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This is long overdue! Sorry about the delay, was meant to go up Sunday…but then I got sick (turns out it was a sinus infection). I’m on some medicine now, and tonight is the first time I’ve felt like I could even write something.  I’ll do another featured comments sometime next week so we can get caught up. It’s going to be short because I still need to get some sleep. Sorry about that 🙁

This article looks at comments spanning July 14th, to June 20th (Japan time).

There are some great comments in the Zelda Breath of the Wild Timeline Placement article too. For timeline placement, I’m in the “wait and see camp” as there could a couple of places the game could be placed.


Do you know what else was irrelevant when Smash 4 was developed? Duck Hunt. He still made it in. At least Golden Sun is slightly more relevant by being available on the eShop. I realize that the chances of Isaac making it in are super-slim, but they’re still there. If anything, the most we can hope for is for Camelot to actually make that sequel to Dark Dawn, and then Matthew might be relevant again.

From: SG Choice: New Characters for Smash NX

Duck Hunt was fitted as the surprise retro character. Sakurai notes on the project proposal that the character has ‘surprising notoriety’ as it came packed with the NES.

I think if Isaac were to get in, then it could be through as a retro revival “slot” — but he has competition.

Relevancy matters a lot to Sakurai, especially with Smash for Wii U/3DS. When discussing the Fire Emblem characters, he states that the roster is influenced by the “trends of the time”.

Isaac probably did well in the West, and he even placed in the top 20 in my own Perception of Smash DLC in Japan, Redux. He’s not an unpopular character or one that is totally out of the question.


Wouldn’t it be a riot if someone took a random quote from this article and spread it around as if it were true? It came from Source Gaming, and they’re super reliable!

Jokes aside (not joking about the reliable part, you guys really do great work), this is why I’ve learned to take rumors with a grain of salt recently. There are a *lot* of reasons a rumor could be false, but there’s only ever one truth to it in the end.

“…[T]he NX is weaker than the PS4” – PushDustIn

From: Why Having Sources Does Not Guarantee Accuracy

Noooo my credibility is ruined! I knew I shouldn’t have said that! 😛

Lately though, there’s been a lot off misquoting because journalists haven’t checked their sources. Inafune’s translator saying “It’s better than nothing”, Color Splash controversy….all of those could have been avoided if people fact checked.

Peridot Gem


I was really hoping you’ll look at and analyze the complete entire stage beyond the camera pause view. :'(

From: Secrets of Smash for Wii U/3DS Stage Layout!

What do you mean? 🙁


Just because people consider 75m an awful stage – which in and of itself is objective: what makes it awful? – doesn’t mean that 75m isn’t a faithful representation from the original Donkey Kong game or a key aspect of the representation of the series from within Smash.

Some of the most iconic settings for DK are Jungles and Factories/Construction Sites, while the wider variety of music would help tremendously, part of the reason Tropical Freeze didn’t get any new music added besides one track was because there wasn’t a new stage to add to the game aside from Jungle Hijinxs and possibly because Tropical Freeze was released in late 2014 – Kirby Triple Deluxe also released in 2014, but initially only had one track from that game but had another added when Dream Land 64 became DLC.

I honestly can’t see Rambi as a replacement for Gogoat either – Gogoat makes sense considering its the mount Pokemon, whereas I can’t see Rambi performing the same function, Rambi is meant to be powerful and bulldoze nearly anything in his path, with his primary weakness being he’s heavy and hard to jump with – just as he’s depicted in the Donkey Kong Country games. This is why he’s limited to stages where it’s either required to play to his strengths of blowing everything away while being fast, or to use him in areas where he’s not in his element but still needed because the enemies within the stage are strong enough for him to beat – as well as a secret in the stage where only he can access.

If anything, Rambi should’ve replaced Dillon because that’s the kind of assist trophy that would’ve really embraced Rambi and who he is. But then Dillon wouldn’t get his name out there in a wider audience.

From: SG Choice: New Characters for Smash NX


I like 75m in theory. I love the idea of playing inside the actual video game — Duck Hunt, Mario Bros., F-Zero, Pac Land, Kirby’s Gameboy stage and Hanenbow offer a refreshing take on stage design in my opinion. Too many stages in Smash for Wii U/3DS relied on the gimmick of the platform scrolling by the level (a la Mario Circuit), or transitioning to new different areas (a la Skyloft).

I agree bit about music. There’s also the issue about how music is selected for Smash. If I’m remembering correctly, in the NicoNico interview with Sakurai, he states that he selects a bunch of tracks and musicians are free to pick what track they want to work on. So it may be an issue of not having tracks that matches the stages theme, or maybe some musicians/ Sakurai haven’t selected different tracks to be worked on?



  1. “Lately though, there’s been a lot off misquoting because journalists haven’t checked their sources. Inafune’s translator saying “It’s better than nothing”, Color Splash controversy….all of those could have been avoided if people fact checked.” -PushDustIn

    People are lazy. They don’t care much about accuracy, they mostly care about results (in this case, number of page views)

    I am less lazy. I care more about accuracy (why I read Source Gaming), but I also care a lot about results (getting featured next week? *winkwinknudgenudge*)

    P.S. For the timeline, I agree.
    (Walks up to the Master Sword)
    (Pulls up a fossilized Ganondorf)
    (Walks away slowly)

    DekZek on June 30 |
  2. Didn’t do that lass comment-

    Peridot Gem on June 30 |
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      Peridot Gem on June 30 |
    • Fixed, sorry about that!

      PushDustIn on June 30 |
  3. Oh snap, the double feature :O
    To respond to the first one, believe me when I say that I want Isaac/Matthew so badly for Smash. I absolutely flipped the first time I saw his Assist Trophy in Brawl, and I was actually sad to see it go in Smash 4. I brought up Duck Hunt to make a point that while relevancy is most definitely a important factor in deciding new characters, it’s not the *only* factor. I sincerely hope we get to see Isaac or Matthew in the next Smash game, I think either would be a perfect fit. Well, I’d really want to see a new Golden Sun game too, but that’s a topic for another day.

    And to the second one, you pretty much hit the nail on the head as to why fact checking is so important. A lot of these ‘controversies’ wouldn’t be so bad if people actually bothered to do a bit of research before they started talking, but that’s just how it goes unfortunately.

    Also, to KL-Cobalt’s comment, I never really considered that about the 75m stage before, or other stages that work as a recreation of the original game. When you consider how much Smash celebrates gaming history, it’s actually a pretty cool concept that you have stages that play close to the original games they came from.

    Spiral on July 1 |