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What Characters are Likely for the Next Smash? [Part 2]

Charas Likely part 2

Here’s part two! If you haven’t seen part one, you can check it out here.


Sources Referenced:

I Answer Some Questions
Nintendo Dream Part 2
Nintendo Dream Part 3
Perception of Smash DLC in Japan, Redux

Dream Smashers: Steve
Dream Items: Minecraft Assist Trophies

Dream Arenas: Minecraft

Snake Joins the Brawl
Snake in Memoriam (We didn’t mention it, but we should have!)

Dream Smashers — Waddle Dee
Dream Smashers – The Inklings
Dream Smashers — Donkey Kong Jr.


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Neo zero

  1. I kinda saw Paper Mario’s side smash being the hammer, but eh.

    Arthur 97 on June 26 |
  2. I really enjoyed both parts of the discussion! 🙂
    I think the obivious and only choice for Zelda would be Tingle. He was in more games than even Ganondorf! He is popular in Japan and has his own games. He would make a perfect joke chara!
    I think Sakurai stops adding charas to older franchises when a) all iconic characters are represented (e.g. Kirby series) and b) no fitting unique chara is left from the series (e.g. Metroid). He stopped adding Mario & Zelda charas since Melee. But when he found a unique way for Bowser Jr & Rosalina he added them. Not really counting Wario and T-Link.

    cedrickterrick on June 29 |
    • Metroid has several unique characters they could chose, and I’m not even referring to Ridley.

      MagcargoMan on August 15 |
  3. Paper Mario is an interesting choice, since the Paper Mario games do play pretty differently from other Mario games. Paper Mario’s moveset could be completely original by incorporating his game mechanics. Of course, that is objectively going to mean three Marios in one game if they keep Doc (and I don’t see why they’d cut him again unless they really ran the clock on development time).

    I don’t see Isabelle working for the same reason Sakurai didn’t see Villager working for Brawl. Sakurai managed to get Villager to work in Smash 4 by making part of his moveset accidental or unintentional (and the other part is pure psychopath), but that can work because as an avatar character, Villager is a blank slate that you can throw just about any personality onto. Isabelle, on the other hand, has a personality, and I don’t think it’s one that’s suited for battle.

    Spiral on July 3 |
  4. Snake Should Comeback

    Ville on October 21 |