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Still trying to catch up on comments! I plan on doing another featured comments this week, so we can get fully caught up. Sorry for the previous feature being shorter. I am feeling a lot better now!

This article looks at comments spanning July 21st, to June 27th (Japan time).

Spoiler title

Frozen does make a perfect sense to fit in KH3. Although Elsa being a partner character is possible, I think she’ll once become a boss character for making Sora mistaking her to be a villain. At least I found a fan comic of that situation ( Also I think Disney’s very first prince-to-be-a-villain character Hans would be the main villain of this part, because although he doesn’t look like a good boss, you can actually say the same thing to Tarzan’s Clayton too. Hans was meant to be a cold-hearted prince, and him controlling the Heartless does fit perfectly on that spot. He can deceive Sora that Elsa’s the cause of the eternal winter, which Sora will realize the truth by Anna, and fight against Hans and his Boss Heartless in the end. Although it’ll be Tarzan all over again, but I can imagine that can happen if possible.

Sugar Rush is another interesting topic as the world, Ralph being a partner character, and the King (aka Turbo) being the boss villain, does fit perfect in KH3. Although it’s too bad that any third party characters like Q*bert, Sonic, Zangief, etc can’t appear in this game, I don’t know if any FF characters could involve in this world. Since it’ll take place in a candy world racing game, I think most of the characters will be focusing on that, including Felix and Calhoun.

It is possible bringing movies with sequels to KH3 would happen as they did with Aladdin in KH2. Aladdin 3, Peter Pan 2, Mulan 2, Lion King 2…I think they can join in as well. But if that’s the case, I think it’ll be interesting bringing Cinderella 3 for this game, as the evil stepmother can be the main villain using the stolen Fairy Godmother’s wand to attack Sora and summon Heartless. I don’t know if there’s gonna be a partner character for that world, but maybe Prince Charming can be something interesting instead? While Anastasia can be another reformed villain like Iago to help Sora in some form I guess. But for Lion King 2, Simba’s return as a partner character can be possible, but I think Kovu can be a better replacement.

I do think Pixar movie will join in too, as Toy Story can be a best choice since that’s the first Pixar movie. Not to mention both Woody and Buzz were planned to be in KH1 before debunked, and Buzz’s Shooting Ride has appeared as Sora’s Summon Ride according to the recent trailers. I don’t know who’ll the main villain will be, but I would like to see how Sora will be like as a toyish figure in that world. I would like to see other Pixar movies in KH3 too, which I voted for Inside Out as it may be interesting to use Riley’s mind as part of the world, joining with Joy to stop the Heartless from messing up Riley’s mind. Brave can be another good choice as that movie is also part of the Disney Princesses too.

I really do like to see Zootopia being in this game too, but like Inside Out, I think that may be impossible to bring a “too recent” movies to KH3 since it may be too late to add in production. However, I wouldn’t think that may be the case, because it can be a good advertisement for that film. It really depends, but I do wish to see what kind of anthromorphed animal Sora would become in that world. But rather than bringing in the modern movies, I think it’s time to bring in the classic movies like Robin Hood instead. I don’t think minor movies like Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians,Sword in the Stone, etc would have a chance since those films hardly have a large adventuring field and even fightable characters. On the other hand, I strongly disagree that Atlantis would ever show up either since that movie had problems as being a ripoff from the anime “Nadia, The Secret of Blue Water”. I think bringing Treasure Planet can be something interesting as that has been partially fan favorite too.

I don’t know if Star Wars and MARVEL would even have a chance, and strongly doubt that any Disney Television would ever have a chance since they’re not familiar in Japan (Kim Possible maybe, but others like Darkwing Duck or Duck Tales no). But I think there’s one production that people have been forgotten about. And that is the Ghibli films. I know this is impossible because they don’t have a Disney license, but both Disney and Ghibli have a great relationship as most localized Ghibli films were supported by Disney. Not to mention Ghibli’s mascot Totoro made a crossover appearance in Toy Story 3. Although we know bringing the world of Totoro may not be possible (but Totoro being a summon can be possible), there are 2 movies that I suggest the most, which is Castle in the Sky and Spirited Away. These two were a huge success as being a memorable films, and both movies have a perfect world settings for adventuring, where Castle in the Sky takes place in an enormous floating castle, and Spirited Away takes place in the yo-kai town with a large bath house. For Castle in the Sky, I think Buzz can be a partner character and use the grenade launcher as his weapon, while Muska can be the main villain and use the Laputa stone to summon robots and maybe Heartless. Spirit Away may not have those parts, but I guess Haku can be an interesting candidate as a partner character for using magics and dragon transformation, while Noh-Face can be partially villain as he’s fused with the Heartless without noticing. But this is simply my imagination which probably won’t happen due to licensing issues.

Well, this is my ideas so far. Sorry for being too long though…

From:The Possible Worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3

Great post by zoniken. I don’t have anything to add, but it’s well worth the read.


Ughh… It’s Gordon Freeman, not Gordan Freeman. Gordan isn’t even a name!

From: Link is a Character, Not an Avatar

Updated! Thanks for letting us know about the error. Sometimes these mistakes happen =/.


Honestly it’s clickbait articles that have made me hate the word ‘confirm’ in recent years, since so many times it means anything but the literal definition of the word. One can’t ‘confirm’ anything over mere speculation or predictions based on trends (I’d hate to bring this up again, but how many people said Wolf was ‘confirmed’ for Smash 4 DLC?). It’s why I do appreciate the work that you guys do here.

Referring to Omni’s video, I didn’t find that to be clickbait, I just found it to be a bad video. He’s basically listing all the things that have to happen before a meta can fully develop, but stating them as if it’s detrimental to the growth of Smash 4. If you look at Melee’s competitive rules from when it first started to where it is now, you’ll see so many rule changes, from legal stages to whether or not items are on, and so on and so forth. The same happens with any competitive game; there’s a period where the meta needs to iron out all the things that don’t work before the community can settle on a single ruleset. That’s not a bad meta, that *is* meta. Smash 4’s scene was still relatively new compared to Melee at the time that video came out, so it’s no surprise that there were discussions on how the meta should proceed.

This has nothing to do with this article, but his follow-up video, “Why Smash 4 WON’T Die” was even worse. He offered absolutely no points or addressed any of the responses he got from the last video, it was just “lol mewtwo and lucas k sm4sh is cool now”

From: Don’t Click This Article: On Writing and Clickbait

Yeah…Omni’s follow up video was pretty bad. It wasn’t that well thought out at all.

I was kind of surprised that even pewdiepie has been talking about clickbait recently. Hopefully with more people being aware about titling and clickbait, the more likely we can enact positive changes.


I guess I fall somewhere in between the “Link as an avatar” and “Link as a character” camps. Across the Zelda series as a whole I don’t see Link as a definitive character. There are a few connecting threads between Links, they all carry the spirit of the hero and certain aspects of their design are shared across all or at least most iterations. However, I see each Link as their own person. I think the single most important thing that makes Link Link, speaking in terms of the series as a whole, is that he is the main character, the character the player controls, and the eyes through which we see the world. Because of this, I actually see having a main Zelda game without a Link as the lead as more of a blow to his identity than making him a girl (I’m all for non-Link leads in spin-offs though).

That said, while I believe Link to be more of a concept than a character across the series as a whole, looking at each game individually Link is very much a character. Wind Waker Link has a pretty clearly defined personality, and even less expressive Links like Twilight Princess Link still typically have defined relationships with the world and the characters in it. Because of this, I don’t see the idea of gender option working in this series. In addition to the reasons already mentioned in the article, Zelda games will often allude to previous Links, through legends, depictions in art, and even occasionally actual appearances like Ocarina of Time’s Link as the Hero’s Shade in Twilight Princess or Link to the Past’s Link as Gramps in Link Between Worlds. These appearance and references wouldn’t work if the Link they were referencing didn’t have a set gender, the devs would be forced to canonize one gender over the other which kinda defeats the purpose of having the option there to begin with.

So, while the idea of getting female Link via a gender option doesn’t work for me, getting female Link as THE sole Link for a particular game is something I see no problem with. I don’t see it as “making Link a girl” like some others seem to. You aren’t retroactively changing the gender of any existing Link, you’re simply having a woman inherit the heroes spirit for the course of a game. I don’t see it as equitable to changing Mario’s gender. Even with Mario’s limited characterization and loose canon he’s still clearly meant to be the same person across all games. Each Link on the other hand is their own person with their own goals, interpersonal relationships, and legacy.

Aonuma’s “balance of the Triforce” quote seems a flimsy excuse at best, even ignoring that nothing in the games themselves seems to allude to it being a rule. So Link is male, Zelda is female, and Ganon is ambiguous? What about Wind Waker were Ganon only appears as the clearly male Ganondorf? Or Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess for that matter, where Ganondorf has a much bigger role than Ganon? What about games that don’t feature Zelda or Ganon at all, in which the Triforce may not even be a significant plot element? What about the possibility of the Trifoce of Wisdom having a male holder?

It really seem like Aonuma is grasping for an excuse to not do something he simply doesn’t want to do. For the record it’s perfectly fine if female Link is just something he doesn’t want in the series, I’m not arguing it’s something that needs to happen, nor that Aunoma is wrong for being against it. I’m just making the argument that, the way I see it, female Link wouldn’t contradict anything about Link’s character or the series lore.

So addressing the other point against female Link, the change in appearance. Link already looks very androgynous, in recent games especially. The fact some honestly though Breath of Wild Link was female when he was first shown really speaks to this. You could pretty easily make a female Link that looks closer to Breath of the Wild Link than Toon Link does. Linkle is a pretty drastic change from how Link is typically depicted, but a female Link wouldn’t have to be so extreme. Zelda and Ganondorf tend to have much more noticeable changes in appearance than Link between games, however I don’t see this as hurting their recognisability or iconic status.

Ultimately, if Link can be a child in some games and an adult in others, I don’t think Link being a woman from time to time is that much more of a stretch. Do I personally want it to happen? Yea, I think it might be kind of refreshing. I think we can stand to have a bit more variety in our Links for the sake of more varied stories and world interaction. I also think an older, more grizzled Link could be a fun change of pace. Maybe even a non-Hylian Link, for a game that could really delve into the culture of another Zelda race. Of course if none of that happens that perfectly fine too. Zelda games will continue to be excellent regardless of Link’s gender and I plan to enjoy them regardless of what direction they take with his character.

From: Link is a Character, Not an Avatar

This is something that I can agree with. Having the female Link as THE sole Link would erase a lot of concerns about having a gender option (a blank slate character). I think from a lore point of view, Link has to be Hylian, in order to inherit the spirit of the hero. However, a bigger emphasis on the other races in other races could happen (a la Majora’s Mask, where Link transformed into a Deku, Zora and a Goron).


It might be worth noting that in the BoTW trailer, the female voice says “Link” specifically now, meaning naming him anything else is likely gone too, to further solidify his name and identity, in a way.

From: Link is a Character, Not an Avatar

Yeah, it really seems like the developers are doubling down on Link being a character in a lot of ways. It might tie into Nintendo’s general strategy of promoting it’s IPs, or just something that Aonuma/Miyamoto wanted to do.


Minor error, but Rhythm Heaven did eventually receive two (long overdue) songs with the release of the Miiverse stage, Blue Birds and Monkey Watch. Its also worth mentioning that there was a Rhythm Heaven enemy in Smash Run, I believe it was the only Nintendo enemy in that mode not originating from a series that had playable charterers in smash (apart from the reused subspace enemies). Still, kinda weird they didn’t get more than that considering its been one of Nintendo’s more successful new IPs in recent years (to my knowledge anyway) and is still getting new entries.

From: What Characters are Likely for the Next Smash? [Discussion]

Ahhh that’s true! Thanks for the reminder. I added an annotation!


Nice discussion. I wanted Karate Joe instead of the Chorus Men, as I feel he’s more of a representative of the series, with a Game & Watch like moveset where his moves would reference the other (mini)games, maybe because he’s humanoid his alts could even be other humanoid characters from the series, and maybe, idk if that’s crazy but, I think it would be really cool if the characters overall speed/agility on moves depended on the -music- that was playing in the background, like, a faster song would make him more faster and it would be indicated by the rhythm of his “head bopping”, and a slower song would make him slower, but stronger, that would make him very “replayable” because of the surprise factor of the random song, however, I’m not sure what he would do if the person disabled the music… lol. While Chorus Men’s moveset would probably be forced to rely a lot on the fact they’re 3 people instead of focusing on the other minigames.

There’s a little error at 42:38 xD

From: What Characters are Likely for the Next Smash? [Discussion]

BTW, congrats on 100 comments on SG! Thanks for making so many wonderful comments!

I found out the cause of the error, and it shouldn’t appear in any more videos! Thanks 🙂


smash fans will never understand this but…

“not everybody nor every single thing have to or will be playable in Smash.”

no matter how popular, obscure, unique, or historical they are; nor whatever importance they hold in the franchise they come from.

Sakurai even talked about this once when deciding what Mario characters will appear in the battlefield, rather picking all-star characters than lumping anyone as much of as a star as Birdo or Baby Mario.

“muh ___ reps” is just an excuse for wanting a character without a single valid explanation other than personal hopes.

the obsession for villains and anyone that isn’t a swordsman or human (uses a spear, cartoon-y looking) are good examples of what i’ve meant.

at the end of the day, the character you’ve wanted since Brawl to Sm4sh will either be included or back as an AT or stage element or excluded from the roster for likely permanent reasons. (or nothing at all, they’ve need had a chance at all.)

From: The Case for Mametchi

Having reps fill a quota is something a lot of Smash fans obsessed about. In fact, it’s something that people even complained about in the Smash 64 emails to Sakurai! The first “salt” was over Jigglypuff! It is confirmed that Sakurai does think about series balance (In general, the GDC slides are a great source of information)…and it almost prevented Corrin from getting in. With Pac-Man, there’s been conflicting information, but it seems like he was chosen specifically to be a Bandai-Namco rep. With DLC, there seemed to be some sort of themeing going around for character selection, and Sakurai’s comments about Corrin seems to confirm this (Corrin was picked specifically to represent an upcoming game). A lot of the Smash fanbase still believes a lot of the fan rules though =/.

Anyway, reps are something that Sakurai considers but it’s not the end all. The character does need to be interesting/ appealing. It’s not like we are going to get Birdo, just because there’s a need for a new Mario character. If the number of reps was the end all, we wouldn’t have gotten Corrin, and we would have had another DK or Zelda character.


Mametchi makes a lot of sense. I remember seeing that arcade kart racing crossover game at Chucky Cheese and just thinking of his role that could happen in Smash.
Then go on later, and Pacman, another in that game, made it into Smash.

However, I do think that Digimon’s inclusion is much more likely. The rivalry between Pokemon and the amount of content (stages and items) could be quite large.
Digimon did already surpass Tamagotchi thanks to the anime and v-pet’s adventure game spiritual succesor, the digivice toy line.

I really would love to do a Case for Digimon, but I’m, what you call… lazy :T

From: The Case for Mametchi

Tamagotchi has kind of come back a bit. I have some students who are obsessed with it, and they were telling me about a new version that came out last weekend. They were very surprised that I knew Mametchi. So thanks Zoniken!

I think in the end, Tamagotchi has a bit of an edge just because of the unique space they dominated. Digimon was big, but it wasn’t the only series that influenced monster-catching games. I would like to see a Digimon just to enact some middle school fantasies, though.


Anyway, that’s it for today. Let me know in the comments if I missed your post!




  1. …100 comments? o__o ..Well, thanks. xD

    Ar on July 4 |
    • …100 comments? I have some serious catching up to do.

      DekZek on July 5 |
  2. Even PewDiePie is making good points on the whole clickbait thing… how did things get so bad that even he has to talk about it? The best we can do is to just resist the urge to click on articles and videos that we know won’t have any substance behind their titles, since there’s a difference between a title that says “Look at me! I’ve got stuff you want to see!” and a title that says “THERE MAY OR MAY NOT BE SOMETHING HERE THAT APPEALS TO YOUR TASTE AND YOU’LL SKIM THIS TO FIGURE OUT WHAT IT WAS”.

    Spiral on July 6 |
    • (Accidentally posted my last comment before I was finished -_-)
      One thing I’ve seen brought up a few times is the idea of a Digimon character in Smash. I’m a fan of Digimon, I have been since the first season of the anime, but I gotta say something that I’m sure a lot of people won’t like to hear; aren’t most of the notable Digimon going to be way too big once they Digivolve? Granted, they could keep Digivolution to their Final Smash and make it cinematic to get around that.

      Spiral on July 6 |