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E3 Impressions: Injustice 2

WB Games, in conjunction with the creators of the Mortal Kombat series NeatherRealms, are making a sequel to the DC Comics fighting game titled Injustice 2. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to play it. Instead, we were sat in a theater to watch a demonstration of the game. Additionally, we could not take any footage of the game. Instead, I’m giving you want we were shown straight from the source.


The major feature that was touted during this demonstration was the addition of equippable gear. After each match, both players will receive pieces of gear. The gear can improve the four attributes: health, strength, defense or ability.  Additionally, they can give other abilities such as improving certain kind of attacks. Players can also get different special moves. The one shown allowed Batman to throw three Batarangs at once. Although it wasn’t specifically mentioned, it appears the winner of the match will get two pieces and the loser will get only one piece of gear.  

After a match, players can either quickly equip all the gear you received, or exit to a menu where you can fully customize your character. Players can change their characters headgear, arms, body and legs. Naturally, the gear this is equipped will alter the fighter’s look, and players can alter the color of the gear. Additionally, the game includes some classic DC stuff as well such as Superman’s Red Son suit.


Image from and from the original Injustice

New Characters

The presentation featured two new characters: Gorilla Grodd and Atrocitus.  Gorilla Grodd, the Green Lantern villain that has amazing telekinetic powers, combines both psychic attacks with powerful wrestling style moves. One move has him float in the air and follow with a ground slam. He can maw foes on the ground, slam characters left and right similar to Turtle in Time, and even use his psychic powers to have foes punch themselves.

Atrocitus, the red lantern, is all about using blood to attack. Outside of standard punches and kicks, he spews blood in most of his attacks. He can even summon a blood torrent to drag enemies towards you. He can also summon a cat ally that can shoot projectiles, give himself a blood shield and even dash in to attack. His super move was also showcased. He teleports you to a hellish realm, slams you against a rock, and summons a red aura-like ram to crush his opponent.

While Super Girl will also be included as a new character, she was not shown during the presentation. You can check out some of her attacks and abilities, as well as Atrocitus’s super, from the official trailer.

New Super Moves


Image from

Returning characters will also be revamped with some new attacks, including new super moves. Batman’s super move was the most interesting. He strings opponents to the Batwing, having it soar into the sky only to descend, locking onto his foe while they are attached, and light them up  with bullets and missiles. Superman, on the other hand, showcases how pure power and speed. He launches his foe far into the sky only to quick fly to them to land another powerful blow then, quickly intercept, then to send them flying back towards the stage and finishing with a chokeslam. Needless to say, the super moves will be amazing when players see them for themselves. Aquaman’s was previewed in the trailer.

Other Features

Throughout the presentation, we saw some other features and elements as well. Just like the previous game, players can interact with the environment. Agile characters like Batman can leap from wall while stronger characters like Gorilla Grodd can throw objects at foes.  The stages themselves are dynamic as well. One stage featured was outside a ruined movie theater. Players will them move to a top the theater, and can launch foes through the theater and even through a movie screen while it plays a cartoon. The second stage was Metropolis, Superman’s home turf, which starts in a run down bar. Once the player knock someone through the wall, you move to a plaza with a Superman statue. Hit them out again, and they’ll the other player run over by a car which knocks you into a monorail which returns the fight to the bar.

Additionally, players can “clash” with foes. Once that happens, the characters will exchange some dialogue, and players have to chose one of the four main buttons. If you win the clash, you’ll get some health back. During one demonstration between Superman and Atrocitus, Atrocitus was able to clinch victory in part because he won the clash. With all the classic heroes in this game, this feature will be a real treat for DC fans. It wasn’t clear how you initiate this, or how you win the clash.


All in all, the game looks interesting. That said, we only got to see it, not play it. As a result, we can not fairly judge the game. Also, myself and others expressed concerns about if the game will be competitively viable with the emphasis on gear. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of it soon.


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  1. I thought Gorilla Grodd was more of a Flash villain than a Green Lantern villain.

    Mettaur on June 18 |