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SG Choice: Favorite N64 Game

N64 Games

Yesterday was the Nintendo 64’s anniversary in Japan! It was released 20 years ago (it can drink in Japan!). In order to celebrate, we decided to briefly discuss our favorite N64 games. Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter!

ask fm email icon Facebook Icon SB Icon Nintendo Network Twitter icon 2015-12-30 (3) reddit icon I’ve already discussed why I love
Majora’s Mask, and why it’s my favorite game of all time (and obviously, Smash is #2). So instead, I wanted to talk about one of my other favorite games — Perfect Dark. The game was the spiritual sequel to Goldeneye and improves on the formula in every single way possible. The multiplayer for this game is so far ahead of what Goldeneye can offer. Bots, more maps, more unique weapons, so many modes, skins…it’s amazing what Rare Ltd. had accomplished with Perfect Dark. The single player story was also fun — with the option for co-op. Who could forget the fact that DataDyne was fully explorable, with unique challenges? The game is so filled to the brim with content. Goldeneye paved the way, but Perfect Dark perfected the genre.

email icon Nintendo Network PS Icon Twitter icon Is it okay for me to say Super Smash Bros.? It’s a cliche answer on a site whose focus is Smash Bros. but I still remember the time, where I saw the infamous advertisement on TV. At that time, I was a HUGE Pokemon fan and when I saw this commercial, it was a MUST to get the game. Beating Mario with Pikachu? And Kirby is there too? Donkey Kong versus Link?! Maybe it’s still pretty normal for nowadays, but back then, this was a HUGE deal for me. And also a huge deal to my friends, who were mostly Playstation-Fans. When they saw me beating up Ness with a Pikachu, they also HAD to play this game (At that time, we just pretended it was the Pokemon-Trainer since Earthbound didn’t came out in europe and we didn’t cared about the source of this weird Ness-Character. Ironic saying that here, isn’t it?). It was a blast and playing Smash Bros. on the N64 with my friends is still one of my favorite childhood-memories.

Honourable mentions: Mario Kart 64, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Stadium

SmashChuBest N64 game? That’s hard given the N64 had so many good games. If I had to pick one, it would be Star Fox 64. It was one of the games I still come back to today. I still find it fun trying to get the best score and find ways to beat the levels. It worked so well because I could always come back to it and it was still awesome. There really hasn’t been a flight game that was as good as this one. And, of course, you can’t forget all the one-liners. You know your friends based on their favorite quote.


Neo zero The one game I spent more time playing than any other for the N64 was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This game is of course one of the all time classics, but as a kid, it offered such a rich world to explore, and different ways to explore it that gave me years of entertainment. Even today I can still play it and enjoy it the same as when I first played it at the ripe age of 7. Few games helped mold my childhood than OoT (and the entire N64 in general). I can only hope the joy I got from the N64, the NX can recreate for the much larger gaming fanbase of today.


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Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter!

  1. Majora’s Mask for me : ) Was so happy it came on 3DS too. Perfect Dark in 2nd, and was glad it was revamped for the 360 too! xD

    Smash Bros was fun, but I actually enjoyed Pokemon Stadium a lot as it helped me 100% the oldest Pokemon games thanks to the connectivity between the GB games and the N64 (as well as the useful speedy emulator)

    xkan on June 23 |
  2. My favorite N64 game would probably be Banjo-Kazooie. Runner-ups include Super Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

    Nintendrone on June 23 |
  3. If I’d choose other than Smash 64, then I’d choose the Pokemon series. Stadium series is fun but few parts were limited as it’s difficult to finish the game. Snap is very enjoyable but would had more Pokemon to snap while still hoping for a sequel or a remake. But I chose Hey You Pikachu for this case. I know everybody HATES that game so bad because it sucks, but for me, it’s part of my childhood memories. Using the microphone to interact with Pikachu through the game was something I really enjoyed about, and I really enjoyed seeing Pikachu being so cute and adorable. Sure, communicating with Pikachu through the mike was difficult if you don’t pronounce certain words right and speak clearly, but even then, it really helped me improve my vocabulary skills just by interacting with Pikachu. Also this was the first Pokemon game that made me cry before Mystery Dungeon series were released. Yeah, I agree it’s sequel Pokemon Channel wasn’t that good, and people will judge me badly, but I still believe Hey You Pikachu was a great game of my childhood days.

    zoniken on June 24 |
  4. Hard choice. Do I go with Goldeneye because that brought the best experience when playing with my friends, Pokemon Snap because I was (and still am) a huge Pokemon fan, or the actual answer that I’ve been delaying:

    (drum roll please)
    Ladies and gentlemen…
    OH MY GOD I LOVED THAT GAME TO DEATH. I hadn’t even seen a Star Wars movie before it, but I just could not stop myself from playing this game with my brother. If I still had my N64, I’d gladly pop this game in anytime and play it again. It’s that fun, even if some of the later track designs were too much for my child brain to wrap my mind around. One of my favorite parts had to be the taunts before the races (My grandma races faster than you!) and the announcer (He has four – count ’em – FOUR CABLES!), and that’s to say nothing of how darn intense the races could get. I absolutely loved the boosting system, as well as the damage your vehicles could take. I remember dreading Sebulba’s fire jets from his engines whenever I got too close to him, and never finding a use for them myself when I finally unlocked him. Ah, but I could talk about this game for hours, I think I should just leave it at that for now.

    Spiral on July 2 |