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This article looks at comments spanning May 17th, to May 22nd (Japan time).

Peridot Gem

If Zelda had more characters that showed up more than once we wouldn’t of had this problem.

From: The Truth Isn’t That Simple — Sakurai Discusses Fan Misconceptions [Vol. 505]

Completely agree. If Zelda had more recurring and important characters we could probably get another rep. Tingle, Linebeck, Ganon, Vaati…those are the more important recurring characters. There’s also Impa, but she can be a bit more difficult. She has varying levels of importance to the story, and her appearances and characteristics differ with every game. Many people are probably partial to the Hyrule Warrior version…but I’m not sure if Sakurai would select that version as Hyrule Warriors isn’t exactly canon.

Peridot Gem

Dude get your facts straight. Fire Emblem has been neglected for years! Much longer than Metroid and Donkey Kong and whoever. Your Alph point is utter garbage because Alph was planned to be in alongside the clone trio with Rock Pikmin with full glory but he was ditched because Olimar was a pain to put in as it is. Here’s one of the many proof by Sakurai saying how Olimar was hard to put in. “Olimar and his Pikmin were also extremely difficult, but I managed to at least get them to work.”

Are you serious!? Star Fox Zero didn’t come to the end of April 2016. Read my comment further. It addresses on why Corrin was better for advertisement. It’s the same case for Roy. He was the Melee part of the DLC. Mewtwo is actually KNOWN outside of Smash and before Smash because he has movies dedicated to the Pokemon. No excuses. Dr. Mario wasn’t apart of the DLC. Mewtwo was the overall favorite and was wanted by Sakurai himself to be put in all the Smash games’ main roster. Only one of them pulled through aka Melee. Smash 4 doesn’t really count because he was last second DLC. Wolf has nothing to do with Roy. Stop trying to blindly throw him under the bus just because he’s a Fire Emblem character.

Sakurai is making up for what Nintendo lacked to give in the first place. Proper localization to the FE series. Nintendo of America even tried to remove Marth and Roy in the American Melee version which would’ve lead to “censorship” complaints. FE an classic nearly as old as Mario almost died because of crap advertisement. Which would’ve never happened in the first place if Nintendo of America didn’t have such a strong hatred to Japan born games that aren’t that popular.

Fire Emblem has a lot to work with character wise, something a lot of IPS on their level like DK, Metroid, and Star Fox simply lacked. Even a front runner Kirby did due to the fact there’s no other character other than Dedede, Meta Knight, and Kirby that show up in major roles in more than five games. Star Fox…. Really? Brought to it’s best and picking out characters that REALLY represent the series it only gets like four? characters same for Donkey Kong. Metroid has NO characters that can work except for a shoehorned stripped to the bone Ridley, and Dark Samus.

Giving exposure=/=Over representation

6 Reps really doesn’t matter when Zelda and all these other series have their proper representation since 64. Fire Emblem just became an major IP now which they should’ve been a long time ago. /2016/04/28/fire-emblem-is-now-considered-a-major-ip-for-nintendo/

You’re saying Elma and Inkling could’ve got advertisement DLC? Nope. This is a quote that Source Gaming translated about Corrin’s inclusion:

“After internal analysis, we decided that if we’re going to make DLC, we would choose a character from a soon-to-be-released new game. After consulting many times with Nintendo and looking at the upcoming release schedule,Fire Emblem Fates was in just the right spot. It’s already been released in Japan, but is yet to be released overseas, making it a prime candidate in terms of timing. I personally felt that having too many Fire Emblemcharacters was a problem, but after talking it over with the development staff and discussing logistics, I felt certain that I could make them a fun character..” No excuses. Corrin was the best choice for advertisement. He/She is even on an 3ds game so they can easily take the model and put some improvements on it.

It’s time to stop this salt. It was very strategic to put Fire Emblem characters in. Don’t blame it on Sakurai that Fire Emblem made a comeback due to Awakening. Ironic thing is. It wasn’t even due to Smash! Awakening was planned to be the last game but it got a sudden increase in sales due to new content that appealed to the audience. So Fire Emblem lives on.

There is no bias once so ever. Fire Emblem simply got it’s time and challenged it’s fate so it doesn’t suffer what a lot of series that died did.

From: The Truth Isn’t That Simple — Sakurai Discusses Fan Misconceptions [Vol. 505]

Double feature from the same article! I like this comment because it’s very well thought out. I feel that Fire Emblem was overrepresented in DLC, and expressed by dissatisfaction with the addition. However, I understand why Corrin was chosen. With Corrin taking the very last slot on the character order in the 3DS, there is a possibility that it was either Corrin — or nothing. Sakurai hasn’t been exactly clear when Corrin was started, or how much of the potential asset availability affected his decision (the Wii U would still require new models, and it seems most of the models were somewhat based off the Wii U versions), so we don’t know.


I agree that the 3DS version should have saved mode selection. Since the 3DS works better for 1-on-1 battles, whereas it’s much easier to set up a multiplayer battle in the Wii U version, the stock format makes more sense than the time format does, and I find myself switching to it very often on the 3DS. Well, I can at least appreciate that it saves what it does save.

Also, if you count the time I was featured twice in #8, this is the tenth time I was featured, and I still remember this quote: “No Spiral you don’t get a prize :P. Try for 10!”

So… what do I win? ? (Just kidding! I’m pretty sure other users reached 10 before I did anyway)

From: Featured Comments

The chance to be featured again! Hooray!

No seriously, thanks for being a part of the comment section!

Javadoze Bowl (@Javadoze)

I’d take a course by Sakurai on taking perfect Smash Bros screenshots.

From: News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo: Camera Mode

I would too. He’s definitely mastered building pre-release hype and taking pictures. Sakurai talks about it a bit in this column, and this one.


I don’t see conspiracy theories stopping no matter how many questions Sakurai addresses. The number of questions people have pertaining to Smash is never ending as is, and sometimes his answers can just lead to more questions. On top of that, if people don’t get the answer they want to hear they’ll just claim Sakurai is lying through his teeth and go right back to touting whatever conspiracy theory sits best with them.

From: The Truth Isn’t That Simple — Sakurai Discusses Fan Misconceptions [Vol. 505]

This is the sad truth. People will never be happy with Sakurai, and will refuse to accept any rationale answers. I remember when I debuted Is Sakurai a Liar?, and half the comments I got were people saying ‘Well…Sakurai is still a liar. And a troll.’ Most people didn’t seem to bother to entertain the notion that they have misconceptions about what was actually said. It’s a lot easier to tell people wrong information than it is to tell them that the information they know is wrong. I have a lot of experience with this ;_;.

Timji Saeki (@TimjiSaeki)

Just want to leave this info here:
I’m a programmer working on some F2P Browsergames – so it can’t really be compared with Smash. But Branching is something that is happening in every “big” project. As soon as you need more than 1 programmer, versioning&branching will usually be used.

But I wouldn’t read too much into the compiling path. In our games, the person who is creating the update files will compile his own folder path into the finished game files. That means that when I do the update, the path looks different than when my coworker is doing it.
Maybe it’s similar here, and the folder names are just different, because different people set it up with different names on their computers. Please don’t read too much into this.

Of course, different technologies are doing it differently, so maybe I’m completely off ?

From: Bayonetta Wasn’t the Only Thing Updated…

I added this comment to the article, because I wanted additional insight into this new information!

I’ve heard conflicting things about branching. Some people have told me it comes more into play when porting games, while others have told me what you said — it’s just something that happens with big programs. Perhaps every studio/ team does it differently. With X and Y drives, those either have to be network drives or something related to the dev kit. That’s why I still think the compile paths might still be important — especially if it’s a shared folder structure. After all, all the compile paths are pointing to the same set of folders. It’s not just one or two files…it’s the full set of them. We might do a mini-discussion on this topic, as a lot of people seem confused about it.


I don’t want to start anything here but Hyrule Warriors and Splatoon were plotted to cease production long ago. Yet Hyrule Warriors is still receiving updates and Splatoon is continuing to receive continued support despite what the developers said. At the end of the day both games proved too successful for Nintendo to ignore.

We will see what happens.

From: Bayonetta Wasn’t the Only Thing Updated…

Yeah, Splatoon getting another set of updates was pretty interesting. I’m pretty sure the director during NicoNico Chokaigi was crying because he was overwhelmed with the support the game got from the community. I think after that event, they worked with Nintendo to add more content. With Hyrule Warriors it was a similar thing (except they were making the 3DS version already). With the NX releasing much later than we expected it’s good to see some new Wii U content. Maybe this is Nintendo’s plan to satisfy people until the new console?

Isaac: Venus Adept

Tfw you’re still waiting for a Dream Smashers on Isaac ?

From: Dream Smashers – Azura

We accept guest posts. For Dream Smashers, please check the guidelines!


Anyway, that’s it for this week! Let us know in the comments below if we missed an excellent comment!


  1. Thanks for featuring me again, but I wasn’t the one who wrote that last comment ;_;

    If I had the time for it, I totally would write a full moveset for Isaac though, or maybe Matthew, but that’s just one of a dozen ideas I’ve got floating around in my head at the moment.

    Spiral on May 23 |
    • Sorry about that, I will fix it when I get home!

      Source Gaming Team on May 24 |
      • Actually that was me that made that Isaac comment. I am starting on my Isaac Dream Smashers in MS Word but I have exams soon so it’ll take a while

        Isaac: Venus Adept on May 24 |
        • Well I’ll look forward to it once it’s finished, I really do think Isaac could work wonderfully in Smash and I’d love it if more people got to know about Golden Sun. Actually, I’d love it more if another Golden Sun game was made, but one dream at a time.

          Spiral on May 24 |
  2. (Reads Featured Comments)


    I need to comment more. That, and spend more time on the comments that I make. At least I will have more time after Finals finish this week.

    (Continues to pretend to study)

    DekZek on May 23 |
  3. I think, in due time, Fire Emblem will become successful enough to have 6 characters. People like to bring up that Fire Emblem hasn’t sold that well in either region across its history, but in both regions it was because, as Peridot Gem pointed out, Nintendo didn’t advertise the series enough.

    I didn’t know Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance even existed until Brawl’s pre-release Smash Dojo update included Ike, simply because I never saw any TV commercials for it as a kid.

    For years, Smash had been Fire Emblem’s primary way of advertising the series in the west, when that’s pretty ridiculous in and of itself. If people loved the original Fire Emblem that first arrived in America (I know I did), then Nintendo should have followed up with that with increased advertisements for the series for future installments, but that never really came.

    At the very least, though I wasn’t too keen on either Awakening or Fates, I would very much like the series to get more exposure. They’re just some of the most engaging turn based strategy games on the market and they need more of an audience. Fates had some of the highest sales in the series so far and even if that’s due to how it’s split between 2(.5) games, the sales numbers growing only mean that detractors of the series when it comes to Smash representation will have less material to make them angry if sequels keep it up with more advertising and pre-release hype.

    My two cents on the matter: if people still like to bring up the tired old “sales” argument when it comes to Smash character inclusion, and if by that argument Fire Emblem doesn’t “deserve” 6 characters, then in due time that’ll change for those people, based on how well Fates is doing–they’ll HAVE to concede its selling well enough for it not to matter anymore. I don’t even play too much Fire Emblem (again, it wasn’t advertised too much when I was a kid, but man do I wanna play Path of Radiance already), I just think the hate toward the amount of Fire Emblem characters in Smash is excessive. I’ve seen friends of mine turn to the dark side of Smash hate and Smash fanboyism simply because Corrin was included–now one of them has made it a passive aggressive thing to hate on them (it’s almost comical how he’s brought himself to literally dislike EVERY part of Corrin’s design, when he’s customizable in his game anyway so that should be the least of his issues) and it’s seriously annoying me how he hasn’t gotten over it already, ugh.

    Sorry for that huge post. Just felt like letting loose some steam, hope I didn’t come off as confrontational or unpleasant to anyone.

    Brobot 12 on May 23 |
    • My beef isn’t so much sales as how popular and iconic it is. It’s a shame it got so out of hand and I know that I only fed it, but I still think that that holds true.

      Fire Emblem is a revolving door of main characters. They can add the protagonist from every new FE, but they will likely never have a major role again. Since Sakurai is so opposed to cuts though, that means the roster can fill with characters relatively unimportant to their series.

      I agree about the lack of characters for Zelda, but DK still has plenty to work with and has been a major IP for longer.

      Arthur 97 on May 24 |
      • But the problem is. Donkey Kong has been way too consistent with their characters, Even dropping a character or more like K Rool. That’s like keeping only Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser throughout all of his hundreds of games and dropping Bowser. FE isn’t just one-off characters like you think. Marth showed up in like 3-4 out of 14 in an major role. So obviously he’s the Pikachu of the franchise. Ike showed up in two games and is one of the favorite lords. Roy used to be only advertisement and was ditched and planned to never return except he became an favorite and basically the fans of him interfered. It was only pure luck on how he came back. Lucky him. You’re probably right about Robin being an one-off character alone but the thing is.

        Smash tends to change and affect a lot of things. Most notably Smash 4. If Smash never existed Amiibo wouldn’t of existed either, Star Fox Zero’s designs wouldn’t be so heavily influenced off Smash, Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus would be dead and more. Thanks to Smash in some cases these characters aren’t really one-off characters no more. Chrom probably would’ve been an one-off too but due to Sakurai’s picking on him but keeping everything in character really opened up some doors. Thus the reason he’s showing up in a lot of outside things like Project X Zone. I’m pretty sure Robin and Lucina don’t count as one-offs anymore. Lucina in Project X Zone and Robin in Fates. I know it’s extra in amiibo and such but I’m gonna give to him because of how fast and easily he got replaced. Corrin was advertisement. I don’t think we can continue on Corrin because that’s it. Just in the right place in the right time. Pure dumb luck.

        Zelda would’ve been the exact case if it wasn’t for the fact the series handle their one-offs differently. FE’s choices of character weren’t that hard really. They just remove all the units and minor characters in favor for the lords. Things get a little more complicated but not too hard. Marth obviously, Roy got in because advertisement another lord was formerly planned to get in instead, Ike shows up in an major role in more than one game unlike popular lords like Lyn and Hector. Robin was the entire cause of Awakening’s story, Lucina being lucky extra instead of an alt. Corrin… Do I even need to explain it again? Once you remove all of Zelda’s one-offs that leaves like 5-4 characters left? If not just Link, Zelda, and Ganon. I think Toon Link is an one-off too but only returned because of Wind Waker HD and easier to put in compared to full characters.

        Peridot Gem on May 29 |
  4. I always doubted an NX version because I take these rumours with a grain now. If they are making an NX version I wouldn’t be surprised if Banjo meets Diddy again.

    haruhisailormars on May 24 |
  5. I feel appreciated being included!

    Peridot Gem on May 28 |
  6. “Nintendo of America even tried to remove Marth and Roy in the American Melee version”
    Hm, I’m a little confused, is there a source for this? I read long time ago that, from what I remember, the team behind Smash were the ones who considered Marth and Roy as JP exclusives but the NA team liked them and didn’t cut them, but I’m not sure, what’s the full story?

    Ar on May 29 |
    • I remember reading up somewhere that the team picked out japanese exclusives but Nintendo of America didn’t like that and tried to remove them in the american version.

      Wait nevermind! I found this quote straight from this wiki: “Nintendo of America feared that these characters would not have appeal to American gamers and thus would have to be removed, but there was enough stateside approval of Marth and Roy that they were kept. Marth and Roy were introduced along with the Fire Emblem franchise through the U.S. release of Melee, and the result was immensely positive, causing Fire Emblem games from installment seven onwards to be released internationally.”

      Peridot Gem on May 29 |