoot Fireworks forward as a projectile, and has 18% of health. The projectiles are slow and run on a pattern, and they have about the same range as PK Fire. Steve can only have one of these on the field at any point, and will be unable to recover if the Dispenser is still out – 12% (Recovery), 9% (Projectile)

Up Special (Custom 2) UB3

Slime Block – Steve quickly places a Slime Block, bouncing him upwards. Similar to Pac-Man’s Pac-Jump, the Slime Block will stick around to bounce Steve even higher! Other characters can also use the Slime Block while it’s still there, but it despawns after about 8 seconds. When used on the ground, Steve will place the Slime Block in front of himself, and it works similarly to a Bumper. It does no damage to players, but will bounce them away and reflect projectiles. This attack can be gimped, as the Slime Block has a hurtbox and breaks after 10%

Down Special (Default) DB1

Crafting Table – Steve places a Crafting Table, and will automatically begin to use it. The Crafting Menu from Minecraft appears in the air above the Table, and will slowly begin to be filled in. It is about the same size as the Crafting Table. Depending on how long the button is held, Steve will craft one of five different types of Swords (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, and Diamond). Once a Sword is crafted, it will give Steve special Tilts with strength that is determined by the Sword. The Swords will break after a period of time, each Sword having a specific number of hits, which are shown via a bar on his Character Icon. When a Sword breaks, Steve is reverted to his original attacks.

Wood – The weakest Sword type, is only slightly better than regular tilts. Breaks after 8 hits. Takes about 3 seconds to craft.
Jab – Steve hits twice with his Sword in quick succession – 7% (Hits 1-2)
Ftilt – Steve swings his Sword forward, can be directionalized – 15%
Utilt – Steve looks upwards, and slashes his Sword at the sky – 14%
Dtilt – Steve crouches, and hits the ground in front of himself –  14%
Stone – The slowest Sword type, but has great strength! Breaks after 11 hits. Takes about 5 seconds to craft.
Jab – Steve hits twice with his Sword in quick succession – 8% (Hits 1-2)
Ftilt – Steve swings his Sword forward, can be directionalized – 17%
Utilt – Steve looks upwards, and slashes his Sword at the sky – 16%
Dtilt – Steve crouches, and hits the ground in front of himself – 16%
Iron – Balanced, but not as strong as Diamond. Breaks after 15 hits. Takes about 8 seconds to craft.
Jab – Steve hits twice with his Sword in quick succession – 9% (Hits 1-2)
Ftilt – Steve swings his Sword forward, can be directionalized – 19%
Utilt – Steve looks upwards, and slashes his Sword at the sky – 18%
Dtilt – Steve crouches, and hits the ground in front of himself – 18%
Gold – Low damage and low durability, but incredibly fast and very low end-lag. Perfect for comboing. Breaks after 8 hits. Takes about 9 seconds to craft.
Jab – Steve hits twice with his Sword in quick succession – 4% (Hits 1-2)
Ftilt – Steve swings his Sword forward, can be directionalized – 9%
Utilt – Steve looks upwards, and slashes his Sword at the sky – 8%
Dtilt – Steve crouches, and hits the ground in front of himself – 8%
Diamond – The best of the swords. High damage, high durability, and moderate speed. Breaks after 20 hits. Takes about 11 seconds to craft.
Jab – Steve hits twice with his Sword in quick succession – 12% (Hits 1-2)
Ftilt – Steve swings his Sword forward, can be directionalized – 25%
Utilt – Steve looks upwards, and slashes his Sword at the sky – 24%
Dtilt – Steve crouches, and hits the ground in front of himself – 24%
Down Special (Custom 1) DB2

Furnace – Steve places a Furnace, and the Smelting menu shows up above it, and is slightly wider than the Furnace. Steve puts a stack of Coal in the bottom box, and begins to cook foods. When held, the output will change over time, resulting in better foods being cooked. After a food is completed, it can be eaten by using Down Special once more, or be thrown at opponents like a normal item. Steve cannot cook more food until he has already eaten or thrown the food he has. All foods only do 1% of damage. To balance this move out a bit, there is a 1-in-15 chance of the food being raw, and having an opposite effect (i.e. the Steak would deal 17% damage to Steve). These can be identified by their different coloring, and still only do 1% of damage.

Baked Potato – This food is the quickest, but also restores very little health. It only takes about .75 seconds to cook and restores 1% of damage.
Cooked Fish – This one takes about 2.5 seconds, and restores 5% of damage.
Cooked Chicken – Chicken takes about 4 seconds, and restores 7% of damage.
Cooked Rabbit – Cooked Rabbit is pretty good, as it only takes 5.8 seconds and restores 9% of damage.
Cooked Mutton – Mutton needs 7 seconds, and restores 11% of damage.
Steak – Steak is the strongest, needing 12 seconds to cook and restoring 17% of damage when eaten.

Down Special (Custom 2) DB3

Brewing Stand – Steve places a Brewing Stand, and places some ingredients within it. The Brewing Stand menu appears above the Stand (Same size as the Furnace box), and begins to slowly brew a Potion. As long as the button is held, the Potions being created will change. When a Brew is completed, Steve will gain that Potion, which can be thrown like any other item. All of the potions will effect Steve if he is hit by it. The potions will emit their color-specific particles when Steve is holding them, to further help the player identify them. Steve’s Brewing Stand has a cooldown time of about 25 seconds, to deter players from spamming their Potions.

Potion of Weakness – This potion will decrease the Damage and Knockback of anyone it touches by 15%, including Steve if he is in the blast radius. While it doesn’t do any damage, it will definitely be of use when Steve is at a high percent. It only lasts about 8 seconds, so time it right to take down your enemies when they’re weak! Takes about 0.75 seconds to brew.
Potion of Poison – This potion will apply a poison effect that drains 1% every 30 frames, for about 10 seconds. It will effect Steve in the same way, if caught in it’s blast. It’s also perfect for gimping an opponent’s recovery – 1% (Hits 1-20) Takes about 4 seconds to brew.
Potion of Strength – This potion works opposite to the Potion of Weakness, making Steve (or his enemies) stronger by about 20%, and increasing their knockback by the same ratio. This potion is perfect for finishing off your opponents with a powerful strike! The potion lasts about 12 seconds, so get in your damage while you can! Takes about 7 seconds to brew.
Potion of Invisibility  – This potion is pretty straight-forward, and follows the same rules as the previous potions. It will make anyone it comes into contact with invisible for about 15 seconds, making it perfect for mixing up your play! However, your shadow still shows, and your sounds will still play while invisible. Takes about 9 seconds to brew.
Potion of Harming – This potion is also very straight-forward, as it will instantly do 18% damage to anyone it comes into contact with. It follows the same rules as any other potion, and is one of Steve’s most powerful attacks. Takes about 12 seconds to brew.

Final Smash Smash wither

The Wither – Once Steve gets the Smash Ball, he will be able to build a Wither Totem. Steve jumps on top of the Totem before completing it, allowing the player to control the awesome power of The Wither! The Wither quickly charges up, and then explodes, doing damage to nearby opponents. The player is able to freely move The Wither around the stage, and pressing the Special Attack button will make The Wither send out homing Wither Skulls. After 12 seconds of free reign, The Wither explodes once more, doing damage to nearby opponents and returning Steve and the stage to normal. During the Final Smash, Steve and The Wither are both invincible, and there is a maximum of 8 Wither Skulls to fire, which will not go through any platforms or Stage Hazards – 12% (Initial explosion), 6% (Wither Skulls), 15% (Finale explosion)

Up Taunt Utaunt

Steve pulls out a piece of Bread, and takes about 2 seconds to eat it.

Side Taunt Staunt

Steve places one of 15 different blocks at random, and then breaks them with a Diamond Pickaxe after about a second. The different blocks make their individual placing and breaking noises, but are all broken at the same speed.

  1. Ice
  2. Cake
  3. Melon
  4. Stone Block
  5. Diamond Block
  6. Sponge
  7. Glowstone
  8. Command Block
  9. Mob Spawner
  10. Obsidian
  11. Enchanting Table
  12. Wooden Planks
  13. Netherrack
  14. Dragon Egg
  15. Redstone Block
Down Taunt Dtaunt

Steve pulls out his Diamond Pickaxe, and attempts to mine directly downwards. Unfortunately, Steve is incapable of digging through the stage and he gives up after about a second of trying. Smash Bros must be in Adventure Mode.

Victory Pose 1 Vic3

Steve puts a Pumpkin on his head, and accidentally gets turned around.

Victory Pose 2 Vic2

Steve is building a small wooden house.

Victory Pose 3 Vic1

Steve mines a block of Diamond Ore, and then holds the Diamond towards the screen.

Steve’s victory music is a remix of a segment taken from the song Moog City 2:

And, that’s pretty much everything for the moveset. Did you like it, or do you have any ideas yourself? Leave a comment below to share them! Don’t think we’re done yet though, because we’ve still got two Minecraft-themed posts left: a new Dream Arenas, and a new Dream Tools, both written by yours truly [SlowDragon]. Make sure to come back when they’re live, if you liked this post, you’ll love the next two! See you all then!


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  1. I can tell a lot of effort went into designing this moveset. I think these moves are interesting (especially the down and neutral specials), and would be a fun character to play as. I just don’t know how I feel about the character himself, something feels off about the idea of a Minecraft character in Smash. I have been proven wrong on this feeling before, as I felt the same about Duck Hunt before I got a chance to play him. There were two other things I felt were worth mentioning: one, Little Mac’s down-smash only hits once. If you want an example of a down-smash that hits twice, I think Ganondorf would be a better example. Two, as muh as the signs and horses could very well be a direct nod to Zelda, I think having a blank protagonist is too common of a theme for anyone to say that they drew inspiration from anywhere for their character.

    Spiral on May 14 |
    • Maybe you will weird about it because the character looks too blooky, and change the design to look better could be… Unfiting? (That is the word right?)

    • Nice catch on the Down Smash part, I’ll try to have it fixed. It works more similarly to Duck Hunt’s or Cloud’s, where the first hit auto-connects into the second (and in Duck Hunt’s case, the third as well). As I also stated in the article, those were just similarities that I had found between the two (except in the blankslate part, I’m positive that was mentioned in an article I read, but I couldn’t find the proper source), so I added in the bit about it being a personal speculation.

      Slow (@SlowDragon_) on May 15 |
  2. Very well thought out, the only thing I would do differently is maybe make crafting not take nearly that long. For reference, to fully charge Cloud’s Limit Break it takes about 7 seconds. Also, I feel like Haggstrom is a better fit for a victory theme.

    TaddtheMushroom on August 6 |