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Perfect Dark’s Lost Sequels – Unseen64


YouTuber Liam Robertson (in collaboration with DidYouKnowGaming?) takes a look at the lost sequels that were eventually canceled for Rare’s own Perfect Dark! Make sure to check out his video down below, as well as his twitter, and let us know what you think!

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2016-04-11 (2)



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  1. I’m sort of glad it didn’t go that way, that would’ve been a really depressing way to go for Jo xD

    xkan on June 5 |
    • Honestly, that whole video was kind of depressing – they had so much enthusiasm, and seemed to have a lot of ideas for continuing the story of a beloved game, and it was cut short because Microsoft felt that two shooter franchises were enough for them. (even though those are pretty much the only major non-Rare-made franchises that they have)

      Megadoomer on June 8 |