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I’m so excited for our first E3!

This article looks at comments spanning May 31st, to June 7th (Japan time).

There were a lot of great comments on SourceGaming Presents: Marvel vs. Capcom 4! However, since the authors have replied to those comments, I haven’t featured/ responded to them here. Please check out the article, and the discussion happening there!


Okay… Did I miss anything this month…

*checks article*

I missed the Nintendo making Anime and Movies discussion… -_-

*watches video*

Now I am up to date. Thanks for letting me know I missed something.


From: Month in Review: May 2016


Thanks for reading everything! Let us know if you have any suggestions!


Poor Dark Pit! ;(
I don’t get why everybody hates him! He is as cool as Shadow the Hedgehog! ?
I guess Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus will always be disrespected because they weren’t in Smash 64.

Would be interessting if you could ask seperate for liking the character itself and the playstyle for the next time.
It may be possible that people really like to play Roy or Corrin but hate the fact that “there are too many FE charas”.
I like Zelda and how she is represented in Smash but I hate to play her.^^

From: Mega Smash Poll – Post DLC Results

Dark Pit gets a lot of hate because people feel that he took their preferred character’s spot. He didn’t — like Sakurai has stated Dark Pit didn’t take up that much development time (definitely not the same as a character), but people still have that bias towards time.

Yeah that would be interested! I would like to get more data on the perceptions towards characters, and separating playstyle/ character itself could provide interesting data.

Arthur 97

I think for a lot of people it’s kind of shocking that content would be adjusted in Japan. But in the end, the gaming industry is an industry and it has to follow some regulations. Crash Bandicoot was changed quite a bit when it came to Japan, and some games like God of War have their violence censored. I should do a series on it or something.


It’s back up! Sorry, the audio balance was kind of wonky, and people told us they couldn’t hear the voices that well. So Neo Zero adjusted the sound levels, and reuploaded.


I’m sort of glad it didn’t go that way, that would’ve been a really depressing way to go for Jo xD

From: Perfect Dark’s Lost Sequels – Unseen64

It would have been depressing, but in a way it would have been really refreshing from a writing viewpoint! I really wish there was a proper Perfect Dark sequel, it’s one of my favorite games on the N64.


Anyway, that’s it for this week! Let us know in the comments below if we missed an excellent comment!


  1. Nice, I got posted!

    Anyway, If you’re going to look at stuff changed of from the US to Japan.. I’ve read that In Japan, Fallout 3 doesn’t allow you to destroy Megaton, while in the US you can do it. Megaton is often the first towns you a visit after leaving the vault.

    Personally, I just find it weird that the country that Gives us Senran Kagura, has to length skirts in another game.. Well, the Brits has Opera singing poop on a Nintendo cart.

    mikesharpewriter on June 8 |
  2. If it was one week ago, I would ask for a tutorial on brawl modding (Replacing costumes, music, etc.), but I figured it out (after ****ing up so many times). But since that’s out of the way… Just keep doing what you’re doing.

    DekZek on June 8 |
  3. The only “spots” I can see Dark Pit taking is Young Link or Pichu since those two required that level of work.

    haruhisailormars on June 9 |
    • Don’t let the Young Link or Pichu fans hear you saying that… and barely anyone else will listen.

      Welcome to the internet, home of modern mob mentality.

      DekZek on June 9 |
    • Dark Pit probably took even less time than those two would have for a few reasons.
      1) Sakurai already had a model from Kid Icarus: Awakening he could work with, at least for the 3DS version.
      2) Pichu and Young Link don’t have the exact body proportions that Pikachu and Link have respectively, which would require some more editing.
      3) Dark Pit was already planned as an alt for Pit, so work was started on him even before the decision was made to make him a clone.

      Spiral on June 9 |
      • Kid Icarus: Awakening

        How appropriate: two of the games that got the most love in Smash 4 become one.

        In all seriousness, Dark Pit indeed required a ridiculously low amount of work to be cloned from Pit. His model is a color-swapped Pit without the rings, and his only non-cloned move is his Final Smash (which is identical to Zelda and Sheik’s). Even his voice acting is cost-effective, as both Pits are voiced by the same person.

        Nintendrone on June 9 |