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Character Corner #5 — Star Fox

character corner Star Fox

Welcome to this week/month’s episode of Character Corner! This week ConnorEatsPants is joined by SmashChu to discuss the Star Fox series! Will Connor learn what a Krystal is? Find out soon!

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Gameplay Credit to DukemNukem.

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  1. Andross- apparently Staf Fox Zero has given him a full body model, in a CG model viewer or something like that. Still prefer him where he is now.

    Slippy- Has a real shot thanks to Guard. If his move set is like the Dream Smashers article on him, go for it Sakurai.

    Krystal- Wanted for a long time and if Wolf was already in the game, I’m sure she would’ve been a very popular ballot pick. But as of Zero, she (and Panther) have been retconned out of the series.

    Peppy- Nah

    Wolf- A resounding duh.

    jamesster445 on May 24 |
    • Apparently Krystal _isn’t_ written out. The head of Platinum Games replied to a tweet at one point saying she wouldn’t appear in SFZ, but they’d love to include her in a sequel if they got the chance to make one. Not only that, but the planet Sauria–where Star Fox Adventures took place–is namedropped in the animated short that made the rounds a few weeks back.

      She may not be in this particular game, but she isn’t gone…despite what a particularly nostalgic part of the fanbase may want to believe.

      delzethin on May 25 |
  2. Slippy may make sense. Although he’s not popular in the west (as everybody wants to kill him so badly), he’s quite a fan favorite in Japan due to his comical personality and cute appearance. Source Gaming brought Slippy’s Dream Smasher ideas, and I guess they can use that for Smash if possible.

    I still don’t know if Krystal would even have a chance to join Smash NOR return to the rebooted Star Fox game either. I know I’m wrong on this and you can wrong me on this many times, but I still have this negative belief that Krystal is ultimately dead in the series. I have watched the special anime of SFZ, but there’s no evidence that they’ve met her there even they visited Sauria for some reasons, which possibly be that Sauria may no longer be a Dinosaur Planet but something else instead. I know she wasn’t even that popular in the west either because everybody commented that she’s useless in the team and stole Peppy’s position away, while Japan isn’t quite interested in her either as “furry character” isn’t popular in Japan. I do wish to see Krystal again and possibly join Smash too, but at this rate, I think its impossible as saying “just give it up”.

    I’m tired of hearing about Wolf’s possibilities. He’s a Smash veteran too and can possibly return, as long they remake him into a different form entirely. Nobody wants another Land Master user, as Wolf NEVER even used it in the actual series anyways.

    zoniken on May 26 |
    • *nerdy snort* Well, actually, Wolf could use a Landmaster in Star Fox: Assault’s multiplayer mode, but the red Landmaster is original to Smash. They don’t necessarily have to remake Wolf for Smash 5; veterans almost never get overhauled and Wolf is not even a semi-clone. In fact, according to Wolf only had his Bair, pummel, specials, and Final Smash at least partially cloned from Fox, giving him a 28.2% clone rating of “non-clone”. If Wolf ever returns to Smash, don’t expect an overhaul; they didn’t bother to do any significant decloning in Smash 4, minus Roy.

      I totally agree about Slippy. I believe Krystal has a shot of getting into Smash, but only if she reappears in the rebooted Star Fox series, which Platinum Games seems to be open to. They bothered to namedrop Sauria in the anime short, and there’s little reason to believe that it won’t be the dinosaur planet anymore (that’s Sauria’s “thing”, and they could’ve namedropped any other planet). I’m calling it now: Krystal will appear in the eventual sequel to Star Fox Zero, but it’ll be too late for Smash 5.

      Nintendrone on May 26 |
    • I’m tired of idiots that claim Wolf is a complete clone. About 7 moves out of 20+ moves similar or equal, when others have many more, and a characters that has a completely different play style to Fox, but people claim he is one of the biggest cases of copy paste in Smash in the veins of Dark Pit and Lucina. He needs no changing if he returns and people like you should go ahead and look the definition of clone in a dictionary before spitting idiots comments like yours.

      Ddrevolution on May 27 |
  3. @Nintendrone
    Well, okay. If Krystal does return in the later rebooted sequel in some form, then I’d be happy enough. I wouldn’t even think Kat even fits being in a heroine position. But maybe not Smash NX, I know she won’t make it in there. But Smash 5, maybe. Because there’s lots of time for Sakurai to be determined whether she should join or not; even I could think Smash 5 would be released after Star Fox Zero 2 is released. But time will tell…

    zoniken on May 30 |