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Patreon Update [May]

Patreon Update

Hello fans and supporters of Source Gaming! Another month has passed us by, and it’s time for another update.

This month, operating costs were relatively minimal. We purchased only a couple copies of Famitsu Weekly. The rest of the money will go towards providing support for E3, and to pay back the server costs/past magazines.

Spazzy, SmashChu and Neo Zero are still planning on attending E3. Attending E3 will allow us to provide coverage to you guys straight from the source. Even though Nintendo has announced a limited show, we think attending E3 will provide us with a good opportunity for outreach.

This month we interviewed John Szczepaniak, author of The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers, and covered an interesting change in the latest patch. Soma spearheaded the translation of the Melee website this month (Month of May-lee!). This is a huge undertaking and represents the first time that these pages are available in English. I hope the Smash community can use these pages to learn more about Melee and the history of Smash.  Nantendo wrote an amazing analysis of what Nintendo’s partners could be working on too. We also added two editors to the team: MaskO’ and A10TheHero. See the whole staff list here! Having so many people be involved is essential since Source Gaming does a lot of original research.

The feedback from the Mega Smash Poll has been pretty positive. Thank you! A lot of people want more translations, and better podcasts/discussions…so we will be working on that. We are working on producing original music for the podcast and discussion. Backers can listen to the sample of the introduction right now! The music is being produced by Crane043, and you can check out his SoundCloud here. We really appreciate all the positive feedback we’ve been getting!

We have several huge projects in the pipeline. I’m excited to be working on a script for a huge YouTube channel…with the possibility of doing more in the future. The video will further promote Source Gaming and our content. Stay tuned for more details and information!

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Thank you all for your support!