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E3: Hopes and Expectations

E3 Hopes

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Well, considering that Zelda is saturating Nintendo’s E3 and there’s no Digital Event to be seen, not expecting anything, not to mention that I have no interest in the other companies featured there. If we got another Federation Force interview like at last E3, I’d like that, but I’m not holding my breath.

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Last year’s E3 was completely stolen by Sony with their legendary announcements. Microsoft had a good well-rounded show, but they lacked the hype. Nintendo had severe pacing issues last year, and blew their load way too prematurely so their show didn’t have any fangs.

This year, Nintendo announced a limited show which Neo Zero has discussed about here on Source Gaming. I’m not hoping for much besides that. I don’t even know if we’ll hear anything about Emily Roger’s rumor of Earthbound 3 coming to the West. For Sony and Microsoft, all signs point to them announcing their upgraded consoles, and focus on VR and AR. I’m not too interested/ hyped for their conferences, but I still look forward to watching them.   


This year, I’d like to see Nintendo show it’s detractors that it still knows how to make games. With games like Zelda, Pokemon, and Monster Hunter, this year’s E3 has to focus on the Wii U and 3DS software before the NX is revealed, thereby taking all attention away from the Wii U. A few surprises would also be nice, but I’m not getting my hopes up for now.

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I generally prefer to be pleasantly surprised by new announcements, but I will say one thing. The new Zelda has to be big. I don’t know how much or in what ways exactly, but if Nintendo is hedging so much on it I’m certainly wondering what could be in it. I’ve really reconnected with the series this year, so that’s the one thing that really excites me.

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I personally am not interested in seeing any more of Zelda until it’s in my hands. I really dislike the idea of knowing the ins and outs of certain kinds of games before I can explore them myself. Honestly unless Nintendo has much else up their sleeve, my main focus is going to lie elsewhere. Games I’m looking forward to seeing more of include; Yooka-Laylee, South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Shenmue 3. I’m not too optimistic about anything that Rare has to show. Last year they incessantly teased fans with a new Banjo-Kazooie game through social media, and we all know how that turned out.

Although for the first time ever, I may tune in to Sony’s conference, the rumours of a Crash Bandicoot revival have me greatly intrigued.

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I don’t want to bomb you with my hopes and dreams, so I’d rather post my bingo card below…it should cover pretty much everything. I’m expecting this E3…but some panels are simply wishful thinking from me. I DO want to see Crash coming back. I DO want to see Mega Man coming back. I want to see more FFVIIr-Stuff. I want to see more games. I want to see hype! I’ll hype responsibly and don’t think it WILL happen. But I want it to happen. And this is what E3 all is about for me: Dreaming the dreams. This is why I still will love E3, no matter how “relevant” it is in the future. No “Nintendo Antihype” can stop that.


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In terms of conferences, I feel like Microsoft will likely get the “best of show” award, as Nintendo has little to offer, and while the Sony conference will likely be good, it’ll almost certainly be a downgrade from last years amazing conference. Overall, the company I look forward to seeing the most is likely Square Enix and seeing more from XV, VII remake and Kingdom Hearts 3, as well as Dragonball Xenoverse 2 as I am a huge fan of the series.

  1. My E3 Predictions: Last year, Bethesda kinda Stole the show Fall out 4. I expect that FO4 DLC4, rumoured to be “Nuka World” will take some stuff. (The increased price of Season Pass is more expensive than currently Available DLC in the UK, so DLC4 is clearly planned for, or Bethesda really has made a mistake.) I expect Dishonored 2 with gameplay footage.

    I really can see Most of the Annual Releases, and Crash being on the PS4 as a Skylander.. while DK and Browser will be in the Wii U version of the latest Skylanders.

    I personally hope I get dates on most Square Enix Stuff, I want to know when I can finally play DQ7 which isn’t available in any form in the UK.

    My crazy bet is on Gabe Newell appearing with a 3. Either that or Ricochet 2..

    mikesharpewriter on June 10 |
  2. I hope there’d be more surprises for Nintendo side. Nintendo have been always keeping so many secrets on few things…AT LEAST. Even if they’d announced that nothing secret will be kept for E3, we wouldn’t even know if that’s meant to be true as they ARE planning to bring something secret to there.

    For Pokemon Sun/Moon, they might not go further infos as Nintendo/Gamefreak wanna keep this game secretly. If so, I could wish to see at least the first gym leader of this game. Maybe some new Pokemon in the opening too, but some of them already revealed in this month’s Coro Coro magazine, so that won’t be any surprise at all. But still, I hope they’ll bring up something new here.

    I don’t think Kingdom Hearts III will be revealed in E3. According to the new KH II.8 trailer, they said they’ll reveal the new KHIII info this December, which does sound more disappointing for more delays upcoming. And I hope they’ll bring something for Sonic’s 25th anniversary. I don’t want any of those failed Sonic BOOM games as that isn’t even Sonic games at all. We need the original Sonic back to its form. Other than that, I don’t know what to expect.

    zoniken on June 11 |
  3. I can’t watch the streams, so I’m just gonna soak up all the info I can after the event’s over. There’s nothing in particular I’m expecting, just hoping for more upcoming games to be announced rather than more info on games we already know about.

    Spiral on June 13 |