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SG Choice: New Characters for Smash NX

Likely Characters

It’s been about five months since Smash for Wii U and 3DS ended its DLC development. Even though we are still enjoying the games, with multiple rumors that a new Smash will be made for Nintendo’s next console, we decided it was an appropriate time to look ahead. The following list was chosen by Source Gaming staff (and friends!) and then ranked by the number of votes.  For this article, each contributor had a limit of 10 votes each. Let us know how you feel in the comments or on Twitter!

Top Ten (Plus One!)


Inkling – 11 Votes

A character that nearly everyone expected for Smash for Wii U and 3DS DLC. With Splatoon’s breakout success and mainstream presence it makes too much sense to add these ink-shooters. In the individual character poll conducted by BluePikmin and Source Gaming, these stylistic sea creatures ranked #2 — gaining the most amount of 5s. In my Perception of Smash DLC in Japan, Redux, I ranked them in the 5th spot. Having a costume might have sealed their fate in Smash for Wii U and 3DS but they will be back to claim their turf! –PushDustIn

Ice Climbers1Ice Climbers2

Ice Climbers – 10 votes

It really does seem that Sakurai wanted to add Nana and Popo to Smash for Wii U and 3DS. It was revealed in his column collection that they even tried removing bones and gravity. However, because of the hardware limitations, they just weren’t possible. Perhaps with the next Smash, the duo would make their triumphant return. –PushDustIn


A Pokémon from Generation 7 – 10 votes

Hard to believe another one’s here, isn’t it? The seventh Pokémon generation will be our introduction to many new faces, and the rumors of the NX getting its own version of Smash 4 could give any one of them a chance that rarely comes. Boasting an absolutely massive number of characters, many with a wide range of unique abilities and elemental powers rarely seen in Nintendo’s other mainstay franchises, it’s a pretty safe guess to say we could see a newcomer from what will be the newest and most relevant Pokémon games when the NX launches.

With so few ‘mons revealed so far, it’s anyone’s guess who has the best chance, but all eyes for now are on the new Grass starter, Rowlet. With a dearth of both plant- and wind-based abilities on the roster, Rowlet’s fully evolved form would have a leg up–or wing up–in uniqueness just from its elemental affinity alone! But with us knowing so little, it’s still too early to say–the line might grow into a form too difficult to make work in Smash, or maybe a different Pokémon that hasn’t been revealed yet will prove to be more compelling. It’ll be a while before we know for sure, but that’s all part of the fun. –Delzethin


Wolf – 7 votes

Let me make something clear: I don’t hate Wolf. Wolf was one of my mains in Brawl. I just didn’t think he was likely for Smash for Wii U and 3DS DLC for several reasons. With that out of the way…I do think Wolf will make his grand return in the next Smash. With the latest release of Star Fox: Zero, I think Star Fox might be relevant enough to warrant three characters. Furthermore, Wolf would be a slightly easier character to make meaning if the development for the next Smash has a quick turnaround, then it makes Wolf a very appealing choice to add. One of our own Spazzy has written an amazing article about Wolf titled, Wolf in Memoriam. –PushDustIn


A Rhythm Heaven Character – 7 votes

The notorious Gematsu rumor, a large rumor which included some of the characters in the final roster, included an interesting character: Chorus Men. Even more interesting was there is potential evidence of a Rhythm Heaven character being planned for the game. We don’t know why the character was removed or even how far the character made it, but Rhythm Heaven is ripe to have a character in Super Smash Bros. The DS title sold 1.92 million as of March 31, 2009. Will the Chorus Men make their big debut, or Tebiri, the main character of Rhythm Heaven Megamix, or even Karate Joe, the character who has appeared in every game? –SmashChu


(Captain) Toad – 6 votes

Toad is one of Nintendo’s most iconic Mario characters, but has yet to join the battle in Smash. Toad, however, has been more prominent since the release of Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. Toad was one of the first non-Smash characters to receive an amiibo, and he has appeared in most of the Mario games, from Super Mario 3D World to Mario Party 10. Not only that, but Captain Toad received his own game on the Wii U: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Now would be the perfect time for the little guy to join the series. I mean, he is the best after all. –SmashChu


Takamaru – 6 Votes

Takamaru is a character that Sakurai keeps on considering. He was considered not only in Melee but in Smash for Wii U and 3DS too. The only thing that held this retro swordsman back is the lack of popularity abroad. With the inclusion of not only an Assist Trophy, but a Mii Fighter costume…Takamaru’s notoriety abroad is on the upside. Furthermore, Mysterious Murasame Castle was included as an attraction in the Wii U premiere title, Nintendo Land. His game was also finally released to the West via the Virtual Console. All of this is helping Takamaru gain some popularity. We can only hope these are enough to convince Sakurai to upgrade Takamaru’s status. –PushDustIn


Elma- 5 votes

Xenoblade, despite being a newer Nintendo series, has already made its mark with the Operation Rainfall campaign and the inclusion of Shulk in Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS. Not long after the release of the newest Super Smash Bros. title, Xenoblade Chronicles X was released in Japan. The title received plenty of attention, thanks in part to the quality of the previous game. Meanwhile, Super Smash Bros. fans saw a major character, Elma, as a perfect addition for the next game.

Although Elma is not the character the player will mostly control, she remains the de facto main character of the story. Elma is a leader of BLADE, a military organization that protects the people of New Los Angeles, and is the guide for the main player. Even though you are the one in change, the game refers to your squad as “Elma’s team.” Elma is, at times, stoic and generally dutiful and supportive of her team. Her class is the Full Metal Jaguar, and she uses both dual blades and dual machine guns in combat. Additionally, she has a myriad of other acrobatic attacks such as Shadow Strike, her signature attack, and Stream Edge.  –SmashChu

Geno- 4 votes

Funny how a character’s outlook can change completely, isn’t it? After missing out in Brawl despite strong fan support, Geno was little more than an afterthought in the speculation leading up to 3DS/Wii U. A one-off character from the 20-year-old Super Mario RPG, whose patron company of Square-Enix wasn’t even involved in Smash yet? He hardly stood a chance.

But in the time since, the stars have begun to align. Cloud Strife signaled Square-Enix’s grand entrance into the series, and Ryu’s inclusion proved that a third party company could bring in multiple characters if they were able justify doing so. Then a Mii costume based on Geno found its way into the final batch of DLC, and with it, a character believed to be long forgotten turned out not to be.

Then in a twist that made the collective fandom’s jaws hit the floor, we learned that Geno was legitimately considered for Brawl. Not only did Sakurai’s team know about him, he’d been on their radar for a long time.

With the combined attention of both the Smash developers and Square-Enix plus a cult following 20 years strong, and with the potential for a unique moveset built around the Mario RPGs’ famous Action Commands, the time may be right for Geno to finally fulfill a wish we thought was long forgotten. –Delzethin



Dixie Kong- 4 votes

It’s arguable that the DK series has been relatively light in content throughout the entirety of the history of Smash Bros. Even going beyond the minimal 2 playable characters, there has never been a Donkey Kong Assist Trophy, nor a particularly healthy array of stages or items. It almost goes without saying, but I feel like I need to point out that there are many characters that have had central roles as either co-protagonists or antagonists throughout its arsenal of critically acclaimed and commercially successful games. Aside from Donkey and Diddy, no character within the DK universe is more prominent than Dixie Kong. She always manages to pop up in the most beloved Donkey Kong Country games, such as Diddy’s Kong Quest, and Tropical Freeze. Considering she was prime for a playable role in Brawl, she seems like she’s in a “not if, just when” situation. –TheAnvil



King K. Rool – 4 votes
Despite this being a “top-10” list of characters, we had a tie, leaving us with a total of 11 characters! No “top” list of speculation relating to character additions in Smash Bros. is complete without the King of the Kremlings, who managed to muscle his way into this one too! K. Rool is quite simply one of the most heavily sought after characters to enter the Smash Bros. fray, both in Japan and in the West. I have in the past discussed the main issues that he faces, such as his lack of relevancy, and the competition within his own franchise. Though his status as a Mii Fighter costume was more likely than not, a consolation prize for his lack of a playable appearance. Potentially putting him in a better position than previously believed. With his overwhelming popularity, he’s almost certainly a prime candidate for the next Smash, be it an enhanced port, or a true sequel. –TheAnvil


starHonorable Mentionsstar

While the ten-plus-Kremling above were collectively considered the most likely by our team, there are several other characters with arguments for inclusion who fell short in support. Narrowly missing the mark were Paper Mario, Isabelle, and Rayman, all of whom were considered possible roster candidates by speculators at some point in the past. There was minor support for Snake to return, as well as newcomers in the form of the upstart Bandana Dee, the retro-inspired Donkey Kong Jr., and Minecraft’s Steve. Tied with them in support were the concepts of newcomers from The Legend of Zelda and Pikmin, and the chance of Pokémon getting multiple newcomers, all three involving franchises with major titles coming down the road or at least hinted to be coming. Rounding out our list with just a sliver of support were the divisive Pichu, the child witch Ashley, and the concepts of characters from Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and Bravely Default. Says a lot about how many options there could be that so many were left on the cutting room floor, doesn’t it?

Vote Breakdown

Archives – Votes


Ice Climbers – PushDustIn, Smashchu, TheAnvil, Nantendo, Nirbion, Wolfman_J, IntelliHeath, ConnorEatsPants, MaskO’, LIQUID12A

Young Link –

Pichu – :(, ConnorEatsPants (Taking this too my grave)

Squirtle –

Ivysaur –

Wolf – PushDustIn, Smashchu, TheAnvil, Delzethin, Nantendo, IntelliHeath, MaskO’

Snake – Nantendo, IntelliHeath


Nintendo Newcomers:

Toad/Captain Toad – Smashchu, TheAnvil, Delzethin, Nirbion, Wolfman_J, ConnorEatsPants

Paper Mario PushDustIn, Wolfman_J, ConnorEatsPants

Zelda Character – Nantendo, ConnorEatsPants

King K. Rool – PushDustIn, TheAnvil, Nirbion, MaskO’

Dixie Kong – Nirbion, TheAnvil, Wolfman_J, IntelliHeath

Donkey Kong Jr. – PushDustIn, Nantendo

Bandana Dee – PushDustIn, Delzethin

Generation 7 Pokémon – PushDustIn, Nantendo, Delzethin, LIQUID12A, TheAnvil*, Nirbion, Wolfman_J, IntelliHeath, ConnorEatsPants, MaskO’

2nd New Pokémon (another from Kalos, bearer of new type, another Gen 7, etc.) – Delzethin, MaskO’

Azura –

Ashley – ConnorEatsPants

Isabelle – Smashchu, Nirbion, Wolfman_J

Elma – Smashchu, Delzethin, Nantendo, LIQUID12A* , MaskO’

Rhythm Heaven character – PushDustIn, Smashchu, Nantendo, Nirbion, IntelliHeath, ConnorEatsPants, MaskO’
Inkling – PushDustIn, Smashchu, TheAnvil, Nantendo, Delzethin, LIQUID12A, Nirbion, Wolfman_J, IntelliHeath, ConnorEatsPants, MaskO’

Takamaru – PushDustIn, Smashchu, Nirbion, Wolfman_J, IntelliHeath, MaskO’

Alph or Pikmin 4 character – IntelliHeath, MaskO’

Wonder Red –


3rd Party Newcomers:

Geno – Smashchu, TheAnvil, Delzethin, IntelliHeath

Rayman – TheAnvil, Wolfman_J, LIQUID12A

Steve (Minecraft) – Smashchu, Nantendo,

Bravely Default/Bravely Second Character (Agnès?) – Delzethin
Resident Evil character (Leon) – TheAnvil

Monster Hunter Character – Delzethin

Phoenix Wright –

Amaterasu –

2nd Sonic Character –

Lloyd Irving –

Simon Belmont –

2nd Final Fantasy Character –

Sora –


Another Mii Fighter Type –

Another Smash Ballot Character – Wolfman_J, LIQUID12A


Current Top 10:
1. Inkling (11)

  1. Ice Climbers (10)
  2. Gen 7 Pokémon (10)
  3. Wolf (7)
  4. Rhythm Heaven Character (7)
  5. Captain Toad / regular Toad (6)
  6. Takamaru (6)
  7. Elma (5)
  8. Geno (4)
  9. Dixie Kong (4)
  10. King K. Rool (4)


Honorable Mentions:

3 Votes: Paper Mario, Isabelle, Rayman,

2 Votes: Snake, Zelda Newcomer, DK Jr., Bandana Dee, 2nd Pokémon Newcomer, Pikmin Character, Another Smash Ballot Character, Steve

1 Vote: Pichu, Ashley, Bravely Character, Resident Evil Character, Monster Hunter Character





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  1. Shantae? I mean she’s about to have her 4th game and she made huge popularity in Japan.

    • I don’t remember Shantae being popular in Japan. Where did you get that idea from?

      Bob on June 11 |
      • I’m not sure about “hugely” popular, but Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse (released there in Nov 2015 on 3DS physical) managed to get a Japanese wiki page and homepage, and is doing fairly well in reviews (based on sales on and other Japanese merchant sites). So, it’s around, at least. xD

        xkan on June 11 |
      • Oh yes after it got released popularity grew immensely. Just look at all her Japanese art.

    • If Shantae gets an amiibo, then possibly. She’s no Shovel Knight or Steve from Minecraft though, especially the latter considering Minecraft has become one of the largest video game IP’s, the game has sold really well on WiiU, Nintendo and Microsoft are beginning to work together on crossover content for the WiiU edition of Minecraft and Steve becoming just as recognizable as faces like Pac-Man and Mario.

      Anonymous on June 12 |
      • Shovel Knight never had a chance. He’s a fairly recent IP that may never even get a game let alone the fact the game still hasn’t been released in Japan even if it has been promised. And amiibos mean nothing.

        Steve is the least likely and I’m pretty sure most sensible people wouldn’t want that.

        • How does Shovel Knight being a recent IP matter?

          If the game is coming out in Japan soon, wouldn’t it make sense then to advertise the game by putting Shovel Knight in Smash?

          There is no evidence to suggest Shovel Knight may never get another game

          How does Shovel Knight getting an amiibo mean nothing? This is NINTENDO them self supporting the IP. What other IP have Nintendo supported in recent years? Bayonetta. Who is in Smash now? Point proven.

          Also, let me just point out that Shovel Knight’s one game has outsold the entire Shantae series. Business-wise it would make more sense to include him as the character is going to appeal to more people and therefore generate more hype as Shovel Knight is loved and recognised by far more people Shantae is.

          Provide pieces of evidence that support your claim Steve is unlikely. However, the fact you have resorted to insulting people who like the idea of Steve appearing in Smash tells me you don’t have any argument aside from you disliking the idea. Your subjective opinions about character ideas are not facts. I could just as easily write something like “People who want Wolf back are morons” and that statement would have just as much validity as your claim any sensible Smash fan wouldn’t want Steve. Plus, that is a No True Scotsman fallacy. An attempt to maintain an unreasonable viewpoint simply out of spite

          Oh, and I’m still waiting on evidence the Tales series is more significant to the video game industry than Tekken from back with our discussion on YouTube. Feel free to post that with your rebuttal should you decide to reply. 🙂

          Bob Jones on June 25 |
        • So the Anon gives decent reasons as to why Steve should get put into Smash Bros, and you reply by saying he’s extremely unlikely with no evidence and insult people who want him in the game? How would you like it if people hurled insults at you for wanting Shantae in Smash?

          Look, if you aren’t keen on the idea of Steve appearing in Smash Bros. that is fine. I myself aren’t keen on seeing him get in at the moment due to the fact I’m hoping for Banjo, but to say people who want Steve aren’t sensible, ESPECIALLY when he fits the commonly accepted criteria for third parties to be possible (Originates from a video game, appeared on a Nintendo console) is nothing but a dick move!

          Secret on June 25 |
  2. Inkling is a shoo-in at this point. It’s a huge new IP and Nintendo seems to be having a lot of fun with them.

    I don’t think Sakurai would have mentioned his considering Takamaru without knowing he’d be fielding that response for a possible inclusion.

    I’ve told people in the past that Toad just isn’t unique enough to get a spot in the roster. Now that he’s been in a Captain Toad and given new mechanics and a unique look, I can see it happening. Plus, Toadette alt! Too many captains, though?

    Ice Climbers will definitely be back.

    I think the revolving door will still be active for Pokemon and Fire Emblem. Some will be out, new ones will be in.

    My two cents!

    David on June 11 |
  3. Inkling does make a perfect sense to be in Smash as being the successful new IP for Nintendo, and I wouldn’t think they’re a shoo-in…if I could know what that means honestly. 😛 Further as the Smash Ballot’s result isn’t revealed yet, I do think the Inklings might have been in the Top 5. Possibly the 3DS’s lack of machine power couldn’t allow them to join in, while their ink mechanic may have been the main obstacle for their inclusion. I do think there are many ways they could improve that part, and I do think that’s what Smash NX is all about, not just simply a port, but an improvement as well.

    I do believe that the Ice Climbers will return to Smash. I don’t think they were unpopular. Sakurai’s will of bringing them back but rejected due to 3DS’s lack of power is the evidence of their return. As Smash NX can possibly be the improved version of Wii U/3DS, I believe they will return in some form.

    I don’t know about Rowlet’s inclusion. According to some Youtubers and Pokemon informant sites, they actually found a “Ground” and “Fight” type icon hidden in the Pokemon Sun/Moon Japanese website, and many fans strongly predict that Rowlet’s final evo would be Grass/Ground type, as Flying is just temporary while wind-based attacks won’t be fully involved. I simply don’t believe in that, but definitely its true that the Pokemon roster may need a Grass type fighter, so it depends whether Rowlet’s final evo would be the best candidate, or Sceptile as he’s still popular among fans.

    Takamaru is the interesting candidate. At least people are having quite of an interest with this guy, as his popularity is growing a little. Him being playable can be a better promotion to show what he can do other than he did as an Assist Trophy, if there’s gonna be a new game for him in the future. I think Sakurai’s next project will be the reboot or sequel of Takamaru’s game, since Sakurai does have an interest with him.

    I also vote for Bandanna Dee as Kirby’s another important character with many possibilities, Isabelle for being a main heroine of the Animal Crossing series, and a Zelda new comer which I can’t stop supporting Impa as being part of the important Zelda character.

    zoniken on June 11 |
    • I don’t buy that the type icons they found must necessarily be for the starters’ evolved forms. It wouldn’t make sense for them to upload icons for ‘mons they won’t be revealing until right around the games’ release. They’re probably just there for convenience, or for other ‘mons that are getting revealed soon.

      Though that wouldn’t be as important as what Rowlet’s final form is like and what abilities it’s capable of.

      delzethin on June 13 |
    • Isabelle, a heroine? You are aware of what kind of game Animal Crossing is, right?

      BooDestroyer on July 21 |
  4. About the only reasons I see DK being light in content in the first place is perhaps to some, an overwhelming bias towards the Donkey Kong Country series being seen as opposed to the entirety of DK – which includes the arcade hit.

    We have the Hammer, the Spring, 75m, and a large set of references within Smash 4 celebrating DK’s arcade roots than they do overly celebrating the SNES trilogy – with his clear video referencing his role in Donkey Kong by tossing a barrel at Mario with Peach as his captive (which they could’ve hammered the point home there if Peach was in her red alt, as I ASSUME that’s why her red alt is as such), the first event match having Mario take on a team of Bowser and DK, and how the start of Rosalina’s reveal had Kirby invade a Mario Kart race… Where Mario and Donkey Kong were clearly butting heads and showcasing their rivalry.

    I’ve learned since first reading Source Gaming more about the mind behind Sakurai as I’ve always tried to be being a Kirby fan, and I know he’s well versed in a wide variety of games, skilled in hardcore titles but still liking new concepts and new ideas to bring about new people all the while reinventing the wheel for genres that have become standard, like how Smash and Air Ride break the mold set by Fighting games and Racing respectively.

    But perhaps, since Smash celebrates the history of Nintendo and Video Games, that Sakurai may favor the original Donkey Kong titles, just as most of us favor the DKC series – and we fail to see that Sakurai does showcase love to the series in his own way, instead of – and I’m using general internet here, including some of the less favorable K. Rool fanatics – whining that Sakurai somehow hates the DK series because he hasn’t put in Dixie, K. Rool, or given the series what they consider the respect it truly deserves.

    Or you know, I could just be throwing things around for the heck of it. Melee had the Barrel Cannon (it also had the Parasol from the Kirby series, something I sorely miss) but I honestly can’t really see many things else from DKC to include outside a new character (or an assist trophy) or a new stage, which would likely be yet another jungle.

    Look forward to reading more from you guys, now excuse me, I have competitive amiibo to train. (I hope the NX has amiibo support… Disney Infinity’s failure and AC’s overstock doesn’t put any favors on it – and the Wolf Link amiibo works on the Wii U version for the new Zelda for sure, but I’m afraid the NX version would cut the feature, making a possible NX port of Smash 4 losing amiibo support – and the competitive amiibo community is small as is…)

    KL-Cobalt on June 11 |
    • Well, what you said is probably very accurate. The real problem is that 75m is an awful stage, and how many Jungle Theme variants are included in the soundtrack? Tropical Freeze included some amazing music, but it was almost no used. I believe improving those two aspects could do a lot for DK representation in Smash. Of course, new characters, stages and the like would be openly welcomed.

      PD.: Gogoat could have been Ramby as an AT instead of a Pokeball.

      HolySeadramon on June 12 |
      • Just because people consider 75m an awful stage – which in and of itself is objective: what makes it awful? – doesn’t mean that 75m isn’t a faithful representation from the original Donkey Kong game or a key aspect of the representation of the series from within Smash.

        Some of the most iconic settings for DK are Jungles and Factories/Construction Sites, while the wider variety of music would help tremendously, part of the reason Tropical Freeze didn’t get any new music added besides one track was because there wasn’t a new stage to add to the game aside from Jungle Hijinxs and possibly because Tropical Freeze was released in late 2014 – Kirby Triple Deluxe also released in 2014, but initially only had one track from that game but had another added when Dream Land 64 became DLC.

        I honestly can’t see Rambi as a replacement for Gogoat either – Gogoat makes sense considering its the mount Pokemon, whereas I can’t see Rambi performing the same function, Rambi is meant to be powerful and bulldoze nearly anything in his path, with his primary weakness being he’s heavy and hard to jump with – just as he’s depicted in the Donkey Kong Country games. This is why he’s limited to stages where it’s either required to play to his strengths of blowing everything away while being fast, or to use him in areas where he’s not in his element but still needed because the enemies within the stage are strong enough for him to beat – as well as a secret in the stage where only he can access.

        If anything, Rambi should’ve replaced Dillon because that’s the kind of assist trophy that would’ve really embraced Rambi and who he is. But then Dillon wouldn’t get his name out there in a wider audience.

        KL-Cobalt on June 19 |
    • Donkey Kong Country has plenty to offer besides new characters. We have yet to have an Assist Trophy, whose role could be filled by an Animal Buddy like Squaks or Squitter. For potential times you could have the Steel Keg which can’t be broken and rolls along the ground, rebounding off walls and can even be ridden, or the TNT Barrel which can be thrown like most explosive items or placed on the ground and instead functions like a time bomb. The stage comment is wrong; DKC has plenty to offer: Some major locations would be Frozen DK Island from Tropical Freeze, or King K Rool’s ship Gangplank Galleon. Maybe even a level based off the iconic Minecart levels. If you wanted something more niche you could have a level based of Slip Slide Ride since unlike over levels it was the only one in the first game that had that theme (ice cave) or the factory levels of Kremcroc Industries.

      MagcargoMan on July 2 |
      • “Donkey Kong Country has plenty to offer besides new characters.”

        >Which is exactly why DK doesn’t have any new characters

        The only one DK character that can work is Dixie. Who doesn’t have a lot of demand due to false belief as a Diddy clone. K Rool has more demand than her but suffers the Geno problem.

        Peridot Gem on July 7 |
        • All three sentences in this post are objectively wrong. Don’t even need to explain why because you’ll deny it for another fifty comments.

          MagcargoMan on August 15 |
          • King K Rool will never make it into Smash unless Sakurai looks at the ballot for newcomers. It’s basic fact that Dixie has much less demand than King K Rool.

            Peridot Gem on August 15 |
  5. I’m shocked this didn’t mention Isaac. He’s a usually more requested choice than alot of the newcomers in this article

    Isaac: Venus Adept on June 11 |
    • Why would Nintendo want to include Isaac into Smash Bros. NX? Golden Sun is completely irrelevant and dead series to Nintendo at the moment. Why do you think there isn’t a Golden Sun Assist Trophy this time around? No disrespect to Isaac or people who want him, but I just don’t see it happening unless he did really well on the ballot (which is hard to say where he would have landed)

      Anonymous on June 12 |
      • Do you know what else was irrelevant when Smash 4 was developed? Duck Hunt. He still made it in. At least Golden Sun is slightly more relevant by being available on the eShop. I realize that the chances of Isaac making it in are super-slim, but they’re still there. If anything, the most we can hope for is for Camelot to actually make that sequel to Dark Dawn, and then Matthew might be relevant again.

        Spiral on June 15 |
        • The thing is Duck Hunt has an iconic presence within Nintendo. One of the tips in-game even acknowledges the game’s origins prior to the NES with the Laser clay shooting system.

          Duck Hunt in it’s entirety is a love song to it and the other light gun games from the classic NES.

          I don’t think Golden Sun has ever gotten that sense of popularity. Dark Dawn was presumably made because of fan outcry but it seemingly didn’t do so well – critically, financially, or by fans of the series.

          For the most part, all I could think the impact that the ‘Cry for Issac’ has had was downvoting Mario Tennis Ultra Smash’s E3 2015 trailer because Camelot was working on that instead of a new Golden Sun – with the idea that a new Golden Sun game would’ve made Issac a shoo-in for Smash DLC…

          Which I’m unsure was even an impact from them – it was notable as that was a complaint I saw when the trailer was revealed, but Nintendo’s 2015 E3 show was poor in general so I can’t say all the dislikes were from salty Golden Sun fans wanting Issac in Smash – but a combination of them, the general reception of Nintendo’s digital event that year, poor showcase of Mario Tennis Ultra Smash in particular, and perhaps salt from other fanbases spilling onto other games. (Animal Crossing and Metroid in particular – AC because some people hyped up the idea of a new main Animal Crossing despite the series’ long development cycle as shown with New Leaf, and Metroid because well: Federation Force)

          (Mario Tennis Ultra Smash is a totally unappreciated game BTW – not as expansive as previous Mario Tennis titles, but it has a great use of amiibo that Smash never dared to utilize.)

          KL-Cobalt on June 19 |
    • There are people saying the exact same thing for the character that they wanted to join Smash, I could write the same text but replacing Isaac with Wonder Red.

      It’s easy to say that franchises like Golden Sun, Advance Wars, Wonderful 101, Sin and Punishment, Fatal Frame, Dillon’s and many others will never get a playable character representation in Smash Bros. because of how unpopular they are.

      fabricioogrande on June 12 |
    • Isaac’s biggest problem right now is the fact that his series is on hiatus. For the most part, first party newcomers have some kind of relevance when they’re added to Smash. The fact that Golden Sun hasn’t had any new entries in a while now is probably what’s kept him out of the running.

      It’s a shame, though, since Isaac could bring some interesting abilities to the game. Just the fact that he has an affinity for earth-elemental magic would help him stand out!

      delzethin on June 13 |
  6. I think that the reason Chorus Men were removed is because they were multiple characters and couldn’t work, just like Ice Climbers, and therefore could be in the buffed up specs NX version along with Ice Climbers.

    Cameron on June 12 |
    • The only issue with that theory is that the Ice Climbers’ emblem reference was totally removed.

      rhythm still exists.

      They lasted longer than the Ice Climbers.

      PushDustIn on June 13 |
    • Problem with that is, we’re not entirely sure the Chorus Kids were the Rhythm Heaven entry considered. We just know there was some interest in Rhythm Heaven that fell short of the cut, but we do not know how accurate the Gematsu leaks were as to which character (or characters) it was.

      delzethin on June 13 |
  7. Since we’re talking about characters that could possibly come to the (Still Rumored) Nintendo NX version of Super Smash Bros. 4, I thought I talked about some of them that I want to see.

    Heihachi Mishima: He was considered but made as a Mii Fighter costume instead cause Sakurai has a hard time creating his moveset. Perhaps Namco Bandai can help by recreating him and make him a second fighting game character in Smash. We have Ryu so why not. And don’t worry. Even if we don’t get Snake back, Heihachi will try hard to fill in for him.

    Ice Climbers: They were working on the Wii U but when they made 3DS game lag…..They got cut. Now that the NX is coming, It won’t happen again. The Ice Climbers can get another chance to come back since the NX won’t lag……Ever.

    Wolf: He is another veteran that everyone wants back. And I think he’ll get his chance to come back as well because Star Fox Zero came out a month and a half ago and Sakurai should’ve brought him back in the Wii U and 3DS game as DLC to promote the game in the first place. Plus like I said cadillions of times, He’s the only cut veteran with no issues surrounding him……And he’s popular.

    Chorus Kids: Some people claim that they got cut because they did the same thing the Ice Climbers did and made the 3DS game lag but I say they only got cut due to the lack of development time. So even if we don’t get some of the other cut veterans back, The Chorus Kids could try to fill in for them. Plus the moveset would be something to get used to for them.

    Squirtle and Ivysaur: Both of them are part of the Pokemon Trainer who got cut due to the loss of transformations. I know we have Charizard but why can’t we get the other 2 Pokemon back from Brawl? Hopefully we’ll see them with new movesets each…..Maybr.

    Inklings: I’m not a big Splatoon fan but the Inklings would help promote a (Rumored) upcoming sequel. Plus they got ranked on the Ballot. I know they have Mii Fighter costumes but that doesn’t mean they can’t be playable characters too. So hopefully we’ll see them.

    Ryan Hines-Kazama on June 12 |
    • Maybe* My bad for the typo. #ttc

      Ryan Hines-Kazama on June 12 |
    • Why Chorus Kids?? Why always these characters instead of Marshall or another big name in RH? A character needs to represent its original game as closest as possible. Chorus Kids is as random as Sceptile, Cranky Kong, Bandanna Dee, Waluigi, Sylux… I’m not here to discredit your opinion, I just get extremely frustrated in seeing people defending certain character choices as such huge names and incredibly popular franchises, I like to see people being realistic in their predictions, all your predictions were realistic with the clear exception of Chorus Kids. I wanted Wonder Red to join in, but I knew how unrealistic he was, at least I could vote for him in the ballot.

      fabricioogrande on June 12 |
      • Actually from what I heard, The Chorus Kids have been in Rhythm Heaven since it started and that means they are from the original game. Does that sound realistic to you?

        Ryan Hines-Kazama on June 13 |
        • Same goes for Marshall, the main character in the series. Chorus Kids sounds just plain random to me.

          fabricioogrande on June 13 |
  8. I think I’ll just run it down the list…
    Inkling? Sure, Splatoon is pretty creative, and I think a pretty interesting character could be made from it.
    Ice Climbers? I’m one of the few who wasn’t sad of their passing, I never used them. But sure, I won’t be mad if they come back. The more the merrier.
    A new Pokemon? Of course. I’m a huge Pokemon fan, so I can’t say no to that.
    Wolf? My only connection to Wolf is through Brawl, but I started to like Wolf towards the end of Brawl, so sure.
    A Rhythm Heaven Character? I love Rhythm Heaven, but I don’t kow how a character from the series would work as a fighter. Well, Sakurai always surprises, so we’ll see.
    Captain Toad? Sure, I liked his game. I just wonder what sort of moveset he’d have.
    Takamaru? I have no strong feelings one way or the other.
    Elma? I’ve yet to play Xenoblaxe Chronicles X, but sure, why not. Sounds interesting enough.
    Geno? Yes please.
    Dixie? Eh… I don’t have much of a connection with the character, but why not.
    King K. Rool? I’ve never played a Donkey Kong game with him, so I care even less than Dixie, but the more the merrier?
    Paper Mario? Two Marios are enough, I’d rather have a character from a Paper Mario game who isn’t Paper Mario himself. Ah, who am I kidding, I’d play Paper Mario.
    Isabelle? Nope, I’ll never see that working. Granted, I never saw Villager working, and he’s pretty unique.
    Rayman? Sure. That’s about as much as I can care.
    Snake? It’s showtime.
    Bandana Dee? I made my thoughts clear on the Dream Smashers article, I’ve no connection to the character but the moves could be interesting.
    Donkey Kong Jr.? I care even less than King K. Rool, who I cared about less than Dixie.
    Steve? Again, said what I felt on the Dream Smashers article, moves could be interesting, but something feels odd about how he’d fit.
    New Zelda character? I wouldn’t know who to pick, I’m satisfied with who we’ve already got.
    New Pikmin character? My brother actually talked about this, the issue is that the captains themselves don’t do much, just the Pikmin. In that case, just keeping the other Captains as alts would suffice for me, unless they introduce enough new Pikmin in Pikmin 4 to justify splitting them between two characters. Though on the note, Dabuz did say during an AMA that it would be interesting to play as a Bulbmin to be the opposite of Olimar; instead of strategically commanding a group of Pikmin and being relatively uninvolved in the fight, you just rampage through and your little Bulbmin just sorta do their own thing. That’d be cool.
    Pichu? No. I’m a Pokemon fan, but no.
    Ashley? Yes. All the yes.
    Monster Hunter and Resident Evil? Never played a game from either series, so I don’t know any of its characters well enough to form an opinion.
    Bravely Default? One of my favorite 3DS games of all time, but I think the job system makes it so that characters don’t have enough of an identity as to what their base moveset would be, and allowing them to switch jobs on the fly would be akin to creating several characters. It’d be nice, I just don’t see it working.

    As for who I’d want to see… I dunno, MegaMan.EXE or Isaac. I can think of a few more, but I don’t feel like listing every errant idea that’s crossed my mind as a potential character. That’d take forever.

    Spiral on June 15 |
    • Isabelle would probably be a Villager clone at best, though she does have lots of major importance in the Animal Crossing series already.

      I never understood why people want Ashley in there. She’s never had any special importance within the WarioWare series itself. Those games never do anything to treat her any better than the other characters, and she wasn’t even in the first game.

      BooDestroyer on July 2 |
  9. I am all in for Mario, Zelda, Fire Emblem, and Kid icarus characters. I would also like some newcomers like Viridi, Shadow, Shantae, Ashley, other Zelda characters and more fire emblem, Daisy, and I would like to bring back Snake and pichu. The only characters I suggest removing is character like Wii fit trainer, duck hunt and a few Pokemon characters. But I really really really want more fire emblem and kid icarus characters

    Karina on December 5 |
    • Btw a new Zelda character would be young link, for kid icarus I already mentioned viridi, and for fire emblem i want the same ones in smash 4 plus Azura (from fates ), Chrom (from awakening ), all nohrian siblings and all hoshidian siblings (from fates)

      Karina on December 5 |
  10. How about Cless from Tales of Phantasia? I mean the Tales of. Series started with the Super Famicom and moving forward it is going very strong in Japan according what I have read. With Tales of Berseria coming to UK and US, it isn’t forgotten either in western countries. Seeing Lloyd as a Mii Costume got my hopes up if we’ll see a Tales representative as a character and I think Cless would make it perfect.
    Maybe put Tales of Phantasia on the Eshop too for others to play it if Cless is a character for Smash.

    HeroOrTraitor on December 27 |