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Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC Characters Leaked [Discussion]


Quick discussion about the recent leak by RandomTalkingBush. The panel PushDustIn references in the video can be viewed here.

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  1. I was also surprised that Toon Zelda was chosen for the next DLC, but her inclusion does actually make sense. Since we have Toon Link in the game, while we also have her alter-ego Tetra in it too, it wouldn’t be too odd to add Toon Zelda in it. I’m also wondering what kind of weapon she’ll use. For Toon Link’s, I’d be laughing hard if they’d chose the Train as his new weapon. (lol)

    Yuga and Ravio’s inclusion was pretty much something I’ve already knew it’ll come. When you talk about LBW, those are the two character who we can only think of. Yuga’s Bowser Jr.-ish paint brush will be his main weapon of course, but Ravio’s a tricky one. Maybe he’ll use all or certain weapons from other characters, like Link’s sword and Lana’s magic book, something like Bartz did in Disidea Final Fantasy.

    Yeah, I’m kinda disappointed that Groose didn’t make it, but not only that the DLCs were characters mainly from handheld games, but thinking of Groose’s weapon may have been difficult. I could’ve imagine he’d use a bazooka to shoot bombs as he’s creative, or maybe used those mole gloves as his weapon. Other characters like Lineback, Vaati, Byrne, and even Saria and Nabooru didn’t made it either, which is sad too. But IF there was a sequel of this game, or maybe another port to NX (wink wink), maybe we can expect them sometime.

    Having a leaked info can be disappointing, but even then I’m looking forward to play these characters by the time they get released.

    zoniken on July 4 |
  2. I would have expected Linebeck as the Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks representative, but Toon Zelda (Most likely controlling a phantom, light-type most likely) makes sense as well. To be honest, Using a Train as a weapon could also work well as Toon Link’s additional weapon.

    I haven’t played Link Between Worlds, so I wouldn’t be able to guess who from that game would be added. From what I read on ZeldaWiki, Yuga will most likely use their paintbrush (I imagine a Trident-esque weapon, but completely different combo finishers, maybe dark-type), and Ravio will use a variety of other weapons (Probably lightning-type, because Sheik’s Harp which can summon different elemental effects is also lightning, and we don’t have that many lightning weapons anyways).

    DekZek on July 4 |