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Additional Censorship in Japanese Smash for Wii U Found

2016-06-04 (1)

(Note: The script for the video, and images are located below. Clicking on the images allows you to see the image in full size)

Hello! I’m here to share with you more changes that were made in the Japanese version of Smash for Wii U. These changes were done in order to avoid a higher CERO rating.

Our good friend, RandomTalkingBush was kind enough to share renders so that we could compare. I’ve also captured some footage from the Japanese version of Smash for Wii U, so you could see that these models are currently being used.













Previously, we reported on Palutena’s changes in the Japanese version. Her changes were part of a patch that was released in Japan. The color of her underwear and skirt length was changed.











Today, we have renders of Wonder Pink, and Lyn. Interestingly, Lyn’s changes was made to the trophy only. Her assist trophy does not have any reported changes.

Wonder Pink’s skirt was changed, and she was even given a new pose! For Lyn, the change is barely noticeable with the length of the skirt adjusted.












That’s all for today. Make sure to follow RandomTalkingBush on Twitter — link to his account in the description below. Also, follow AllSourceGaming for more Smash news, translations and trivia! This is PushDustIn signing off.











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(If you are interested in cut content, check out our Definitive List of Unused Fighters in Smash!)

  1. This is highly ironic.

    Arthur 97 on June 4 |
    • Not really. Unlike Nintendo of America’s recent wave of censorship (which remains unexplained), Nintendo of Japan’s censorship is known to be a direct response to Japan’s ratings board of CERO. CERO has become more strict over the years, such as now having low tolerance for certain forms of violence and “sexualization” when compared to the ESRB. Before, Japanese media technically disallowed visible “naughty bits”, but was quite lax in enforcing it, as creators could just barely obscure them or place them out of context from the human body (such as that penis monster in the Shin-Megami Tensei series). Nowadays, this rule is enforced more strictly and even applies to visible skin around those areas.

      (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)

      Nintendrone on June 4 |
      • It’s still ironic that after all the complaining about the West censoring, Japan got censored while we (I?) didn’t. If memory serves, Lyn was apparently more…bouncy in the Western version of FE 7. But you are right about it at least having a traceable cause, but whose to say that the Western things were not censored for a similar reason?

        Arthur 97 on June 4 |
        • People would be less annoyed by Nintendo of America’s censorship if we were given an actual reason for it. We only know why Smash 4 got censored in Japan because of Sakurai’s interviews and his general openness. If someone in Nintendo would address the censorship outcry with something besides a generic comment, the frustration would simmer down at least a little.

          Nintendrone on June 5 |
  2. Well tbh who really cares? We basically lost nothing but that Tharja trophy but to be fair she threw the entire rating of the game on the line. Censorship has always been and always will be apart of our daily lives. Different cultures and views and all. There’s no point in complaining about it anymore. I used to be very upset about it but I’ve learned to accept it.

    Peridot Gem on June 4 |
    • In reality censorship really seems like a negative term. While it is being censored, localization is a large part of it, and it doesn’t sound so sinister.

      Arthur 97 on June 4 |
    • The way I see it, I don’t mind ‘censorship’ (as people choose to call it) if it doesn’t interfere with my experience of the game, and I wasn’t exactly concerned about either of their skirts.

      Spiral on June 5 |