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Pokémon News (7/1) Roundtable

Pokemon news

New Pokémon were revealed today…or yesterday if you followed the leaks! You can see the trailer below:


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As far as the leaked Pokémon goes, I simply don’t like the majority of them. A lot of them are pretty hideous, or worse uninteresting. Togedemaru’s face looks like it was pasted on his body,  Bruxish looks ugly. Charjabug looks uninspired. Drampa is alright, but it seems like something is missing. Cutiefly, Tapu Koko and Vikavolt are good (with Tapu Koko being the clear winner). I’m glad the other Pokémon revealed up until now have been decent. The starters are mostly good,and those are the most important ones I guess. We also got the English names of the koala and dog Pokémon (Komala and Rockruff). Overall, a bit underwhelming but that was probably partly due to all of them having been leaked.



While I’m starting to warm up to some of the Pokémon, I feel like a lot of them are still kind of dopy.  What makes a good Pokémon design is one that is simple, yet some of these guys look bizarre. Charjabug is one of the worst offenders as his square design just looks off. Bruxish isn’t much better.  Vikavolt, Cutiefly and Togedemaru……that said, Togedemaru is a terrible name for the English release. I figure they want this guy to be the new Pikachu, but “Pikachu” is a little clearer.  This guy’s name is just off. Tapu Koko looks cool.  Up until now, the Pokémon designs were a bit more focused, but these guys seem to be all over the place. Maybe my opinion will change with time.
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 I must admit I am not a fan of many of these Pokémon. Tapu Koko looks cool and the electric hedgehog is cute but other than that none of them look that interesting. I really don’t like the old-man dragon and the fish. I’ll have to see if any of them grow on me but for now I am still waiting for that one new Pokémon that makes me go wow.


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Sad, but I actually have to agree with everyone here, who contributed. It’s nice from GameFreak to finally give us a legitimately “Sonichu” and Tapu Koko looks interesting, but nothing caught my eye and so far, none of the new introduced Pokémon convinced me. I don’t think they are “bad” in design but is it me or do most of them feel “empty”? But I don’t want to criticize them for being “too simple” since this is actually what I wished for the new designs. What’s more interesting is how The Pokémon Company handled the leak yesterday. Instead of sitting on new information everybody knows already, they just revealed it. I guess they were lucky since the video was already prepared, so they only had to deal with a “One day early”-Leak, but a good reaction from The Pokémon Company regardless. Hope they continue to get prepared for potential Leaks.

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Source Gaming Team

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  1. From worst to best:
    “Tropical fish that suffers bruxism” looks hideous, and that’s the wrong way to represent the State fish of Hawaii. And “Falcor on drugs” looks “meh”.
    Togedamaru isn’t a simple name for western kids, I mean, the other Pika-clones that keep their Japanese names (all of them) have shorter ones. I get that it’s name is: “Toge (Spike) Dama (Ball) Maru (circle), and as clever as it is, it will fly away from a lot of people, UNLESS, they say that Togedamaru and Trumpgoose are introduced species, being from another distant regions *wink wink* get hype for the 8th and 9th gens *wink wink*
    However, I love the bugs, the “Brave little toaster” it’s way better than other 2dn stage “route 1 bugs”, and “Electropinsir” looks genuinely badass. I hope that the little fly gets an evolution, or a pre-evolution, a cute fly larvae x.x
    Tapu Koko didn’t look like an spiritual gorilla, but the totem-like design and the yellowish coloration send me the message that the other 3 guardians will be: Fire-Fairy, Water-Fairy and Grass Fairy, being red, blue and green respectively.

    Rafael Mauna Luke on July 1 |
    • Based on the information about Bruxish revealed, I actually think it’s mostly inspired by several species of angler fish that inhabit reefs, not Hawaii’s reef triggerfish. It a bottomdwelling predator that submerges itself in the sand and has this lure-like prehensile used to hunt.

      I agree that Togedamaru’s name is a mouthful for western audiences, but Game Greak rarely change the names of their Pikachu-like Pokemon.

      the101 on July 3 |
      • I apologize for my typos…

        the101 on July 3 |
      • It seems so, like a mix of a colorful coral reef fish and a creepy anglerfish, mixing them is like mixing a cat and a dog, I mean, one is from superficial waters and one is from deep waters. but yeah, I hope the evolution looks like it was being designed by satan himself.

        That’s a shame, anyways when I catch it I’ll call it “SoniChu” and send it directly to BOX10 to never see it again… He isn’t going to replace Magnemite easily.

        Don’t worry about typos. It’s really hard to write in another language (I speak/write for myself). But as they say, practice makes the master.

        Rafael Mauna Luke on July 3 |
  2. – Tapu Koko does look cool entirely. I don’t know why they’ve chose the chicken concept for this Pokemon. As a Hawaiian resident, I know you’ll see chicken in many streets, but those are mainly owned by the Filipino residents as some are for chicken fight purposes, which is illegal by law though. But as it represents to be the guardian god, then I think this Pokemon will be one of the legendary, as like Rafael said above, there may be 3 more of them on other islands as well, which may have different types and animal appearance of themselves.
    – I was never impressed with Grubbin as being the opening bug type, which I felt its evolution looked terribly weird and ugly. Charjabug did look like a miniature bug-like city or school bus than a battery to me. Its evolution Vikabolt isn’t that bad as I like the design, but its Japanese name Kuwaganon kinda sounded like Ganondorf to me. (lol) However, it’s evolution timing is something I was fully concerned, as GameXplain analysed that they might evolve in a very late state. That may not be possible which I really don’t know what those levels showed in that trailer meant to be, but it’ll be a helluva kind if this was to be the first opening bug type to evolve very later.
    – Although its the first time to have a Normal/Dragon type, Drampa wasn’t very impressive to me. I mean, a dragon who’s an old guy? That doesn’t make any damn sense!? Or is it just me?! Seriously, I just don’t like the design.
    – Bruxish does look like an insult to Hawaii’s state fish Humuhumu nukunuku apua’a (freakin’ long Hawaiian name). I think its because of its body color, but I kinda felt sick whenever I look at that Pokemon…
    – I liked Cutiefly’s design. Like its name, it’s cute. And this will be the first time to have a Bug/Fairy type Pokemon. I thought that it’ll be a humming bird, but I was wrong…but still, I like it. But one thing that’s concerning is, I just hope this won’t evolve into something more ugly. We already had one in the previous game, which was deceiving.
    – Finally, Togedemaru…I don’t know what to say. I know it’s another Pika-clone Pokemon which I wouldn’t mind seeing it, but honestly this does look terribly lame than Dedenne. It doesn’t look cute, neither it look even right in any ways. It just look like made Marill add in electricity and steel to make it different. Seriously, if they’re gonna appeal a Pokemon that’d be a regional mascot like Pikachu to Kanto and Pichu to Johto, then they must put effort to design it cuter. But this isn’t even cute as its too effortless, its just simply ugly and lame! I don’t know why but I never felt more angry just by looking at certain Pokemon in my life!!

    Entirely, 3 out of 7 newly presented Pokemon were impressive with good designs, while the others weren’t impressive at all, as only one made me upset badly. I don’t know why they’ve decided to design these Pokemon so bad. I know some people disliked the complicated designs from the past series, but this time’s design isn’t something impressive and appealing due to too many ugly types. But obviously, this is still a beginning; we don’t know what kind of designs they’ll have when they evolve. Plus there’s still more new Pokemon to be revealed in the future, and I’m still looking forward for it. Still, I’m expecting to see a new gym leader at least the first one.

    zoniken on July 2 |
    • Can I ask you a non related question?… Is my surname “Mauna” common in Hawaii? I mean, I know that it means “mountain” in hawaiian, but I’m from Chile, and as far as my family knows, we don’t have any f__king idea where we came from XD. But one theory is that maybe we descend from polynesian slaves that were brought to south america =S.
      If you don’t know it’s all right =P

      Rafael Mauna Luke on July 3 |
      • I’ve heard many common names like “Kealoha” or “Ikaika”, or even those extremely-hard-to-remember-long-names which I don’t even know any meanings of it. However, I hardly heard anybody with a name “Mauna” before. Its my first time hearing it as a person’s name.

        zoniken on July 4 |
        • Ohhh… Well, maybe it’s for the royalty…or just a coincidence =P
          Thanks anyways, I always wanted to know, even if the theory was wrong =)

          Rafael Mauna Luke on July 4 |
  3. Oh… I think I got it… Bruxfish will evolve into a Moray eel. Pin it down! =P

    Rafael Mauna Luke on July 3 |